Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy One Year Anniversary, Framboise Manor!

...well, we are few days late. our one year anniversary here at the Manor was actually on December 4! oh well - we are always a few days or weeks late for everything around here! so we will celebrate our anniversary today with many trips to the hottub, building a frame on our porch so that we can enclose it (wait until you see what we have been up to - it's awesome and so redneck it will make MDR blush!), putting fresh sheets on our huge bed (still need to share our home-made bed with tons of storage underneath), reading our books and a nap.

there will also be much gazing at the beautiful Framboise sky.

if you get the chance at some point today - raise a glass for us. coffee, juice, tea, soda, bourbon or scotch will all work well. we can't believe that we have been here a year already - it has been an awesome adventure and we look forward to the coming adventures!

Happy Anniversary Framboise Manor!


  1. Yay! Happy Anniversary!

    *hugs all around*

  2. Here, Here, Glasses raised to y'all for doing what you want and living the way you choose no clothes and all letting it all hang out, (no pun intended).
    Can't wait to see the project and blush. Have you done a post on your bed? Is it a rope bed?

  3. Happy anniversary to a very special couple in a very special house! My favourite drink is champagne so I'll raise a glass of that if you don't mind!

  4. Happy Anniversary you two. Thanks for allowing me to be part of your life way up there in Canada. ;)

  5. I'll knock back a glass of bourbon in your honor after I've had a chance to wake up. Congrats.

  6. North - thanks buddy! and hugs right back at you!

    MDR - you will die when you see our "throw-it-together-with-whatever-material-is-on-hand" porch. but it will give us some additional room and get the coats and boots out of my tiny kitchen! as for the bed - i will do a post about "the monster" tomorrow!

    Joey - we always love it when you stop by as you add some British posh to our blog - thanks buddy! and champagne is fine...let me guess - Cristal?

    Rob - thank you for being part of our lives! and there is always room here for you and yours!

    Shepherd buddy - bahahahah! although, what with all of the excitement and crazy times happening with you lately - maybe you should have a glass of bourbon as soon as you wake up!

    thanks everyone! we really appreciate your sharing today with us.

  7. Happy Anniversary you two!...We'll raise a glass or two to you this evening after chores are all done.

  8. Happy Anniversary...may your next year be filled with less stress, more joy, less worries, more happiness, less of less and more of more.

    May your home be filled with love and hope for many years to come.


  9. Happy 1st Anniversary to you.

    I'll raise up my coffee cup to you on this fine morning. This year has gone by so fast, but in that year you two have accomplished much and something many people will never do in their lifetime. You have attained your dream and that is something to be proud of.

    Congratulations on celebrating one year on your land and thank you for allowing me to be a part of the journey. May there be many-many more years filled with faith, hope, love, and happiness.

    Hugs and Love to you both.

  10. Congratulations! Wishing you many years of joy to come!

  11. I wish you many good years to come. And cemented that by tipping back the Ballantines scotch.


  12. Me and the wife will eventually raise a glass of goat's milk to your success. However, it may take months because we are scared to try goat's milk. But we are putting the gallon of it to use somehow.

  13. Wow that's great. You all have done a lot in a year, congrats.

  14. Hey you two,

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !! You had a vision of what you wanted in life ... you set a goal for that to happen... then you made it all come true, and embarked on a new and wonderful journey together! Even though its only been one little year, you've filled those days to the max with so many memorable accomplishments. I admire your courage, determination, strong spirits, and so much more. I am lucky to have friends like you. Tonight at supper, I will toast you both with a glass of red wine !

    Cheers ... Helga :))

  15. Phelan... a woot-woot right back atchya buddy! thanks!

    Mamma Bear - i hope that glass or two will find you in health and happiness! thank you very much!

    Jennifer - after this past year, the one coming can only be filled with more and more...and we are ready for it! we are so looking forward to a relaxing January and February...sooo much!

    Felinae - i remember that you were the first person i ever told about our land...that sure is something eh? you and Jen will always be a part of my life...though distances be far...hearts can always reach them.

    Wendy - thank you for your wishes - we really do appreciate them!

    oh Winston - of course Ballantines - nothing but the best for my friend! email response coming soon!

    Muddy - don't be afraid of the goat's milk. pour yourself a nice, small glass and enjoy! you'll love it! and if not - you can re-gift it at Christmas - bahahahahah!

    thank you Duke, buddy....means alot coming from you!

    Helga - being a red wine drinker myself - i appreciate the sentiment! thanks for becoming our friend, is because of our friends that we were able to take this leap of faith, follow our dreams and see this year through. and we thank all of our friends for their endless support and tireless enthusiasm.

    you are all some of the nicest, most helpful, most selfless, most-willing-to-share-your -successes-and-your-failures kind of people that we have ever met. the fact that you all return to check up on our latest doings, and then leave suggestions, advice and support-filled comments for what we are doing is the greatest thing about this dumb-ass little blog!

    we thank you for being here with us for the past few months. we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

    your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney

  16. Congrats on the anniversary. Keep it up dude :)

  17. Congratulations! Raising a milk to you, your past accomplishments and your future.

  18. Happy happy anniversary!!
    You all have done a amazing job.

  19. Congrats. We just got a bottle of "Adult Chocolate Milk" and I'll sip some for you.

  20. Well you'll have to settle for beer. Happy Anniversary! Cheers!

  21. one shot of isley in your honour :-)

  22. Basic Humanity - thanks buddy!

    PracticalP - we love milk! thank you!

    Flier - yer the best! thanks my friend!

    Mr. Smythe - always a pleasure when you stop by!

    45er - adult chocolate milk? would that be kahlua???

    Craig - beer is just fine! cheers back!

    Elizabeth - scotch works too!

    thanks again to all of you for raising a glass with us on our anniversary - it really means a lot!

    your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney

  23. hey everyone!

    thanks for all the well wishes and support!

    hope you all enjoyed a nice "pop" in celebration and we look forward to seeing you all here and visiting you in the coming year!


  24. The cloud at the top and slightly to the left of center (no political viewpoints implied) looks like a bunny rabbits head. LOL

    I wanted to congrat you earlier, but one of the computers I post from can't post from the embedded style comment box.

    How is Mr. Framboise's head?

  25. russell - good eye - it does look like a bunny rabbit!

    no worries about the congrats - what do you mean that you can't post a comment? is this common? are other people having probs with that? if so - i will fix it....but what should i fix it to?

    Mr. Framboise's head is doing really good - he has healed up really well. he still has a lump on his elbow and a small lump on his cheek that will take some time to go away. thanks for asking my friend!

  26. Wow...happy anniversary. Time sure is flying!