Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - a quick review

2011...a year filled with many great things, surprises, prizes and great friends. let's review:

- i started the year in love with jambaloney. at the start of 2011 i thought that there was no way possible to love him more than i did. boy was i wrong!

- i started the year here at the Manor. my dream of moving home to my island came true!

- i don't remember the first 3 months of 2011 very well - just some blurred images of boiling snow to wash dishes, clothes and to flush the toilet; more blurred images of pipes busting and things breaking or blowing up, 4yrs worth of saved heirloom seeds being destroyed, trucks flipping - yep it is all a real blur!

- april and may was spent planting a ton of seeds and putting them in their trays to then plant outside in late may. but the weather was so awful that most of those seedlings didn't see the light of day until the middle of june! oh yes - and building raised beds and all that came with that! poor jambaloney must have shovelled 30 tons of dirt!

- jambaloney's parents visited in june. during the worst and grayest and rainiest 10 days that anyone has ever seen. we had planned to take them sight-seeing all over the island - they ended up digging trenches and planting tomatoes!

- july saw us hitting the local events and getting out and meeting people. they were so warm and inviting and we have made many great, lasting, long friendships!

- august to the end of september - more events - more meeting of fantastic people - how awesome! and we harvested our sad, little garden - our worst harvest ever. oh but we have learned for next year!

- in september we started our blog and met a whole crew of awesome people who may be thousands of miles away but we still count them as our friends. we have learned so much from all of you! thank you all sooo much!

- october was when the "incident" occurred. for long time readers, i don't have to go into details. for new readers - i simply won't go into details. you can check the blog posts from october.

- in november i turned 41 and jambaloney turned 46. we have been giggling ever since as we love our 40's together!

- and december was about sharing time with all of our different friends - who have all become our new family! we have such great friends here...and we are soo happy!

what will 2012 bring for us here at the Manor? isn't 2012 yet but i am fairly confident that i will enter the new year loving that man more than i did last year. i love him soooo much! i also am fairly certain that after all of the trials and tribulations of this past year - that just about everything will be a little easier this year! i also expect new obstacles to come that we will have to find our way around...but such is the challenge and life of living in the middle of nowhere!

i am looking forward to a quiet, relaxing that will be filled with oops! woops! and oh - didn't plan for that! this spring we will hit the ground running with our garden! this summer is going to be filled with river days, beach days, swimming and dips! this fall will be filled with harvesting, canning, dehydrating and preserving. and hopefully this coming winter will be a time to look back and realize that we are living our dream. all of it spent wearing as little clothes as possible!

we are making miniature dinner rolls all morning to bring with our controversial chili to the dance tomorrow! and then we are off to the New Year's Dance. if i haven't made it to your blog to wish you and yours a Happy New Year...give me a day or two...i will get there!

2012 is going to be interesting for sure. and none of us knows what will happen or what's to come. but my heart is filled with happiness and hope!

and i wish all of you all of the best for 2012! Happy New Year my friends!


  1. Happy New Year you two!!! Tell Jamby no fights this time at the party.

  2. You've had a busy year, indeed. Hope the new one is busy without being hectic.

  3. Happy New Year to the both of you. I have loved reading your adventures since finding your blog!

  4. That's the wonderful thing about everything going wrong... it can only get better. :)

    I've been telling Mel that over the years, and it seems to hold true. I wish you guys the best this coming year.

  5. Tell us how 2012 starts out. You're 3 hours ahead of me.

  6. Happy New Year to you and your love!!!!

  7. Happy Happy New Year to you both. I know this year will be the bestest!!!!

  8. Its been quite a year for you both and things will only get BETTER there at the Manor.

    I see days filled with the most incredible blue sky, lazy picnic lunches down at the waters edge, and a garden of plenty ! Oh, and a LOVE that grows and grows !


    CHEERS ... HELGA :))

  9. Being only a part-timer to rural Nova Scotia, I like to fantasize that if we were there full-time that living there would be at least half as fun as life at Framboise Manor seems to be judging from the blog. Have w wonderful time tonight, away from the rowdies !

  10. Wonderful that through the trials etc, your had your sweetie with you. May 2012 be filled with many blessings!!!


  11. Well it sounds like you've had a busy but wonderful year. I didn't realise that you only started your blog in September, it seems like I've been reading here for years!!

    So while you are shedding the clothes, I'll be pilling them on! :D

    Have a wonderful New Year!!!! xxx

  12. My blog did not inform me that you wrote this! Happy New Year! You have had an amazing year.

  13. I can hardly wait to see where 2012 will take you guys! It's still so hard to believe that we have all come so far isn't it? Don't forget to take lots and lots of pictures along the way. Happy New Year my friends, from our little slice of Heaven to Yours!!
    Love ya,

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  15. Dude, Blogger is doing some weird stuff tonight! Anyhoo, my comment WAS...

    Mayberry smacks Sci upside the head with a flounder! Sorry, I haven't given Sci a "virtual fish smacking" in a long time. She's an honorary Bluff Rat. Inside joke, semi-long story : )

  16. ..finally able to friggin comment..stupid browser. Eventful year..and more to come!

  17. Took Mrs. Rat out to dinner, drinks and a little gambling. Won most of the money I spent that evening back. Casino had fireworks. Best part was being with my sweet baby. I know what you guys have. Aren't we lucky?

    the mohave rat