Wednesday, November 4, 2015

first week of november and still harvesting tomatoes and peppers from the greenhouse - woohoo!

today was a bit of a mixed bag day - a bit of blue, a bit of sun, a bit of cloud, a bit of rain and now back to cloudy.

no matter - we had a great day. jambaloney is now working on his contract and i am doing this post.

kids - have you ever seen a recipe that you just knew you'd love and so you make it and are disappointed as oh heck??? i did with this recipe below:

don't let the bacon fool you. i know that adding bacon to anything will make that anything better you know - bacon ice cream, bacon coffee, bacon lemonade and bacon yoghurt. but this recipe was one that i did not care for at all.

basically, you line a pie plate with bacon strips leaving half of the strips hanging over the pie plate. then you add a layer of thinly sliced potatoes, a bunch of cheese and green onion. then you add the layer of potatoes, cheese and green onions 3 more times. after you have four layers of potatoes, cheese and green onion - you wrap the bacon over top of the last layer.

i know! it sounds delicious, doesn't it? well - i thought it was crap. it totally wrecked my scalloped potatoes and i loooooove scalloped potatoes. i guess i am just a scalloped potatoe purist!

in other news - jambaloney has been getting our beds ready for winter and adding a bunch of stuff to our compost pile like seaweed and comfrey and grass clippings. i have been harvesting and i bet you won't believe today's harvest - have a peak:

tomatoes, green peppers, orange peppers, bird's eye chili peppers from my friend Dani in south africa, basil, cayenne peppers, monet peppers and green onions. in november?!?!?!?!!? i looooove my greenhouse!!!

here's a yummy shrimp salad for lunch. we love our seafood!

tonight's supper is marinated curry chicken with potatoes, carrots and peas - yummeh! and just to let you all know - you can buy curry powder or you can buy the separate spices and make your own curry powder and adjust it to your individual taste. i like to make a mild curry powder and then a spicy one. i make all of our combined spices like curry, garam masala, chili powder, taco seasoning, etc. using individual ingredients. it's cheaper and you can make it as strong or as mild as you want.

allrighty - off to make some salsa with the ingredients from today's harvest - we love eating fresh salsa as a snack at night. and we love to always have some on hand just so we can have a mouthful or two - i load it up with fresh ginger, garlic, apple cider vinegar (with the mother), cayenne, cumin, turmeric, lemon or lime juice and a ton of salt and pepper. sometimes only tomatoes and onions are used in it, other times i put in a variety of peppers and green onions. it all depends on what's on hand. and with the greenhouse still producing peppers and tomatoes - woohoo - we're still eating fresh! during the winter and spring we make salsa with greenhouse tomatoes from the mainland and our stored onions. but once summer rolls around, we make it with ingredients we grow ourselves and add our own parsley, cilantro and basil. cilantro and parsley do not like the cold nights so they are finished for the year. but the basil is still coming in gangbusters!

off now to try and reply to comments from my last post - i've not been able to reply for some weird reason. i think i may have to re-boot my computer - something i hate doing and put off for months at a time (drives jambaloney crazy!!!!). then i'll be hitting up your blogs!

i hope you all are having a great day!


  1. I can spy a piquant pepper next to the bird's eye chilli - I'm so happy you managed to grow them from seed and had the weather to allow them to ripen ;) Well done :D

  2. What a great supply from your greenhouse. I make all my own curry it is so much cheaper and as you said you can make it to your own taste.

  3. Sweet Kymber,

    Girlie I love bacon and just about anything tied to bacon. If you say a recipe is terrible, I'm not going to even give it a shot.

    Love all the fresh veggies and herbs you've picked from your greenhouse. I can already smell that salsa from here.......let me grab my tortilla chips!!!! Heading back down the TX this Friday, wish I had some of your salsa to add with the chips and veggies for the ride down. I bet it makes for a great snack.
    Enjoy your greenhouse goodies.
    Hugs and love to you and Jam.

  4. Oh how I want a greenhouse at the farm, but that will have to know for things like "a roof"...."exterior paint"..."new doors" know the "other things" ha.

    Nice harvest and I can't wait to see if you have stuff growing in winter. Are you going to heat it??

  5. And they are almost normal sized ones too!!!! Congratz you guys managed to make yourself a real growing season!!!!

  6. I have found that it is hard to make breakfast type dishes with potatoes, bacon and cheese taste good. They just lack flavor to me. Potatoes especially in those types of dishes are hard to work with. I think if I were going to attempt something like that, I would fry the potatoes first, use less and make eggs the main ingredient.