Thursday, April 30, 2015

ducks, ducks and a jaeger (not meister)!

remember in january when we had a lone duck in the yard? well - he came back! and he brought his wife!

these are mallards.

the male has a beautiful green head and red legs. they were having a field day munching on grain and bugs out in the yard the day before yesterday.

and then today - woohoo - more ducks!

these are known as american black ducks. they also had a field day eating bugs! i sure hope that one of the sets of ducks decides to make our pond their home. i love ducks! plus, they are great for getting eggs from. and if you are in a real pinch - wild duck is delicious!

this is bird week around here - check out this gorgeous, long-haired jaeger that jambaloney took a pic of at work this week.

he was having a field day mowing down on bait intended for crab traps! this kind of bird is an arctic species and is not afraid of humans at all. especially when the bait tubs are sitting out on the dock getting ready to be loaded into the crab boats. he's one smart little jaeger!

can't do a post without some food right?

that's delicious korean bulgogi, sticky rice, stir-fried veg, pickled ginger and some orange slices - yummeh!

here is our favourite way to eat pasta. i use home-canned tomatoes, some feta, parmesan, green onion and red chili pepper flakes. simple but delicious!

jam is working from home all weekend and i hope to be able to plant some stuff in the greenhouse. it has been gray for the entire month of april and if i don't see some sun soon, i'm gonna lost my mind!!! i hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, ducks!! We still only have the one left - he definitely needs a mate. Lucky you if they settle in your pond... :)

  2. I understand about needing sunshine, Kymber. I will try to send some your way.....


  3. Sweet Kymber,

    I love ducks too!! We used to have several when we lived in Spain. Raised them from chicks, made a house for them, and a clean water pool with rocks and the works. They loved it, then after 3 years we moved back to the U.S. We took our ducks to the city park and let them free. There were other ducks there, and everyone got along. We even trained the ducks to be security ducks. They would scream when someone was entering the property, chase those who shouldn't be around. I know when we buy property were going to invest in more ducks, on top of other critters.

    If I were a jaeger and I saw all this bait, I wouldn't move either. It's free food as far as I'm concerned, Bahahahahahaha!!!!

    I know Jam will be feed well with all that delicious looking food you make.

    Sending hugs and love to you both.
    Your Friend,

  4. Those sure are some lovely looking photos, but now I'm getting hungry again by looking at those two dishes, for they don't only look delicious, but they're so colorful as well.

  5. I love ducks. We have 1 lone small duck that lives in our pond. I need to get a pic of him/her when I have my larger camera w/me. Food looks good, as always.

  6. Every thing is just ducky !! I am a duck, as is my father, Mom is not, my brother is not. Can you guess why??

  7. I used to eat a lot of duck back in the day when I duck hunted. Used to be my favorite past time. I like birds in general though all kinds. Most are useful (except for starlings) so having them around the place is always nice. We used to get a pair of Mallards that would settle on the pond every Summer but then the dam kinda cracked and now it doesn't hold water all year long.

    I need to fix that. Damn another project to add to my list and it's all your fault.


  8. I would love to have ducks if I could, mostly for eggs. I may try to push the envelope here sometimes to see if I can do it.

    Your bulgogi looks awesome. We really just started eating it recently (1-2 years ago) and really like it.

  9. Glad to see life returning to the Manor. I thought you were about to throw in the towel and head south where we have SUN!

  10. Picture for Kymber up now. The beef looks yummy

  11. I know you love birds and animals, so I'm glad the ducks are setting up around your place. There are geese that live on a lake where my kids have their apartment. The Geese had a nest right near their porch. Then racoons started coming trying to get the eggs but the geese are pretty rough customers and ran them off. They have hatched out now and my daughter enjoys watching the goslings swim in the lake and wander through the grass looking for bugs.

    If I lived up where you do I would enjoy going down to the docks, and watching the fishing boats. I used to do that when I lived in Emerald Isle in North Carolina. There was a town called Beaufort just down the coast that had lots of shrimp boats. At night I'd see their lights out at sea and think that it must be a scary job, working in a small boat at night on the ocean.