Sunday, December 27, 2015

happy day after boxing day, snow, the funniest christmas card EVER and a wicked-awesome puzzle!

our christmas day was just wonderful! the temp was a balmy 12C (50F)! just gorgeous!

we had a fantastic time with our fourchu family - the full turkey spread, yakking and chatting, lots of laughing and beautiful gifts. i got my favourite kind of wine and a beautiful, warm, fuzzy sweater to keep me warm all winter and jambaloney got some thick, warm socks and 3 new bandanas. one bandana is a light grey cammo so we named it "the fourchu bandana"! we hung out with our besties, their kids, t, k, and s stopped by - it was a great day!

boxing day we just hung around the house getting prepared for the snow that we knew was coming today. we started this morn in the hottub with the snow falling was beautiful.

by this afternoon we had a winter wonderland!

it's supposed to snow until midnight. i am glad because the kids can go out and play in the snow for the rest of the holidays. so can me and jambaloney - bahahaha!

now on the funniest and most appropriate christmas card that we have EVER received!

hang gotta wait for it!!!

it's coming....

make sure that you don't have anything in your mouth:


we're not quite that old or saggy yet - but we will be - and yes we will still spend as much time as possible in the buff! we killed ourselves laughing at that card. it's a definite keeper!

jambaloney's mom and step-dad sent it to us with several personal gifts but the best gift of all - they made a puzzle for us - have a look:

the puzzle is a colander full of russet potatoes - russet potatoes that they grew this past year from seed potatoes that came from our garden! how awesome is that?!?!? we'll have many a winter's day doing our puzzle together! thanks Mom and Ted!

well, other than missing a visit with our friends c & b who were only down for 3 days, our last few days have been fantastic! today we re-arranged some preps and tomorrow we are re-arranging our pantry and preps area. then for the rest of the snowy week - it's cleaning and re-arranging some rooms in the house, moving furniture from the overstuffed attic to the new shed (jambaloney will have a post about the new shed soon!), getting rid of some junk and working on our puzzle! we've got a great week ahead of us and hope that you all do too!


  1. i thank God that He showed adam and eve how to make clothes!!

  2. I knew that PP had been up your way, now we have prof. Enjoy the winter....

  3. hahahahaha!!! Now that card will have to be a Christmas tradition... or.... we won't go there.... hahahaha!

    Love the 'tater puzzle. What a cute idea. And I'm so glad you finally got some snow! I was starting to feel sorry for you. :-)

  4. Sweet Kymber,

    OMG, I love your Christmas card. It's perfect, it's you and Jam many years from now....LOL!!!!!

    You got snow, we did too. It's down right cold outside right now, expecting more snow and ice through the night.

    I love your puzzle gift from your in-laws, it's a great gift!!!! More proof your home grown potatoes are amazing :-)

    Stay warm, and don't do to much running around naked outside :=)
    Love and hugs to you and Jambaloney.

  5. L-o-v-e the card - most appropriate. How do you heat your hot tub? You're off grid...?

  6. I saw that card at a Walgreens drug store, I almost bought it for your buddy. My mom woud send waky cards, but I dont think she would ever send that to anyone.