Saturday, April 25, 2015

finally - a nice spring day!

finally - a nice spring day!

and get ready for it kids - up next is the most beautiful thing on the planet!

the dishwasher is back on the porch! high fives all around!!! i am sooooo happy it is out of the basement and back on the porch - woohoo!

on a nice spring day, you want a good breakfast to get you going! poached eggs and chips made from our own potatoes really fill that bill!!!

we've been eating our own potatoes since august. that's 8 months of eating potatoes from our own land - woohoo! and we have tons of seed potatoes ready to be planted at the end of the month.

this next one ain't pretty but it was delicious!

homemade sushi. we've finally decided after several attempts at making sushi that it's actually easier to just make sushi salad.

here's some teryaki chicken legs with sticky rice and a stirfry.

want a great evening snack? more chips - a whole plate load of them cooked to perfection!

here's a big everything-but-the-kitchen-sink salad that we always like to have on hand. it's filling and great for grazing throughout the day!

4 kinds of peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, olives, feta, apple, pear, quinoa, cucumber, chia seeds and flax seeds. 2 small spoons for me and 4 big spoons for jam mid-afternoon gives you a real punch. and with the natural antibiotic dressing - deevine!

here's some bulgogi marinating for tomorrow's supper!

the stuff smells so good i want to eat it raw! soya sauce, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, honey, toasted sesame seeds, a ton of ginger and garlic and shredded pear - yummeh!

jam pruned our apple trees. they look pretty good!

we're finally at a place where we can finish our rock garden around the trees. we also plan to make walkways and paths all around the yard  using rocks from our land. jam splits the big rocks using the tools below.

he's really good at splitting rocks!

and soon we'll be making the front yard as pretty as can be! here is jam out pulling up sheets of fallen birdseed.

once it's all pulled up and levelled, we'll put down landscape cloth and rocks. it's going to be beautiful!

well i'm off to prep the veg for aloo gobi - it's for tonight's supper and jam loves it! i hope you all are having a fantastic weekend! i'll be popping by your blogs in a bit and later this eve!

oh i forgot to mention - woohoo - the last season of SAMCRO is on netflix starting today! we're having a SAMCRO marathon with popcorn and hottub dips in between each show. we're going for broke and seeing how many shows we can watch in a row! it's gonna be awesome!


  1. Maybe jambaloney should practice some stone masonry. You can build some beautiful things with rocks, mortar and sweat.

  2. Ha I just ate lunch so this time I'm not hungry. its warming up again here. last night I had a dream of 80 degree days, sunshine, etc., in this dream i woke up to a massive blizzard and snow up to our windows. When I was fully awake I looked out side and was relived it was a dream.

    looks like you guys are busy as always. hugs to you both....

  3. Man that rock work is kewl. Someday I want to build rock walls around the Small-Hold. I love stone masonry. Only thing I see that might be a problem from your pics are those ugly black round eye sore things. Maybe you can build rock covers around them?

  4. Congratulations on beautiful sunny days! A dishwasher? I didn't know people still used those things.......just kidding. We have two dishwashers. We even named them. One is Frank and the other is Fern. Thanks for the tour.


  5. Kymber, Have no idea what Samcro is but your food looks and sounds delicious as always. So glad Spring is finally in yiur neck of the woods!

  6. That food always looks so good. And yay for you Spring is (almost) there for you. 8 months of potatoes? Man that's a lot of potatoes. And I looooove potatoes. Maybe someday we can have that many.

    And to echo DFW, I didn't know what SAMCRO was. I had to google it...Sons of Anarchy!! (in case others are wondering, ha).

    Much love to you both!

  7. Sweet Kymber,

    Is SAMCRO a Canadian series?? Please fill us in on this program.
    Thank God the snow has melted and spring is there........I know you've been antsy to get your seed potatoes along with your other vegetables.

    Now I'm going to have to walk to my refrigerator and feed myself, yep............I looked at every dish on this post and I'm drooling and am I suppose to lose weight when you make this delicious looking meals?????

    Beautiful rock work Jambaloney, you're a jack of all trades my friend :-) Hey we went fishing this morning, not one bite. We seen all kinds of fish but they just didn't want anyone's hook. Maybe next time :-)

    Sending love to you both,

  8. I agree the stone work is impressive, but that "everything but" salad looks beyond awesome, and I cant wait to try it. Some apple cider vinaigrette dressing?
    Have fun with the movie Marathon!

  9. Oh man, Sons of Anarchy, or SAMCRO, loved that show, you will have NO problem binge watching, none at all!!
    Today I am going to plant some potatoes yippy!!
    I have a few onions popping up and some peas too. This spring is coming on so slowly!
    I wish I had some of those rocks, I love rock structures!
    Hello to your handsome jamby

  10. I like that you're using your own resources as much as possible. Really makes sense splitting the rocks, I could do with some of that over here. Your food always looks so good!

  11. All of your food is making me so hungry, and there's been times my wife and I have gone to a sushi restaurant where I've had raw salmon sushi with wasabi paste to dip my sushi in, oh how I love this.

  12. I so want to come around yours for my tea, you always cook the most amazing food, Hope the sun keeps shining for you!

  13. I should not come here when I am hungry - I always go away hungry, it looks so good. Congratulations on finding Spring! - we have almost already moved into summer.

  14. I agree, your food always looks delicious. As an idea, you could always make sushi handrolls. Super easy and just as tasty. They charge plenty for these at sushi restaurants. Also, if you make your rolls with the Nori on the outside, you can just serve them as sushi logs (like burritos) without slicing them. We do this all the time at home although hubby has serious kim bop skills (grew up making it in his mom's Korean restaurant), our youngsters rarely want to wait for pretty sushi slices.