Sunday, August 23, 2015

guerrilla fishing!

jambaloney here with guerrilla fishing!!

well not THAT guerrilla but still...

first off a story...

When i was 15, my dad and i went on an adventure fishing trip to northern Ontario in his old caprice classic. We drove for about 10-12 hours before finding a camp spot somewhere north of timmins (hi wendy!). the camp spot was at a little lake that was stocked with trout, and although the dingy barely held us, we caught quite a bit of trout and had a great fry-out. The next day we moved on to another camp site near a small river. After 5 minutes of putting the tent together, the black flies drove us to a nearby motel. The next day dad decided we needed to go for it, so he found an ad in one of the papers (this was 1979) for fly-in fishing. So we went to the dock, got on the float plane and took off. I was amazed at flying so low over such a vast watery area! We dropped some people off at a remote camp before the pilot took us to a place where the outfitter had stashed a canoe on The Lady Evelyn River. We fished all day, caught some really nice trout and as we were waiting for the plane to pick us up, there was a massive thunderhead not far off in the distance. Dad told me we might have to spend the night under the canoe. However, just before it looked hopeless, we saw a small black speck coming in on the large still water. It was the plane and he picked us up JUST IN TIME. It was quite an adventure and a good example of guerrilla fishing!

you all remember that last year a beaver built a damn at Strachan's brook and created a whole new lake right across the street from our property. this has created a guerrilla fishing opportunity for me, as there is no way for anyone to be able to get there easily. but, i borrowed my friend d's canoe and walked it across the road and into the new lake. it was fun! that white speck in the distance is the manor!!

here is a close-up -the only way you can see our house is from here!

here i am going up the narrow part..

further still, but the water is shallower here

so back to the still water...

our house is waaaaaaay off in the distance..

i often see trout surfacing there - the fishing was awesome - i got these 5 in 45 mins - the top trout is 13 inches and about a pound - 3rd largest i have caught here!!! these are for my dad  in memory of that trip!

that evening the sun was blazing...

a few mornings later - i was up for the standard morning trip down to the river and the dew was heavy so the spider webs looked awesome...

i am always amazed at the shapes

and more - hey it is my blog ;-)

we have TONS of spiders here!

look at all the webs!!!

down to the river

a purple iris...

and some trout for sandy and pioneer p!!!

hope you are all enjoying some fine august weather!



  1. Beavers were this continent's first engineers. lol

  2. You've got it made. All the comforts of home, but in a pristine wilderness, AND you have rivers and lakes, beaches, and soon your own canoe takeout once J gets it finished.

    I like the pictures a lot. I have kind of given up taking new pictures but I need to get on it. They add so much to a post.

  3. Nice looking trout there Jamby. You certainly live in the fishing utopia of the world I think. The top two have some of the nicest coloring I have ever seen.

    All U'r troutses R belong to me....

    In before Sandy :)

  4. Nothing quite as satisfying as catching your own supper. Love how remote the area around your place looks. Wilderness and its resources at your own door step. Greetings from Maine, Michael

  5. have wanted to say this to kymber.
    giardia is found in the presence of beavers.
    when k drinks river water i hope none of it is downstream from the beaver dam.

    read that beavers have been the authors of much of the good arable land when their dams silt up. then they move upstream to start over and more arable land is made.

  6. Hi! lol.

    Lovely fishies, nasty spider webs. Oh, I guess the webs are ok, just keep the spiders away from me!

    Glad you can remember and relate that time with your dad to your current adventures!

  7. Always envious of your fishing post Jambaloney!

    Kymber, I mentioned you in a post on my blog about Crazy Canadians and poutine. Just thought I would let you know before someone else told you!

  8. Nice trout! Man, that river holds a lot of brookies. Nothing better than wild native fish... what a special place.

  9. here i thought kymber had you fishing in a guerrilla costume.

  10. Lovely pictures Jam. I like spiders, mostly when they are outdoors catching the nasties. Not such a fan of them indoors...

  11. What a trip. You know, you've got to thank those beavers at Strachan's Brook for creating a fishing opportunity for you. Haha! It should be cool to take a trip there; preferably a boat ride so that you'd be smack dab in the middle of the scenery. Thanks for these pics, and these very close-up look at fishing in that area.

    Kent Garner @ Whites Marine Center