Friday, August 28, 2015

puppy update - woohoo!

it was a beautiful day in the neighbourhood! check out this beautiful sky from mid-day:

and look at these very straight and in formation clouds out back!

we found out today that we are getting our puppy this evening.

so we gathered up the puppy supplies.

and jam threw together little puppy enclosures at the front porch:

and the back deck:

talk about gonzo construction! but we didn't think we'd be getting the puppy until mid-next week. these enclosures will give the puppy the ability to come in and out of the 3 cat doors on her choosing. the chairs and milk cartons are for the cats to be able to get in and out of the enclosures. we will keep the puppy with us for the next few days - showing her the perimeter of the land, letting her get used to the cats (and the cats to her) and getting her comfortable with the house. we are picking her up this evening in a large cat carrier which she will probably want to use for the next few weeks. we have puppy food for her and we are very excited. jam will build a proper dog run with a dog house but she will live in the actual house and have the ability to come in and out as she pleases once she's older and doesn't turn into a "run-awayer"...time will tell.

many puppy updates to follow!


  1. So happy for you guys to be getting a new member of the family! I am sure it will all work out in the end.

  2. p.s. Can't wait for pics of the new addition!

  3. How exciting..Enjoy those puppy months.

  4. What a cute little blue eyed pup. I can see from the picture, that you both will be spoiling it rotten. LOL! Get lots of chew toys. Them baby teeth need something to chew on.

  5. I have seen many new puppy owners put bandannas on their new puppies around here. It's cute that you already got one fitted for him :)

  6. Oh. My. Gosh. PUPPY BREATH COMING SOON! Can't wait to see pics of her. Big hugs to you both!

  7. I've always been suspicious of folks who have only cats, I feel better about you now that you have a dog. LOL

  8. I think you are going to find, Kymber, that a dog adds a lot to the quality of life for you and J. Dogs are good friends, and good company. When J has to go away on his business trips, you won't feel so on your own. I know you have cats and they are good company, but somehow when you are on your own a dog makes you feel better protected.

  9. Seems like you're all prepared, and all that's left is for the latest addition to your family to arrive... :)

  10. Remember what goes in must come out, keep a shovel handy..Bhahaha

  11. Super duper exciting, hope you enjoy the new addition and don't get sleepless nights! xx

  12. Sweet Kymber,

    Congratulations on getting your puppy early!!! Love all the quick fixes to keep the puppy confined. I can't wait to see more pictures.
    Hugs, and love to you and Jam.
    Your friend,

  13. Glorious loves are in your future if that little face means anything. Congratulations.


    Puppies are cool. Just watch out for their little puppy teeth, and little puppy claws.

    Their teeth are like daggers, and their claws are like kitanas! You'll be scratched up/chewed up before you know it....

    Give them lots of love, don't overfeed them, play with them or be with them a bunch in the beginning, and be ready to spend some serious time house breaking them.