Wednesday, December 28, 2011

off to dinner!

we are off to our other friends' house this evening for is supposed to be a buffet so we are looking forward to stuffing our gills all evening. this time we are going to our friends S and D's house. they have 2 girls aged 7 and 12. it should be a really nice time! we are bringing home-made dinner rolls, cranberry-pear-ginger sauce and plain oatmeal cookies.

we have finally gotten the porch finished and to be honest - it doesn't look half as bad as i thought it would. we have a little finishing to do, give us a day or two and i will get some pics up. i can't believe that i finally have a porch!

anyway, we hope that everyone has enjoyed this past few days since Christmas Day. we have, and we are looking forward to stuffing our faces again tonight, and the New Years Dance on saturday. that should be a real hoot!

happy holidays to everyone!


  1. Enjoy but be careful of those dances, it's too easy to get into a fight. Seems like you had trouble last one you went to.

  2. Enjoy your evening with friends.

    your friend in sunny, but cool(50)florida....rob

  3. Have a great time!!!! Can't wait to see the photos of the new porch. :)

  4. Have a good well, and give those little girls a hug and kiss for me..even if I don't know them because I miss my LB something awful.

  5. Christmas was pleasant for us this year, IF a little different.

  6. I heard somebody say " buffet " so i got here as quick as i possibly could,lol. I hope you 2 had a great Christmas with each other and your families, and wishing you and yours a very healthy and happy new years. Richard

  7. I came with Richard for the buffet!! lollll Sounds like a wonderful time to me.

  8. Matt - thanks buddy - we did have a great time!

    Duke - no worries! we will not be getting involved in any fights ever again! and we have been to a few dances since the "episode" and all of those dances were fine - simply because there were no out-of-towners. since the "episode" all of the people that live in our village have agreed that if we see any out-of-towners at any future dances, we will really keep our eyes on them. and have the bar cut them off if they get too drunk or rowdy.

    Rob, my friend, thanks buddy. we did have a nice time!

    Tnago - thanks gurl. i will get pics up of the porch in the next few days.

    Stephen - what a lovely thing to say. they hugged us and kissed us all night - i couldn't pry their youngest off of me the whole night! thank you, my friend!

    Mr. Smythe - DO tell! i haven't seen anything on your blog about it being different! now you have picqued my curiosity!

    45er - almost hurt ourselves with how much we ate but are fine other than that!

    PracticalP - ya - it was fun and they have wanted to have us over for forever. it was a really nice evening.

    Richard and SciFi - are you guys "blog" sneaking around or something - bahahahah! thanks to both of you and we wish all of our friends a wonderful and Happy New Year!

    thanks everyone!

  9. Finishing a porch is hungry work. I think I'd love cranberry pear ginger sauce.

  10. Mary - did i tell you that i love your crazy blog?!?!? well i do!

    anyway - i will post the recipe for the cranberry-pear-ginger sauce on our recipe blog very soon.

    thanks for stopping by eh?