Tuesday, September 1, 2015

i'd put up a pic but i am waaaay toooo tired!

i've received emails from people asking about a puppy update so i thought i would do one here.

firstly, now we know what new mothers and fathers feel like - we haven't slept except in bits and pieces for 3 days and 2 nights.

secondly, she's HUUUUUGE! and has been growing since she got here!!!

thridly, she's a very good girl. she chews on me but jam won't let her chew on him (he's the disciplinarian) and she is following his commands very well.

when we got her we brought her to the living room, blocked it off, and stayed with her the whole day and night. then yesterday, we put her harness on her and she went outside for the first time. she LOOOOVED it! so did jam as he was running around with her and both were jumping and playing and laughing. we stayed in the living room with her again last night.

she's already been for 3 runs today and the look of joy on her face, and jam's - just priceless. jam's out building a dog house for her right now.

we've both been reading up on different methods for training huskies and jam loves the idea of training them with a particular kind of harness (the name of which i can't remember) that you harness to a mountain bike. as you know, he's a biker-extraordinnaire and our roads out here in the country are very much like mountain bike paths (yes! they are THAT bad!). so he will start training her with the bike (once she is a year-old).

she is demonstrating protective manners towards me, which i love. she is definitely going to be mommy's baby and daddy's big girl.

the cats still hate her and none of them have come in the house since she arrived. we've been taking turns bringing them food and they always have their water bowl and snackedy-moe bowl outside. and they have the plastic enclosed porch to sleep on at night, which is eventually where baby katiyja will sleep at night.

for now, we have moved everything out of the bathroom and have put her, her carrier, food and toys in there. jam will take her for another run in a bit, and then we'll tether her with 20ft untwisting wire near her dog house. and sit out with her and let her run around and then bring her back to the bathroom. jam will take her for one more run this evening so she can see the land at dark.

then we will put her back in the bathroom and sleep in our beds. we are soooo looking forward to sleeping in our bed tonight.

now, i'm off to check on her. dog house is almost built!


  1. pictures please! I am going to be really jealous you do know that dont you. Does she talk to you? Gretsky our family in Canadas husky talks, sings and then if you leave him he will howl. if you howl back he mimics the same one you do and continues doing it till you go back and get him from the house.

  2. Hey it sounds like my grandson Sammy..snickering. We have a bonfire when its cool and let him run in the yard. Exercise will make everyone tired. A harness,....sounds kinky...bahahaha Sammy got a matchbox car play set 20 cars he loves its.

  3. You guys are coming right along there. I have heard of a dog wearing a pack to carry it's own food, but never heard of one working with a mountain bike. I can't see why it wouldn't work though. Last night on "Ice lake Rebels" one of the women went across the ice to trade wood pellets to a neighbor for propane in a tank. Her dog, which appears to be a mixed breed with Shepard blood, pulled a little sled with the bag of ice pellets and then pulled the little tank of propane back.

    Maybe I should have my dogs haul our sled up the mountain this next winter!

    Keep at it, the rewards of dog ownership, as you're finding out, are many.

  4. yay! she's finally home.

    You two will get to sleep again eventually, it takes a puppy about 1-2 weeks to become accustomed to their crate and new surroundings.

    I think you're talking about an urban trail harness, it is what is commonly used for bikejoring, scootering, roller blading etc. No, we don't do any of that with our three, I just follow a lot of husky pages on facebook and watch youtube videos. :D

    Congratualtions on the new baby, you're going to have so much fun with her. :) I don't know if this company ships to Canada, but I don't see why they wouldn't, they have a lot of cool stuff for outfitting your husky for various activities.


  5. Wonderful and congratulations. I've never had a Husky but I know that they are smart and hard workers. Just keep the dog challenged, set limits and be firm (no chewing on people) and train with praise and positive reinforcement. When the dog is bad, harsh tones are usually enough, but if you have to, grab the dog by the scruff of the neck, just like Mama used to. Every dog instinctively understands THAT correction, even my adult Shepherds. Never hit--you just teach a dog to fear hands, and that's not good.

    If you really want to work the dog outside, consider a remote shock collar if they sell them by you. On low settings, they get the dog's attention and let it know that you can still reach the dog even at a distance. If you otherwise work well with the dog, that's more than enough.

    Good luck, and post updates and pics!

  6. Sweet Kymber and Jambaloney,

    I'm so happy to hear you have your new bundle of joy at home.
    You need to get your sleep girlie, puppies will keep you very busy :-)
    I've found using a kennel makes a difference when training puppies. The kennel makes for a safe place for the pup to go when you're away from home. I'm sure your cats will get used to puppy in time. They'll have to teach the pup whose the boss in the house, lol......

    Enjoy your fur ball :P
    Love and hugs to you both,

  7. A hot water bottle and ticking clock (or radio on softly) should help to "keep her company" at night which should prevent her from whining and provide you with a full night's sleep :)

    Sounds like fun and games there...

  8. I was wondering if she had arrived yet. Good to hear the new family is doing well. Tiredness goes with the territory in the beginning, I hear. :)

  9. Sounds like puppies. It does get easier. And then you will have a faithful companion for life.

    We have had different reactions with cats in the past. Some refuse to get over the intruder. Others adjust.

    Lhiats, TB

  10. PIC-TURES!

    Ha ha!!! I can just see the smiles on both your faces. I can't wait to see your beautiful girl!!

    Hugs and love to you 'all'!