Wednesday, December 30, 2015

wonderful couple of days, winter wonderland and an important update on Mamma Bear from Challenged Survival

we got our first "staying snow" the other day.

it looked like a beautiful winter wonderland when it stopped snowing.

for those of you who have wondered if we eat off of the same plate because i only take a pic of one plate - here is a pic of both of our suppers.

my plate is smaller than jambaloney's but contains all of the same food - minus the home-made hot peppers. even the mild ones are hot!!! pictured above is some herbed lebanese rice, romaine lettuce, carrots, celery, and turnip, hummus and kimchi - we love to have this for supper! deelish!

is there anything more beautiful than 2 and a half jars of home-made sauerkraut and home-made kimchi? i think not!

well, except for a plate of jambaloney's fresh-caught striped bass that we smoked!

man that fish was to die for. with crudites, hummus, kimchi and because this is jambaloney's plate, home-made hot pickled peppers. peppers from our garden - woohoo!

we love our stirfries and love them with noodles or rice - this one is with noodles.

today was a beautiful and bright day. we spent the day walking around in the snow in our t-shirts, and pants and boots of course. and promptly stripped the clothes off when we came in the house - bahahah!

and as you all know, we're party animals! and haven't been to a party in at least a week! that's a long time to go for party animals. so this evening we decided we needed to party and party we did! we peeled beets and made a pickling brine for refrigerator pickled beets - woohoo!

and now on to some more serious stuff. most of you who read this blog also read Sweet Sandy's blog Oklahoma Transient. her most recent blog post is an update on Mamma Bear from Challenged Survival. it seems Mamma Bear has had some challenges in the last little while but as she is such a fighter - she will keep getting stronger as each day passes. please go and read Sweet Sandy's update, provided by Mamma Bear's husband, Papa Bear, here. and please keep her in your prayers.


  1. I like the food shots better than that white stuff. Hope you have a great 2016!

  2. Greetings from the frozen land of the Vikings. Winter just started and I'm ready for spring. After Christmas who wants snow. We still have the bitter winds of January coming real soon. Time for this bear to wrap up until the heat of next summer...hugs to you booth...

  3. I like snow pictures they always look so clean and calm and crisp. I guess I am just a snow ape at heart.

    So how did ya get the pants off over the boots?

  4. yack! Pickled Beets..Okay ND said that not me! lol I showed him the pick and he puckered his lips up. lmao

    Hey I was watching the Christmas Edition of "Moonshiners" One guy wanted to learn how they make it in Canada, so he went up to Cape Breatan and meet up with some fellows to learn the Canadian way.

    The snow is so pretty, enjoy it my friend. Hope you and Jam have a Happy New Year !!!

    Much love to you both

  5. you really know how to save on the laundry.