Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Remembrance Day 2015

i have, in the past, done some very serious Remembrance Day posts. so i thought i would leave you all with this bit of info:

please click on the above picture so that you can read more about Star Trek's beloved Scotty.

you can learn more about James Doohan, and his incredible military history here.

today...go and try to find a serving member or a veteran. and thank them for their service. and acknowledge that if it weren't for their sacrifices, we would not enjoy the freedoms that we enjoy today.

to all veterans, and to all those serving, i salute you. and i can salute you -teehee - because i am a veteran.


  1. So thank YOU also, kymber, and may God bless you.

  2. Thank you as well for your service to your country. Yours has been a great ally to my country over the years.

  3. Hi Kymber. Thank you for serving. It's an honor to correspond with a fellow veteran.


  4. thank you my friend for your service. And thank you for making this post about James Doohan. I did not know that until just now when I read it.

  5. I never knew that, about "Scotty" but somehow I am not surprised.

    Strange, isn't it, how military service marks a person's life, and how often they think back on it decades later. I think it gives all of us a common link, those that had that experience.

  6. Wow!

    Oh and Kymber~I haven't been on the computer much but I want you to know that I love my northern bff ever so much! Thank you for your service~you are very much appreciated!

    Huggles from NM Spicy!