Sunday, September 13, 2015

more gonzo work!

jambalony here!!!

okay a lot of photos so few words...LOL!

so i left off the gonzo building with the shack outta a husqurvarna lawnmower box..

i added some old 2x4s to make support..

but first - i added boards from our friend g's old shack to make a walkway - which is being  hauled down by atv-dura and crap-trailer that i fixed up.

here i go.

the walkway makes it much easier to get to our storage area at the river.

back at the shed, here's some boards for reinforcement on the floor.

and here is some boards for the second shelf.

the walls will be made out of tarps.

ratchet ties are a must...

when you are strapping the shed to a trailer!

here's the rest of the materials on trip number 2:

a beautiful cloud in the sky!

here is the frame down at the river.

here is the base for the shed.

here it is in place in the woods.

here it is tarped with room for everything that we need at the river.

here is another angle - the tarps will last a lot longer here because there will be almost no sunlight to degrade the plastic for at least a couple of years.

here it is covered.

cheers all!


  1. You don't reckon anyone will break in there and take your stuff, do you J? They would here. Even old oars and such, and they'd sell them at the Mexican flea market the next weekend.

    As always, I'm impressed by how you and Kymber decide on a project, then rustle up materials you can use, then get it built.

  2. Hey that looks like you just built my guest quarters when I come up and visit! :-)

  3. That is pretty genius! You are a man of many talents. What a great place you'll have to keep all the stuff you'll need at the river.

  4. Good job Jam! Nice to have a place to store stuff that you would normally have to haul back & forth.

  5. Jambaloney,

    As usual, great job my friend!!! Now you can store your items you use out at the water close and right at your finger tips.

    Hugs and love to you both,

  6. Excellent! Yay not having to drag things hither and yon.

  7. kymber,
    saw your note at harry's. daughter watches korean movies on youtube and korean tv shows on 'dramastream.
    can't remember what comes after the dot just look it up.
    she loves the ghost movies!

  8. Great idea for an easy hut. I got given an old shed once and needed somewhere quick for some ex battery hens so I nailed a bright blue tarp on top and called it home for them. When I made a proper coop I started to move the old shed and it fell apart - I did the job though but didn't look great!

  9. Another great job, I love your photos showing every step of the job. You did good!

  10. kymber,
    saw your comment over at harry's.
    how do you properly store coconut oil?
    can it stay in its original container? [plastic]