Monday, November 2, 2015

what a crazy weekend! (EDITED)

i don't even have a pic for this post because i can't find my camera and didn't want to use an old pic.

what a whirlwind of a weekend that we just had!!! it started with going to our friends' g&c's for a delicious turkey supper! when c makes turkey supper she pulls out all of the stops - sweet potatoe, mashed potatoe, 2 kinds of stuffing, garden veg, turnip and carrot mashed just the way i like - and my fave - gravy!!! she always strains my gravy because she knows i hate picking the onions out - she's so sweet like that! her mother v joined us, as well as our friends s&h. a lovely meal was had by all and we got to hang out with g&c for a bit after the others left.

saturday at noon we headed over to our friend v's house. we brought him potatoes and carrots from our garden and he gave me some beets and some beets that he pickled - he knows i love beets! his neice k came over and a bit of a party started - at 1pm in the afternoon! v offered jamie a beer and he gave me a bottle of his home-made raspberry wine. that stuff was soooo good! he's going to teach us how to make berry wines this year - we can't wait.

anyway - 3 bottles of wine later, a whole entire afternoon and evening spent chatting and enjoying each others' company and we are now late for the fourchu fireworks! ack! our besties b&c are going to kill us!!! we raced home, bird-bathed, got dressed and raced to fourchu! we got there just before the halloween dance was starting - whew! both me and jambaloney got to spend time chatting with b's dad p, who we love, and b's mom p, who we also love, and we were able to chat with a bunch of the older people from fourchu. most of them left by about 10pm and then we got on to the serious stuff - dancing. the dj was awesome and played a great selection of music. people who didn't know that i had already consumed 3 bottles of wine during the day kept buying me wine!!! at one point in the night i had 4 full glasses of wine in front of my chair!!! i had to keep sneaking the glasses to the bathroom and pouring them down the sink!!!

me and my besty c danced our butts off to our favourite songs and she and jambaloney danced to their favourite songs - we all had a blast! lots of people dressed up, although we didn't. i sat with k chatting and yacking - we really like chatting together. she is a young woman going to college and she is interested in many, many different topics.

anyway, we closed the place down and came home and crashed. yesterday after doing the chores that absolutely had to be done (feed cats, clean kitty litter, water greenhouse) we crashed on the couch and moaned and groaned and cursed our friend v for hours - bahahahah! jambaloney is over at v's house now setting up his new monitor. i had forgotten to take my pickled beets home on saturday so i am looking forward to when jambaloney gets home - i'll probably eat the whole jar in one sitting!

so we had an awesome halloween and we hope that you all did too! i'm checking blogs in a few!

(edited to add: i was just replying to comments on my previous post and now for some reason blogger won't let me reply?!?!?! anyone else ever have this problem?)


  1. I haven't had any problems replying to comments, Kymber. But you never know what the glitch is. Try again tomorrow. After you've had more rest......


  2. Sounds like you were a right pair of party animals. Just the type of people I like to dj for! I would have found it very hard to tip that wine away! Ha.

  3. What a great evening. I wonder if you don't have pictures because there were moments you didn't want to share, hahahaha!!! Seriously though, it sounds ike you had a great time. And in the end, that's all that matters!

  4. Sweet Kymber,

    It sounds to me you and Jam had a wonderful time with family and friends. Plenty of food, beer, wine, and music. What stays in Canada.....stays in Canada, that's why there's no pictures.....LOL!!!!

    I hope you two get plenty of rest, and your week goes smoothly. Hugs and love to my best est friends/family in the world.
    Your Friend,

  5. I get the no reply problem from time to time myself. It's like it hangs up and won't connect anymore.

    So did you ever get to see fireworks?