Monday, August 3, 2015

more gonzo fixing and building..

jambaloney here!

on a rainy night a couple of weeks ago i was JUST getting ready for bed, k had already gone off  but i couldn't sleep - finally after doing some work on my contract, i was ready to sleep when i heard one of the cats playing with a mouse.... after checking and finding no mouse, further inspection of the noise revealed water seeping in from the ceiling - NEVER a good was here in the teevee room..

cross-eyed i managed to get into the attic and get a bin under the drip - that sucked at 3 AM let me tell you - next day i got out to get on the problem... here is the generator shed...

the genny shed in NOT what i will call robust, so to spread the weight i screwed in this old table top..

 and got up there to inspect....

bingo!! down to the wood...

here is another angle...

it was raining out and i have no spare shingles on hand  so we measure...

and again...

and cut some 6 mil poly to double up...

and fit it...

looks good but it is wrong... experience sometimes helps you take a second look and reveal that this will still leak  where the crack are...

whereas this won't - tucked under nicely now and shimmed with a v at the bottom to keep the water going down  - it worked great the other night when the skies tried to drown us - i will get shingles to replace soon!!

i tried to do it from the ladder, but had to get right on the roof - never seen the land from this high up!!!

bugs were awful - thanks bugsuit!!!

 vandura, junk and atv shed...

stracchen's brook and hills...

 front yard...

bodadie tires

time to get down...

july 29, 4 days of rain and stracchens brook is a LAKE!!

i love my husqvarna weed-eater and chainsaw... so what is this???

secret free lumber!!

slats and whatnot... angle grinder got rid of old nails..

hey - it is a crate from a riding mower - i planned to build a s*it shack at the river and tarp it... this came already started...

 turned sideways...

cover for extension cords - it is wet out...

on the base i added "G's boards" to re-enforce...(G's boards is a bunch of wood that i salvaged when our friend G was taking down a shed)

 here is another look...

it will sit on these old 4x4s...

more to come - cheers all hope you are having fun with summer nonsense!!!


  1. Glad to see your leak had an obvious starting point. I've had some leaks over the years in shingles that was almost impossible to figure out where it started. I try to keep a can of tar around for just that sort of thing when you have a leak and rain is heading your way.

    1. yea - i was pretty luck that way - stopped it completely - i will get it "fixed" before it is too cool to set the tar...

      hope you are having a great summer ed - cheers!!!

  2. Jambaloney,

    Great post!!! Any kind of leak during the early morning hours when your eye's are tired, and going crossed eyed from working all day is no fun to find at all. A quick fix with plastic will work well until you're able to pickup some shingles. I can imagine with the winds you get up that way it's pretty easy to lose a shingle or two. We've had to replace several due to the straight line winds here, good thing the landlord stored shingles in the utility closet in the garage. We borrowed a few to take care of business on the roof.

    Good deal on landing free wood to make yourself a permanent S**T House!!!! I didn't know how to take the S**T it suppose to be an OUT HOUSE or a place to store S**T!!! Bahahahahahaha!!!! Either way, I know you'll make it structurally safe :-) and solid!!!!

    Sending love to you both.
    Sandy and BD Man

    1. yeah - the winds can get pretty nasty and the shingles on that roof face the worst of it!!! - glad you had some on hand!!

      it is indeed a place to store S**T not the other kind - ROFL! more on that l8r - sorry no trout for you in this post.. but more coming - hags back to you sweet sandy - hope you are well!

  3. Man Jamby only thing worse in my opinion than messing with a roof is plumbing fixtures. I still say plumbing fixture are all spawns of the Devil.

    So what ya gonna store in a shit shack?

    1. oh god no - i LOVE plumbing problems - all solved with flex pvc or pex and sharkbites!!! - this is my first roofing adventure - when this roof is done - it will be steel - outlive ma and that is all that matters..

      river stuff, blankets, books paddles, the like..

      keep up the good work on the small hold - you are doing awesome!!

  4. I hate heights. I sweated just looking at your pictures. A rather unhappy history with ladders has made me this way. Kudos to you!

    1. i am unafraid - which is luck given how often i am up on a ladder - no falls in my past - i am REALLY careful now..

      hope you are well friend!!!

  5. J, that's the kind of thing nobody needs, let alone at night. Glad the ladder didn't slip, I crashed and burned on one some years ago and now I dread going up on one.

    1. god no harry - it sucked - i have yet to have a mishap - knock a LOT of wood!

      you take care up there!

  6. Yikes! I don't know would be scarier, having the roof spring a leak or climbing up to the leak to fix it!

    1. Hey Sue - great to see you!!

      the leak provided plenty on incentive to get up the ladder - LOL!!

      hope you are doing really well - cheers!

  7. Rain and leakage is never a good combination. Add that it’s also night time and you’re about to sleep, it’s really the last thing you need. On the bright side, you knew exactly what the problem was, so you were able to do a quick fix on it.

    Terence Warner @ Brunwin Roofing

    1. welcome Terence!

      i was lucky to be able to "get 'er done" as we say here - sure looks like you know what you re doing!


  8. We've been finding leaks in the roof too, and this is after we had a new roof put on six years ago! Good save but it looked scary up there on that ladder!