Tuesday, September 29, 2015

harvest 2015 - the Framboise Manor Year of the Peppers!

here are some sunflowers blowing in the wind....for my 2 Angels, of course! they know who they are!

and this is the year of the pepper at Framboise Manor! we have a ton of frozen peppers in the freezer and i have been making pickled peppers every month for jambaloney. check out today's haul:

those will be turned into more hot sauce and pickles! and here are some of my piquante and bird's eye chili peppers that my friend Dani sent all the way from South Africa!

is that cool or what? but the greenhouse really makes a difference in regards to the peppers! and being that we overwintered a bunch of pepper plants meant they started producing in may - unheard of for around here!

so let's say you are a dog and your parents bought you a bunch of dog toys...the experts at the pet store tell you EXACTLY the toys that your husky puppy needs. you spread those toys all over the yard...her pull toys, her bacon bone, her cow's foot, all of her little balls....but then one morning your father takes you into the basement and you find the bestest toy in all of the world!

yep! an old pair of jeans! in the background is also 2 more of her favourite toys - my old nightgown and a stuffed garfield! she loves those 3 toys more than anything! except for a pair of old socks. she gets in the tire, which is empty, with her socks.

we've got a storm warning for a ton of rain for the next 3 days....most of the mainland and island will be getting hit. our part of the island will get high winds and rain...but we'll not get hit as bad as other places.

when it's rainy and cold i love to make stew! steak and kidney stew with these beauties from the garden:

these potatoes and yellow zucchini will go in the stew, too.

with onions, homemade beef broth and a ton of garlic - yummeh! the day after i will use the leftover stew to make a steak and kidney potpie - double yummeh!

here's our tomatoe harvest for today.

i plant indeterminate tomatoes so that they don't all come in at once. we have been picking tomatoes daily for over a month, eating them raw, making pasta out of them and freezing the majority of them. i will take the frozen tomatoes and cook them down into a sauce and then can them so that we'll have beautiful pasta sauce all winter.

i have to admit that we have been eating pretty terribly this past month. except for jambaloney's mom feeding us homemade chicken soup and lobster and salad, our meals have been quick and dirty! today i finally had the time to do up our favourite shrimp/vermicelli salad with a bunch of our homegrown herbs, cucumber, carrot and strawberries - it was divine!

we had katiyja out on her tether while jambaloney did work and then we made the salad. this salad takes quite a bit of work - it's mostly the dressing that takes forever, and katiyja played with her jeans and her socks and balls. she is spending more and more time outside each day and she loves it! she is definitely a Framboise Manor kind of dog!


  1. The dog is growing like a weed! :-)

  2. Sweet Kymber,

    I love those sunflowers, all of mine are dead (or dried for seeds).
    Look at those peppers, will you be drying them and turning some into powder this year?
    Now those are some really nice looking vegetables harvested from your garden. They'll make a great stew for your cooler weather.

    Give Katiyaja a scratch behind her ears from Mr. Beans!!!
    I would worry if the dog put those pants on and walked around your property. Bahahahahahahaha!!!!

    Sending lots of hugs and love to you both.

  3. Great harvest, Kymber. Glad to hear Katiyaja is having a great time. When our Great Pyrenees was a puppy we bought her lots of toys, chew bones, etc. She only played with one ball that squeaks. She loved that squeaky noise. Other than that, she never chewed anything, never. She is now around 120 pounds and still never chews a thing. She will drag up large sticks or limbs that blow down from the trees into the corral. So many that after a while we have to stack them to the side out of the way. Funny dog. But she is great with the goats and they just love her. Happy eating with all of that great, homegrown food!


  4. That girl is beautiful!! And growing! OK I have to admit, when I saw your blog post title I thought it said "year of the preppers", HA!!! Nice haul though, you have some peppers from S. Africa, how cool is that!!

    Big hugs,

  5. kymber - Apologies my friend. We had to rush through to Cape Town for the day (650kms) and then the next day was spent catching up on business work which I didn't do whilst I was off gallivanting...

    I'm not sure that your piquante peppers are going to have much flavour when they're pick in the green state. Can you move the plant into your greenhouse for winter, so that you can harvest them when they're red?

    Glad the bird's eye chillies have performed for you though :D

  6. That's a really nice post Kymber. It's so homey and tranquil. I enjoyed it a lot.

  7. Looks like I need some lessons on growing peppers! They look amazing! Even my chillies have been poor this year.