Sunday, September 27, 2015

sooo much to tell...and tooo tired to tell it coherently!!!

the story goes back at least 2 months...when i thought i could fool jambaloney by inventing a dance at our community hall for september...he thought it would be sweets and sandwiches and then a dance, like we normally do. he had no idea it was a surprise 50th birthday party for him - his 50th isn't until november! i had our best friends b and c order the special plate from the new moon chinese restaurant in town for 50 guests. i had saved for over a year as people here tend to think of 50th birthday parties as a big deal. as we are not birthday party people, i thought i would do this one for him as a surprise. then his brother back in ontario was worried about his dad, jamie's mom and dad were down visiting, so he sent an email to jamie and mentioned the birthday party. i couldn't lie to jamie when he asked so i told him that yes, the party on saturday night was supposed to be his surprise birthday party 2 months early. he wanted nothing to do with it - he wanted to turn it into a community supper and dance to thank all of our friends here for being so good to us. and of course i forgot my camera!

i had ordered a bunch of disco balls from the internet and we set up the hall with all of the disco balls - the hall looked awesome. all of the people who came in for the supper hugged me and jambaloney and then met his parents. his parents were told some awesome things about my great man! our best friends served the chinese food and everyone thanked us for such a treat of a meal! i have to admit it was pretty good and we sent everyone home with take-aways.

jambaloney's parents were the guests of honour at the party and that was how everyone treated them! everyone took a few minutes to sit with them and talk to them. our other good friends (family really) m &p brought a special gift. m is a crafter extraordinnaire and made jambaloney a betty-boop out of balloons!

that m can make anything out of anything! everyone loved the betty boop and some people even danced with the balloon doll - including me! jambaloney's parents danced their socks off and everyone thrived on their energy - they were tiring out a bunch of us but we tried to keep up with them!

we took his parents on a tour of LobstersRUs - they were pretty impressed by the most energy-efficient lobster plant on the eastern seaboard! who knew that i could bring such a skilled IT worker here and put him to work in a place that really needs him?

jambaloney and his mom bought 4 live lobsters and she took them home and cooked them to perfection! we had lunch with them the next day (they were staying at a friend's cottage while they were down)...and we had such a good lunch!

then we went down to morrison's beach...on some google sites it's called english cove. jambaloney took his mom and dad out fishing...i sat on the blanket with first his mom, yik-yakking about how proud i am of his being my husband.

and then me and his dad yakked in the sun. it was a beautiful day!

we didn't get to spend as much time as we wanted to with them....but getting the puppy sooner than we expected kind of kai-boshed our plans. but we are taking having this puppy very seriously! we are training her to be a work dog...and a protector of her homestead. the cats still can't really stand her..she is so submissive to them and cries to them but they let her get so close and then they bash her on the nose and hiss.

she wants to be friends with her brothers but so far - it's no go from the cats' end. poor little puppy. i think she already weighs close to 60lbs. but still a baby! man - she is gonna be huge!

sorry if i haven't gotten to your blogs. we are living on her schedule, trying to get the harvest in, trying to take care of cranky old cats and a whole pile of other stuff. hopefully normal life will return soon. we hope that you all understand!


  1. Family takes precedence over all, Kymber. It's good to hear you're all making such great memories and enjoying the wonderful work of homesteading. Wouldn't trade this life for anything, would you? I know we wouldn't.


    1. thanks is always great to get support from others around the web who are trying/succeeding at this life, isn't it? wouldn't trade it for the world...and i am glad that you and Frank are getting so many projects completed this year! can't wait to see how your new greenhouse works out! xoxo

  2. As usual, you know how to throw a party/get together. What a nice surprise, especially with having the family there. The beach looks cold but you know I would be in that water.
    Nice to see an update from you, glad things are going great!

    1. oh Max buddy - it was supposed to be a surprise party! and it almost worked! but alas, things change! i liked your story about going to france and the tower was a tower and blah-blah-blah...i felt the same when i travelled for work and just wanted to keep my routine, too. i have no doubt you would have been in that water and trying to catch the seal who was coming pretty close to shore...i'm pretty sure you would have caught him and made friends! sending love to you both! xoxox

  3. Thanks for sharing your adventures...Stay Safe you two...

    1. thanks buddy! we're staying safe...all we need is some sleep - bahahahah! hey i need a new pic of sammy! sending love! xoxox

  4. Sweet Kymber,

    Take care of your family, and when you can get to blogging you get to it!!!! Give your hubby, our dear friend a bug hug and kiss from your Okie friends. Please let him know he's now part of the 50's club :P:P
    Hugs, and love to you both.
    Sandy and Bulldog Man.

  5. As a pack of dog owner, start training the puppy to go on your schedule, not his. He needs to do everything in his life the way you want, you need to be the pack leader. Always make him sit for his food, and practice taking his bowl away then giving it back, to discourage food aggression.
    If you need an advice , I have trained many dogs, one I trained thru to a therapy dog.
    Puppies should be able to go from about 11 at night til 5 at least.
    Limit night time water after six or so.
    Good luck and happy bday jamby!

  6. Sounds just lovely, family, friends, food...what more is needed? Much love to you both!!

  7. Ahmmm. When has a lack of coherence ever stopped you?

    Did you guys at least kiss the Betty Boop balloon doll?

    Did Jamby get a spanking?

    I am betting you weren't naked on the beach this time huh?

  8. You have an amazing ability to organize things like this party. And it seems like they always come off well and everyone has a really good time. I don't know many women who would have worked so hard to make their husbands parents feel so welcome and at home. You're a rare soul, Kymber.

  9. Happy Birthday to Jam! You did a great job on the party, too bad Big Brother spoiled the surprise but the main thing is that you pulled it off with flying colors.

  10. That's a nice Betty Boop!

    By the way, I finally got a new monitor so I can see the rest of your background and of what I could see before, I can see much more clearly and confirm that yes indeed, you are wearing a swimsuit!

    I guess Happy 50th two months early Jambaloney!

  11. Sounds like you guys made the most of a party as usual and enjoyed your family time. Hope harvesting goes well and we'll hear more from you soon x

  12. What a wonderful post. It is a busy time for all now with fall upon us but your time spent with loved one and doing your regular things plus dog training is so worth it all!