Sunday, December 13, 2015

a beautiful day, chia fresca and juice!

it was a beautiful december morning!

we have had a couple of cold snaps but so far it's been mostly normal temps for us for this time of year.

although we have a pretty healthy diet, by giving up all dairy and getting so sick, we knew we had to pull out the big guns in order to super dose on nutrients! enter chia fresca! this drink is so nutrient dense and when you add some lemon or ginger and honey - you create a super kind of gatorade!

i won't lie - it is a very gelatinous drink and as i have a problem with texture, i have to choke mine down. jambaloney doesn't mind it at all and says it tastes like tapioca pudding or bubble tea.

i like to put a variety of seeds in our salads and whatnot and we love chia seeds. but apparently soaking them for about 20 mins in room temperature water, then adding lemon or ginger and honey turns them from a super food to a super-super food! i'll make myself drink that for sure!

we also busted out another tool to help us get as much nutrients as possible - "the green machine"! (no 1st Man - not THAT green machine!!!)

we started using our green star juicer which hadn't seen the light of day in quite a while. here is a delicious cup of pure juice from some kale, cilantro, parsley, a tomatoe, a mandarine, our own carrots, celery and radish - deelish!

i have never been a big fan of the "juicing movement", i am a big believer in eating your food! however, if you are in need of some fast nutrients due to health problems or just not feeling well, then a good dose of pure juice is in order.

so we'll be drinking our slimy chia seeds, consuming hemp hearts on everything, eating lots of green veg and drinking our juice for the next while. the LobstersRUs xmas party is next saturday evening and we are really looking forward to it! we'll both be hurting units after it tho - bahahahaha!

i'll try to get around to your blogs in a bit. right now there are some eggs benedict crying to be made - i looooove hollandaise!


  1. Oh, eggs benedict - love them... !! :D

    Yeah, I battle with "gelatinous" drinks too... :(

  2. Mrs. PP loves her eggs benedict as well. Will go miles out of the way to get it.

    I don't think the slimy drinks or juice stuff would ever be for me.

  3. Eggs benendict.....I am in.

    Your description of the gelatinous goo fulfills every mental picture I have of it. Shudder....

  4. I don't dislike a lot of foods and those that I do it's because of the texture, you are one brave woman! Eggs Benedict however I can completely agree with x

  5. You're a strong woman drinking 'slimy drinks'. Have you tried water kefir or kombucha?

    Eggs Benedict, however..... yum! Glad to see you typing again. Be good! ;^)

  6. I have been telling you now for about 4 years if you are having health issues drink American Bourbon Whiskey and eat Jalapeno Chili Peppers! ha ha ha ha

  7. I'm w/everyone on the Eggs Benedict, love it & was w/you on the the juice until you added celery, sorry but a real palate killer for me, unless it's cooked to death in dressing, then i can tolderate it. But, never ever in a drink. Can you tell that I absolutely dislike V8 juice, all I can taste is the celery. Leave out the celery & the juice sounds delish!

  8. Glad to hear you're still among the land of the living, Kymber. Have you found any goats yet?? (-:


  9. I make Eggs Benedict for a special treat a couple times a year. What a decadent treat!

  10. Sweet Kymber,

    Sweet Angel, I so feel your pain when drinking that chia fresca gel stuff :PPPPPPPPPPP
    I would be praying to the porcelain thrown if I had to dink that stuff. Have you found a substitute for your milk and cheese? Like Fern suggested, goats milk is a great substitute for milk, and cheese products.
    Take care of yourselves, sending hugs, and much love to you both.
    Your Friend,

  11. I drink coke and eat pretzels, myself. I used to eat Cheato's until their advertisements pissed me off.

    I don't think I could hack that stuff that looks so nasty!!!

  12. ohhh can you post the recipe for hollandaise that doesnt use cows milk butter? that would be an exciting addition to my recipe cards

  13. Just stopped by to check on you folks. I will be glad when the big snow comes, because in winter you and J post a lot more!

  14. I dont know if you saw but I posted the pictures of the bathroom and bed room updates so far

  15. Yoo-hoo! Kymber! Are you out there? How is your health holding up? We all need another update. Blessings, Fern

  16. I'd have a real problem downing those drinks!!