Tuesday, December 8, 2015

10 days of hell!

no pics in this post. but we have received several emails from concerned friends.

i can barely type because i can barely hold up my wrists!

we went cold turkey off of dairy. i have been suspecting for a few years that i was becoming lactose-intolerant : and i was raised on dairy! nobody loves cheese more than us!

kids - we have been researching about getting off of commercially-produced dairy for the last week and it is frightening! if you are raising your own dairy - good for you! but commercially-raised dairy is the scariest stuff we have ever read about.

and now we are detoxing.

we wish we were detoxing from heroin. it's that bad.

my only advice...get addicted to heroin or crack. commercially-produced dairy is way worse. and trying to get off the stuff is horrible. we are sick out of our minds.

i have read about people giving up meat, giving up grains...but the stories i have read about people giving up commercially-produced dairy - not a single one ever goes back on it.

did you know that they are allowed to put morphine in commercially-produced cheese?

this is such a horrible post on what is supposed to be a "feel good" blog.

all i can say is milk the cows, goats and sheep yourselves. do NOT give them any antibiotics. and stop consuming commercially-produced dairy.

and then get ready for a horribly long detox. you can thank me later.


  1. Been there, done that.

    Sorry you had to go through it.

  2. Normally I would recommend a milkshake to calm one's nerves but I guess it's kinda out in this case. Unless you got a line on some local dairy products anyway.

  3. Oh, Kymber, I wish you had some goats! You're right about commercial dairy products, though, it's unbelievable how they affect the human body. If you were here I'd give you some fresh goat cheddar cheese. It's great! And some kefir. Do you have access to any fresh, raw milk there? A2 milk, not A1.

    Blessings for better health. Hang in there. I want to hear more about your research and what you're doing. The more we learn, the less we participate in any commercial food products. It's sad when you find out that the food is what's making you sick and ruining your body.


  4. It doesn't seem to affect me that way, though I agree that it's unhealthy. I've taken spells where I just simply didn't eat or drink dairy and had no ill effects. Maybe your sources are more contaminated for some reason.

    I hope you both are feeling better soon. Said a prayer for you both.

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  6. Dang sorry you are going through that. Like Gorges Smythe said above, there have been times when for whatever reason, changing eating habits, we just stop drinking milk or eating cheese, cream, ice cream etc and no ill effects. I wonder if it can be difference in regions or maybe just our own physical makeup?

    I've never been a big milk drinker, only with cereal (though now we love almond milk). Cheese is probably our biggest dairy intake.

    Be well soon!!!

  7. Yay come on over to my gang. So sorry to hear you have been ill. I can officially say that I have never had a pizza. My parents found out with many trips to the hospital that I am allergic to dairy. what with the tongue swelling and not being able to breathe. Crisps/chips nope cant have those due to whey. eating at other people houses is a mine field. Unless your friends are jewish and then they seperate their dairy for meat.

    Olive oil and extra virgin rapseed oil will become your friend. Where you once used butter or cream in cooking you will now have to use those.

    We have almond milk, used to have soya but I prefer almond. There are some fab blogs

    Posh Boy prefers food recipes from this lady though


    I hope you feel better soon

    Sol x

  8. I guess I'm pretty much immune because I rarely eat cheese or milk. My wife on the other hand, would be suffering along with you. I hope all this suffering solves your intolerance problems.

  9. I was just getting ready to email you...we were getting worried about your silence! Ralph used to haul food grade liquids...he was always horrified at the dairy's. The drugs they give the cows to increase milk production, the use of antibiotics, and the acceptance of mastitis levels. We do use dairy, I no longer drink milk though, I feel unwell if I do. We were not going to get a milk cow but have been thinking about one more often, for two reasons...one healthy "real" milk and then the beef production with her having a calf.

    Hang in there you two and be proud of yourselves. Getting off industrial agriculture is very very hard!

  10. Raw goats milk, raw cows milk...pasture and organic fed. If you want dairy, it is the only way to go!

    1. lamb,
      n. e. ohio
      tried to get raw milk. could not.
      said to be okay even for lactose intolerant folks.

  11. Now that I know there's morphine in it I'm going to eat a lot!

    We eat a lot of cheese and butter.

    Didn't people get tuberculosis from raw milk back in the day?

    I'm just glad to hear you are still among the living. I've sure missed your posts.

    1. They got Brucellosis or bang's disease. Cattle are vaccinated against that now and it is nearly erradictaed.

  12. hi. thought you were just taking a break.
    i am lactose and gluten intolerant.
    daughter is gluten intolerant and cannot digest casein. was being treated, very expensively, for acne when very young--turned out to be lesions full of indigestible casein. never heard of it before.
    wonder how mny people have taken acne treatment but were actually unable to digest dairy.

    she drinks a specific brand of goat milk, is right up there with first man on the love of almond milk and occasionally has non-gmo soy milk.
    i have never heard of anyone suffering so from giving up dairy products as you have.
    daughter eats goat cheese on gluten free pizza.
    God bless you and heal you.

    i always thought canada was much more strict about agricultural practices tan the united states [del norte] but i seem to have been wrong.

    love you!

  13. No cheese? I'd rather die! I'm glad you guys are ok, I hope our commercial dairy isn't that bad. If it is I think I'd rather not know! x

  14. Sweet Kymber,
    Sorry for the delayed response, I've been out of town. Having a severe reaction to dairy and getting off of it is miserable. I feel for you my sweet friends. Is there any way you can get a hold of true milk and cheese from a local farm instead of that store bought poison? If not, can you substitute with rice or almond milk/cheese?

    Drink plenty of tea, and go take plenty of naps when you have the withdrawal or cravings.
    Sending much love and hugs to you and Jambaloney.
    Your Crazy Ass Friend, Sandy

  15. I hope you finally get past the cravings. Carbs do that, too. Horrible. Find a good local organic dairy or like Frank & Fern said, get some goat milk.

    Hugs to you and Jambaloney!!!
    Your friend,

  16. Kymber,
    I hope you will be feeling better soon. Tried leaving a comment the other day, but Google didn't like the new cookie settings that the latest update provided, so I guess it probably just disappeared.

    If you are just lactose intolerant, you might still be able to get away with eating some cheese, the drier the better as the lactose is washed away in the whey. (Note Velveta is not cheese; it is an accident that has been reworked and repackaged as cheese.) If you have actually developed an allergy to dairy, so sorry then dairy will need to go. The two conditions are different. If you have allergy testing available, and it isn't too expensive, it might be wise to find out which you have - lactose intolerance or an allergy. Why is Jambaloney giving up dairy too if he isn't having any problems?

    I don't know what the dairy laws in Canada are, but here in the US, it is illegal for a farmer to sell the milk from an animal while it is receiving antibiotics. The tests run on milk samples now are very sensitive, and most farmers will not risk having an entire truckload dumped and not get paid for the entire load. There is a reason why every load is tested. Unfortunately some people are greedy and dishonest. Also, accidents happen. Workers who don't read or speak English very well might accidentally milk a cow that is being medicated. Worse case scenario, I heard about a farmer going through a nasty divorce; his soon to be ex-wife injected a few cows with antibiotics without his knowledge and got him into a heap of trouble with the government.

  17. If you want dairy from an animal that has never had antibiotics, buy organic. Everyone has their own opinions on this, but keep in mind cows on organic farms get mastitis too, and the farmer has one of two recourses when this happens. He can put a sick and suffering cow in a truck and sell it off to a non-organic farm where it will receive modern medical attention, or he can try to treat it without antibiotics which basically amounts to letting it suffer until it either gets better or dies from the infection. This particular feature of organic dairy farming strikes me as a bit cruel, so for liquid milk, we opt for locally milked, locally processed, farmer certified RBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) Free milk. It is batch pasteurized at a lower temperature for a longer time versus process pasteurized which is heated hotter for a shorter amount of time and tends to make the milk taste a bit burnt. It is pasteurized, which makes the shelf life longer, and hopefully kills a host of harmful bacteria that may have come along for the ride.

    The list of bacterial infections that can be carried by raw milk is quite long. A big killer in the past was tuberculosis. It isn't seen much anymore, but there are others that can be passed on even if the cow appears healthy. One is e-coli. A friend of ours who is a licensed cheese maker was running a small cheese factory a few years ago using milk from Amish farms. He had to visit every farm and run cultures of the cows' drinking water to check for e-coli, because it can be passed through the milk. The easiest way a cow drinks e-coli tainted water is if the farm adjoins a stream and the cows are allowed to walk, poo, and drink from the same stream. The farmers had to block access to the stream in order to prevent contamination. Pasteurization knocks down bacteria levels, but does not completely eliminate them in some cases, especially if they start out really high.

    Only opt for raw milk products if you can trust that the owners of the animals are giving them clean drinking water, the animals are healthy, and the sanitation procedures from the milking through to the processing and storage of the milk are extremely fastidious.

    I have never heard of a cheese manufacturer adding morphine to cheese. Most commercial cheese plants gripe about the cost of the essential ingredients in cheese - the milk, starter, culture, enzymes for flavoring, salt, electricity to run the equipment, cleaning chemicals, employee wages, etc. I can't see them going to the expense to buy morphine and add it. Was that bit of information fact checked and verified from several sources?

    Comment continued. Sorry it's so long.
    Hope you can find other great things to eat besides dairy. Just cutting it out isn't enough. You will need something to replace it, or you will get mighty weak and hungry. Good Luck!

  18. tofu can be used in lasagna in place of ricotta.
    something savory on a sandwich use hummus.

    it isn't cheese but it is protein and daughter loves it.

    by the way, rapeseed [canola] oil shoots right through me
    we use olive oil and coconut oil [which is said to fend off alzheimer's disease].
    i like jarrow brand coconut oil, and there is liqid coconut oil also, which is more or less tasteless.
    the jarrow is coconutty and is fabulous in cookies.

  19. Hey, Kymber, sorry to hear you were feeling so awful. I'm sure the worst is over by now. I went dairy-free last February, I didn't go through detox at all. But when I gave up grains, ooo my! Hope you are feeling better, chickie.