Wednesday, April 8, 2015


well...there is still a ton of snow on the ground but with enough bright days like today - it should soon go away. not too soon in my mind!

today i planted almost 100 tiny seeds - woohoo! this is my little plastic greenhouse which is in the house, in front of our other kitchen door (that we don't use!). you can't really see the contraption that jam built but there are 2 fluorescent lights on each side.

the styrofoam cups and plastic trays have been in use for the past 4 years - reduce, re-use and recycle. we are also going to make some soil blockers in addition to using the cups.

today i planted 8 different kinds of peppers, 9 different kinds of tomatoes and 12 different kinds of brassicas. the brassicas (cabbage, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts and a bunch of others) will be moved to the outdoor greenhouse in a week and a bit. next week i will direct sew a bunch of herbs, lettuces and spinaches in pots in the greenhouse. i am so happy to finally be planting. hopefully by the end of april, the snow will all be melted and the ground workable so that i can direct sew a bunch of stuff in the ground.

here's some more yummy miso soup with nori, celery and shrimp.

jam has been on a miso soup kick - usually it's we have been having it quite regularly. i just change up the ingredients to keep it interesting.

he's also been going haywire for japchae...and it is so delicious! plus, it makes a great lunch for him to take into work. he's been going in to work several days a week now.

the first crab boat came in yesterday and all of our friends from framboise and fourchu who work on unloading the boats did their orientation yesterday and then put that orientation to work unloading the first boat.

here's a pretty sunset from the other night - i think this is one of my faves!

we had our Easter dinner with our fourchu family last friday afternoon. we go there every easter and every christmas and we always have a wonderful time - they always make us feel like family and feed us well! and they always send us home with a pile of food! we had a really good time and our friend b said "it wouldn't feel like a proper holiday if you guys weren't here. you're family". isn't that a wonderful thing to be told?

and here is a pic of fourchu harbour from last april. i think it is a pretty pic!

well, it's only 2:20pm but jam and i feel that we have put in a good day's work! he washed a bunch of cat plates (10 million to be exact!) and a bunch of pots. i planted all of the seeds. he did some work in the greenhouse and i made sandwiches for lunch. now he is working on his application for LobstersRUs and i am writing this post. soon i'll go start supper - he wants veg stirfy (just plain with EVOO, garlic and ginger) with rice and what he wants he gets!

i finally feel that this year's garden is on it's way. it's been a long winter! i hope you all are enjoying your week!


  1. We don't even have a garden this year because of the building of the house and the time it takes. We needed to eat up all of what we stored up last year anyway.
    Looks good up there.

  2. here was 30c today and dust like sand storm. I miss clear air. you are living in an amazing place:)

  3. here was 30c today and dust like sand storm. I miss clear air. you are living in an amazing place:)

  4. it feels wonderful to plant something~! I have 6 different types of tomatoes and 4 types of peppers, basil and some zinnias coming up in the house now. My tomatoes are getting their first real set of leaves. I got so excited I went out and put rabbit poop in one of my beds, and spread out my compost. I cannot wait!!

  5. The only bad thing about spring is that it means mowing the lawn! lol

  6. Ahh good to know you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

  7. You have done well. Hope you can plant out soon. I have not even started.

  8. You guys will be swimming nekkid in the river soon! Glad you got some (a LOT!) planted.

  9. Only thing growing around here right now is weeds. Too damned wet to even walk on actual soil it's so sponge-like.

    10 million cat-plates to be exact eh?

  10. Sweet Kymber,

    I'm so happy for you because I know you were biting at the bit to start planting your garden seeds. I just love those little greenhouses, my greenhouse is in my house as well packed to the rim with seedlings. This weekend I may move my tomatoes outside. Bulldog Man has promised to make wind breaks and attach them to my garden boxes to protect the tomato plants from the wind. He'll use some of that recycle wood we have stashed against the house.
    Miso soup is one of our favorites too!!! I love it with fresh mushrooms and green onions. Your Easter sounds like it was very enjoyable with friends (aka family). Ours was nice and quiet, and that's what wanted.
    Sweetie, I love the picture you put up on this post of fourchu harbour. It's gorgeous, I made the picture larger on the computer to see everything. This picture is one you should hang on your wall in your home.
    Have a wonderful weekend, sending hugs and love to you both.
    Your Friend,

  11. No summer for you. Winter all year...Bahahaha. You two need a hobby, all this sitting around will make you fat and soft....snicking

  12. I should not read your blog. I am very hungry afterwards every time - and this time I just ate breakfast.

    Very nice on the seeds. I am hoping that I can get mine in on Saturday before spring passes us by and we move into summer.

    Lhiats, TB

  13. Well, you two are not letting the odd weather impact you much, seems like you keep getting things done no matter what it throws at you.

  14. Wishing you quick germination on all your seeds x

  15. Do you guys have ramps and fiddleheads up there? Any recipes?

  16. It's great feeling when you get those first seeds planted isn't it. When do you have your last frost up there? We can have them as late as the second week in june here.