Thursday, September 10, 2015

some tomaytees - and some cute pics of katiyja!

here's a basket full of tomatoes. they are our first big harvest of them. my friend SciFiChick would be proud.

we had a couple of rainy days...check out this sky before the rain hit:

jambaloney having a dip:

katiyja is a really good girl - she really loves her father - he runs her ragged! she is so pretty...and big!

her eyes aren't ice blue as they are showing in the pics - her eyes are actually a very dark blue.

she wants so much to meet the cats but they still hiss at her even though they keep sneaking up and sniffing her crate. she has a ton of toys but so far her favourite is my old nightgown. we have had her off the leash and off the tether several times today and she doesn't bolt. what an amazing little puppy!

and here is some sunflower for each of my Angels...they know who they are.

i hope you all are well.


  1. Katiyja is such a pretty dog. I bet she will have such a great bond with you guys. Those tomatoes look delicious, can't wait to see what you do with them. Tomatoes stopped producing down here over 2 months ago.

  2. Those are some beauts! Your little baby is looking so cute too, I hope you're getting some sleep now x

  3. what a great picture of the sky in number 2. It looks like a still from a film where aliens are about to land. What a lovely puppy!

  4. It was a bad year for tomatoes down here. Too much rain and they died from blight early on. We planted twice as many as normal because we were completely out of canned tomatoes and we got about a dozen quarts canned total out of about 20 plants and our share came to 4 quarts. Not enough but better than nothing.

  5. uhoh. now i'm craving a spinach & tomato salad with sunflower seeds and some frolic time with my four footed masters!!

  6. beautiful dog.
    our tomatoes have only ripened in the last few weeks but there are lots today. must do something with them.
    we had such cold and rain in spring that i didn't even plant them outside 'til very late.then too much rain and now dry as a bone out there!

  7. With those white paws you wont see her feet sinking in the snow when she is outside this winter... :)

  8. I could eat that whole basket of tomatoes. If I had them here, I would eat them all! I'd put salt , and garlic, and cheese on them. Yum.

    I have some frozen brussel sprouts, those will have to do.

    That dog has some ears on her. She's going to grow up to be a pretty dog, I'm sure.

    Looks really nice at your place. We've had sporadic rain and thunderstorms for several days. Nothing much else going on.

  9. My tomatoes are rubbish this year! I'm very jealous of those. I've made a few mistakes which have cost me a good harvest, I'm going to do a post of my catalogue of errors! Tried to do too much as usual! Next year will be better!
    The dog is a cutie, I'd better not show the girls or they'll be after one as well!

  10. The pup has the same look as the crazy woman we all love. You know that look, sweet innocent, who me cause trouble????? Bahahahaha

  11. Sweet Angel Kymber,

    Beautiful sunflowers sweetie!!! SCI is smiling from ear to ear on your beautiful tomato harvest. What are you plans with your tomatoes sweetie? Are you going to make some sauce this season?

    Katiyja is one amazingly beautiful dog!!! I love her eye color, and her ears standing straight up. Beans was checking her out on the computer. He was insistent to get up in my lap and look at her picture. Yep, my little guy watches for dogs on the computer. He is a silly little thing bringing his toy for the dogs to play with.

    Good to hear you both are keeping your pup busy, this way she doesn't get into trouble or chew on something she shouldn't.
    Enjoy her, she's going to grow up to darn fast.

    Hugs and love to you both,

  12. So do home grown tomatoes taste better than shop bought ones? I know what you are going to say now, of course they do!

    Love the sunflowers.