Sunday, August 9, 2015

what an awesome dance!

the day of the dance (on saturday) was grey and cloudy. but the day before looked like this:

such clean, clean, delicious, salt-filled air here. i should bottle it and sell it - bahahahah!

some shrimp salad for lunch with greens from our salad bar, peas, a carrot also from the garden and nasturtiums! and a kick-you-so-hard-in-the-head-dressing that we made it to the dance!

it was our friends' a&d's 40th wedding anniversary! what an awesome party!!!

i don't even know where to begin???we get there and see a bunch of folks and give out hugs and then find our friends s&d. i hug her. she is wearing a beautiful summer dress with the back cut out of it...i feel her back (come on guys - you know i am a touchy-feely person)...and i feel something raised on her back!!!

"did you get a tattoo???". and she replied yes. a beautiful tattoo of the date of her marriage and 2 raised wedding rings. so beautiful. but it was dark. i need to see it in the light. i loved it!

ok - on to crazy dance-party. we danced. we partied. we laughed. we had such a great time that my head is still hurting. and jambaloney is back in bed - bahahahahah! we went back to s&b's cottage after the dance ended at 2am. not a good decision.

but we had such a blast with s&b. and their beautiful daughter T! she is so talented and mark my words - she'll be showing up in a music video or movie soon! remember folks - i told you about HER first.

my jambaloney gets along with new people so well. T's boyfriend came down with her from toronto. kids, when i say cape bretoners are not the easiest people to understand or get along with - THAT is an understatement - bahahahah! but her boyfriend from the city fit right in! and we loved him right off the bat.

her boyfriend and jam were in a deep you know, jam has a philosophy degree but also has a year of biology under his belt. T's boyfriend is studying economics and mathematics. the discussion ran deep! but our friend T - who will be a superstar one day - listened to their conversation and did what any proper girl would do in that situation - she didn't step in to correct them when she knew they were wrong (cause that's what proper smart women do when men are yakking it up and making a bunch of mistakes!) - she did what any proper girl would do -

she drew pretty shapes on jambaloney's hands.

did i mention dancing with my besty c? did i mention that our friends' d&b had their grandchildren out for the weekend? did i mention how gorgeous s looked in her dress and new tattoo? did i mention how awesome the dj was? did i mention our favourite comedic act t (he's s's boyfriend and s is the daughter of our besties c&b. figure that one out PP - i dare ya!)

did i mention the heart to heart i had with b? she's r&d's daughter...i love her so much!

did i mention that we didn't leave s&b's cottage until 4:30am and didn't get home until 5:am???

kids - we had such a good time. and we have to turn around and do it all again next saturday for our friend d's 50th party!!! these cape bretoners are the best people on the planet...but man they are wearing us down - bahahahahahah!

i am sending love to all of you. if you don't hear from us for a week - it's because we are still recovering. yes, it's that bad!


  1. I thought proper pretty girls up that way were kissing fish?

  2. You certainly are a social butterfly. I think you and J go to more functions in just one week than I do in a year. Probably more. I'm glad you had a good time.

  3. Holy smoke, I'm tired now just reading all about the festivities! I need a nap now! I'm glad you two had an enjoyable evening (even if you are paying the price for it... hehe).

  4. Sounds like you had a good time. You folks sound like you have quite the social life.

    Lhiats, TB

  5. This is how celebrating should be done!

  6. Still feeling hung over up there?

    I thought about you two when I cooked my supper last night. I actually made corn bread and chili. Not on the level of your own cooking, but better than just eating something cold out of a can which is my usual cuisine.