Tuesday, December 22, 2015

my 4th favourite day of the year!

what a beautiful day to start my 4th favourite day of the year!

lots of people love christmas...me - not so much. some people love and celebrate a variety of christian and/or jewish holidays. again, me - not so much. some people love to celebrate their birthdays, wedding anniversaries and a variety of other special days. and that's all good and fine.

i have 4 days every year for the past 15 years that i celebrate with unbounded joy! the first and foremost day that i love is january 19 - the day i met jambaloney. it doesn't matter that we often forget our anniversary on the actual day - usually by january 20 or 21 or 22 one of us remembers and then we celebrate - bahahahah!

my second favourite day of the year is february 13 - the first time we told each other that we loved each other. for some reason we never forget that day.

my third favourite day of the year is the second monday of october as that is when Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in canada. i love it because for me, it begins the cycle of a new year. the harvest is in, preserving and canning starts, and plans for next year's garden begins.

and today, december 22nd, is my 4th favourite day of the year. the reason: because yesterday was the shortest day and longest night of the year! we are now moving in to the time of longer days, more sunshine and it makes both jambaloney and i feel renewed. the Solstice has passed and we are one step closer to spring. we still have to get through proper winter but winter is the season to sort our seeds, plan next year's garden, make snow angels for our friend Max, hopefully build a snowman for JUGM and Senior's boys, make hearty and filling meals, re-read all of our Harrowsmith magazines, spend time together learning new skills, writing more blog posts, enjoying the hottub in the freezing cold, and talking and planning about what we want to accomplish in the new year.

today is our "New Year's Day". my man is at work on-site all morning and then bringing the truck in to have some part fixed or whatnot. he gets such great service at our dealership. he will be home at the end of the day but when he gets home, it will be a little bit less dark than usual. i love december 22!

and to celebrate - we'll be having this for supper!

(and just to clarify for my friend Sol - even though we have gone off milk, cream, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, etc. - we still use butter. butter doesn't have any casein in it whereas the aforementioned things are loaded with casein. we get really good organic butter here and so butter stays in our meal plans. however, i am going to try to make a hollondaise-type sauce using coconut milk. stay tuned for the results.)

well - those are my favourite days of the year. and today, being my 4th favourite, is feeling mighty fine. i hope you all are enjoying this day too!


  1. And, the summer solstice here means I am that one day closer to using the Rosie again bwhahaha We're having EXCEPTIONAL heat this summer - climate change with an added dash of El Nina.

    Hmm - about an item mentioned in your posting above - stay tuned, I have a blog post scheduled for Saturday (scheduled because I will have a house full of guests and wont have time to blog) on that subject and the answer to the question that that posting asks is ready for the 31st ;)

  2. Happy Solstice Kymber and Jam. It has been really windy here and my friends who went to Sonehenge, banged my pots for me and videoed it so I can see it on New Years Eve when we see them. I have special pots you see. They were my Nana's. As kids we had to stand out side when the sun came up and yell and bang those pots like mental to scare the darkness away. We will bang those pots again to bring in the new year. And of course because it is to do with the Sun I have to celebrate that little bit more? Would be rude not to right?

    I didnt know about the about the butter. I dont eat it either, never have. So I dont know what hollandaise tastes like... I cant even have some types of crisps/chips as they have whey on them... maybe that is why my arms are so puny as I cant have these new fangled protein drink thingies! lol

    Puny Sol! lol

    1. sol,
      the awful thing is finding how many foods we take for granted are full of one dairy product or another.
      even things found to be digestible must have labels read often as dairy will suddenly appear in the new improved versions.

    2. its in bread and biscuits. honest it is awful. like you say, if is says new recipe I then have to stand in the aisle reading everything to make sure I can have it. it is why I have to cook so much from scratch. and can not eat out a lot of the time.

  3. I'm all about today too! I've got big plans to enjoy the extra seconds of sunlight this evening!

  4. Love your first two favorite days. The Queen and I met in early June, but the exact day is lost to time since it was serendipity that brought us together and no one thought to mark the day for posterity. July 6 is an important day for us as that was our first date after I successfully tracked her down on her last day of work. July 7 is important to me personally and indirectly to The Queen. The date of the first I Love You is also lost to time. There are other dates that we keep for religious reasons, but the most important ones to us are 12/28 (wedding anniversary), 12/9 (delivery day for M&M) and 1/24 (M&M's adoption day).

  5. Your personal holidays sound like good ones to me. Christmas is about the only holiday I really care anything about, myself. Just because I like the lights and the bright colors and all.

    Seems like all is well at the Manor. That's good.

  6. Happy beginning of the longer days to you and Jam as well. Na Clann are out of school and I am off of work until the New Year and The Ravishing Mrs. TB will be off after today. If you can believe it, we running at 27 C here with sun and possible showers all day through Sunday, at which point we drop back to winter (15 C).

    Lhiats, TB

  7. Are you going to add Lobster-Are-Us office party day to the list? Or just make it a long extended holiday.

  8. Sweet Kymber,

    As we get older, the holidays don't really mean much other than to celebrate the good Lord, or to help those who need help.

    Sending hugs and love to you and Jam.