Wednesday, April 1, 2015

i'm definitely an april fool!

yesterday we got 10 more cms of snow. oh man. it is so pretty but i am sick of looking at snow!

here's a happy little guy enjoying hanging out under the bird feeder and collecting his rewards. (we think we have about 5 squirrels - one mamma and some babies. and yes, to PioneerPreppy's horror they overwinter in our basement, walls and one of our attics - the one we don't use.) this little guy and his family are very good at getting bird seed from under our bird feeders. waste not - want not people.

if my buddy Rob, being that he's quite a sarcastic guy, had have told me that we were going to still have snow in april - i would think he was pulling my leg. it's not just a little snow - we have a ton of snow! arghghghghggh!

this is how i currently feel:

and that is exactly what i am going to do tomorrow after i send the man off to work. he was at work all day today and he'll be back tomorrow. he's been working his butt off this winter and i really hope that they truly appreciate the skills and knowledge that he brings to this local company. he worked for our biggest government department back in ottawa and his kung-fu skills are mad. so i always try to feed him well:

that's a romaine and spinach salad with green and black olives, hearts of palm and artichoke hearts with my standard dressing (EVOO, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, apple cider vinegar with the mother, fresh lemon and sea salt and fresh cracked peppercorns). with homemade hot pickles (from our garden) on the side.

here's some delicious bass, caught last fall and properly vaccuum-sealed as soon as it came home with a bunch of raosted veg (the potatoes are ours from the garden), some kalamata olives and some orange slices.

my man caught that fish and he is the potatoe man around here. i used to be in charge of the potatoes back in the city but he and the potatoe plants have a real chemistry here. because of his extensive background in the IT field, he is the one who came up with the very technical way of saving potatoes from harvest in november to still eating those potatoes in april. he harvests the potatoes, puts them in a box and then puts a towel over them. and stores them in the basement. he's and IT wizard he is!!!!

kids...i am ready to lose my nut. we have never had snow on the ground this late in the year. i need to get out and walk through the mud with bare feet! i need to put my hands in the dirt! i need to start our seeds. i NEEEEED spring!

oh well. come heck or high water - tomorrow i will be saying:


  1. Poor you. I would be going stir crazy too. I hope it melts soon.
    Love that you have a family of squirrels. I do not see many here.

  2. Me too! Was nice today but I am sick. Tried going outside after work, managed a half hour and I'm'on the couch w tea. It was twenty degrees last night...sigh

  3. Come on down south for a few weeks. You will soon be behind in your Northern gardening duties in no time but will have helped us & gotten a sunburn in the process. Sorry, no hot tub to help out w/sore muscles but one can dream right?

  4. Aw. Hope your snow- and frustration- melt away soon! Already finding tics & snakes in the house, here, so am personally over the initial thrill of spring's arrival :D.

  5. Squirrels have to live too. Before I had my ferrets sometimes squirrels would get in our ceiling but now they never come in the house. It's warm and nice here tonight. Don't go out in the snow and get sick. J is depending on you for those wonderful meals.

  6. I believe it was Stephen who headed up the anti-squirrel crusade, but I support his efforts so..... THEY ARE VERMIN... and should be eliminated :)

    I actually have no problem with squirrels because they never make it up out of the trees to the house and barn area. The one good thing about being surrounded by 1/2 mile or more of open hay, corn, soybean and pasturage. I occasionally see one down in my sad little woodlot though.

    Sow here's your duck? Did he never come back?

    I am sure your snow will be gone soon. I am going to have to mostly garden vicariously through you and a couple others this year though so get started. I picked up 20 pounds of Buckwheat seeds today to use on my garden. Too many top priority projects to put in 70+ Tomatoes and all the rest this year. I will limit myself to maybe 15 I think.

  7. Snow again? Are you going into an ice age up there? But, tell you what, if it will help I'll stop at the beach tomorrow and scoop up a big jar of warm white beach sand and mail it to you. You and Jam can spread it on the living room floor, turn on some sun lamps and lie down on the sand and see what I have to live with :-)

  8. Good heavens, will it ever go away? I think Spring has finally sprung for us, which means we will move into summer in about two weeks.

  9. your stuck with winter, no spring or summer for you. NO JOKE We set a new record high today like 80, and we have t-storms right now..NO JOKE

    1. oh ps....
      Record Report
      Statement as of 7:35 PM CDT on April 01, 2015

      ... Record high temperature set at Minneapolis/St Paul MN...

      A record high temperature of 84 degrees was set at the Twin Cities MN international Airport this afternoon.

      This breaks the old 133 year old record of 82... set April 01 1882.

  10. Spring got warm enough yesterday I shaved my beard. I'll send some of the extra spring up your way!

  11. Deep breaths. The melt will come! Get out in the greenhouse or start your seedlings indoors. You'll feel better once you get your hands in the dirt.

    We are melting fast here now, and may see grass by May!

  12. Sweet Kymber,

    Come down this way girl, spring is can help me play in the soil.

    Please tell me that was an April Fool's joke about getting 10 more cms of snow.

    Your snow should be melting off soon enough, then you'll be outside planting and swimming naked. Hang in there sweetie, if I could get rid of your snow I would. If I could send up spring from here I would. It shouldn't be much long before it melts away.

    Your Jambaloney works really hard and is dedicated to his job and homestead just like Bulldog Man. We both have wonderful guys they must be brothers from different mothers :P

    Keep your chin up, your weather will change my friend.
    Sending hugs and love to both of you.
    Your Friend,
    Brat Angel.

  13. Oh bless you, I'm sending you some warm thoughts. In a few months you'll be sunning yourselves and the snow will be a distant memory!

  14. Sorry, It looks like you ended up with our winter this year. All our snow is gone and dad is pestering me to borrow mom's tiller so that he can use it in his garden a couple times to stifle the weeds before he plants.

  15. Hey My Gurlie!

    The snow will be gone one day..I PROMISE. unless of course we are starting in to a new ice age..then I think we are all screwed.

    I played the best April Fools Joke on the boys...this week they have been on a break from on April Fools day I told them that yesterday was going to be a snow make up day..well, I had them believing this since Wednesday...yesterday morning at 6am sharp, I woke them up, they got dressed, and when they sat down for breakfast...i handed them their plates with a note that said "APRIL FOOLS"

    I know I am a mean mother..but the little buggers,on April Fools day smothered ketchup on their arms and came down to the garden and told me they had cut themselves and needed to go to the doctor....they deserved some payback...

    much love to you and Jam