Friday, July 18, 2014

and he's off - 2014!

the morning started misty and foggy...

which really fit my mood as jambaloney was leaving this morning to go to ottawa to attend the AGM, with his Mom, for a fishing camp that she owns. he goes every year to attend with her. and also to visit her, his step-dad, dad, sister and brothers. there he is waving goodbye.

even as he was driving down the driveway the fog and mist had started to clear.

i, of course, followed him down the driveway for a last hug and kiss. i know PioneerPreppy is gonna make fun of me. i don't care. i missed jambaloney as soon a i couldn't see the truck any longer. i told jambaloney that after he left i was coming back in the house and drinking a whole bottle of wine and crying. i was trying to make a joke but he was upset that i was upset about his leaving. he gets as upset about leaving as i do and he has to spend the rest of the day: first in our little city on the island, then on a tiny plane to halifax on the mainland, then hang out in an airport until his next flight to ottawa. he's crammed a lot of stuff into his 4 days there and he is going to be tired! i hope he has a lot of fun out with a buddy of his tonight (insert Pioneer Preppy joke about Windsor, strippers and where jambaloney really will be).

of course, not 5 minutes after he left the day became this:

an absolute perfect river day and we have only had one so far! arghghghghg! so i put on my happiest sad face and went to look for things to make me happy - like little tiny roses: they make me happy!

and a big patch of heal-all. that's what we call it up here. some people call it self-heal.

if you would like to know more about the amazing health benefits of heal-all....which kind of already explains itself, no? then go here. or you can do some google searches for it - there are many great herbal websites out there. i will pluck the flowers in a few days, cook up some fresh flowers for salve and dry some for tea. we have big patches of it growing all over our land. it is a wonderful herb and can be eaten fresh in salads as well! that makes me happy!

here's my big beautiful rose bush:

i will take the freshest flowers and make rosewater, as well as rose lemonade. i will dry a ton of the flowers to put in epsom salts to make gifts for friends. that makes me happy!

oh look - a couple of squash blossoms growing in the compost pile:

you know that makes me happy!

potatoe flowers - woohoo - i think i am happy!

"tadpole, tadpole...all named frog" ALWAYS makes me happy! (h/t to Pioneer Preppy, the wiener!)

did you guys know that i grow the tallest, recorded red clover in North America?

i think it might like the discarded wire or something!

i also grow the tallest nappa cabbage flowers - don't believe me? have a gander:

flowers from a bolted cabbage means seeds for next year baby and you know THAT makes me happy!

there is no one on the planet who can look at a baby tomatoe and not get happy!

if not, yer some kind of weird ogre and should be living under a bridge somewhere!

zucchini flowers - woohoo!

sunflower, good morning!

check out these beautifully-coloured pea flowers!

the peas are doing fantastic this year - we already have a few - woohoo - happy!

 kids - look very closely in the centre of the picture below:

that is a little, baby broccoli head starting to form and i have never grown a broccoli in my life! happy!

the cobra tomatoes in pots in the greenhouse are all doing well despite the aphids wiping out all of my peppers:

little tomaties. happy!

i am trying to be happy because there is so much to be happy about and for. i am just gonna miss that man something fierce for the next 5 days - he gets back tuesday evening.  and i just somehow have to keep myself occupied until then. so please friends, do lots of posts on your blogs so i can at least kill a few hours a day reading them. thank you.


  1. Don't worry be happy...:) :) :) you have a beautiful garden, I wish I had started one. One of the farms near us is selling veggies already. We will have to hit them up. See my post about the MN Grapes they took a hit this year. I have seen wheat fields almost ready to harvest, and some corn just breaking out of the ground, to some that we should see ears soon.

    My son was told corn harvest starts mid Aug. then he will work 12 hr days, 6 days a week for two months. After corn its pumpkin time. We have seen a few fields of pumpkin growing, no melons yet.

    Remember don't worry, be happy.....Before you know it he will be back home safe and sound.

    1. Rob, buddy - thanks for always being there when i need some cheering up - i appreciate your friendship very much! and yes - hit those farms and get yourself some good, local, seasonal food - nothing better for little Sammy and for the rest of your family! i saw your post about the grapes and my heart goes out to the farmers - grapes are very touchy and the least little thing can set the vines back for years! i am happy to hear that your son will be working with the land - but man - it is tough work for 2 months and then he is going to do pumpkin harvesting too? ugh. seasonal work is hard, hard, work! thanks buddy, i know he will be back's just hard being here alone when he is off with PP and the tractor girls in toronto - bahahahahah! much love, always, to you and yours Rob! xoxoxo

  2. kymberz,
    Your land is so beautiful. I just love all the different things you have growing there. It's always a surprise to see something new just about every time.
    Just keep yourself busy over the next few days and they will fly by. It looks like you have all sorts things to keep you occupied.
    I'm sorry to hear about your peppers. And after you kept them alive all winter long too. But boy are you going to have a bunch of tomatoes soon! I don't think our tomatoes are going to be nearly as prolific as they were last year. I'm just hoping for enough to make my salsa and our "Ro-tel's". Anything beyond that is a bonus!
    Double Hugs to you (I'm giving you jambz's this time around)

    1. SciGurl - i feel the same about your land! i love seeing other people's land and gardens and learning from them! i am trying to keep myself busy - but arghghghghgh! i hate him being gone. i just do! but yes, there's lots to keep me busy with chores and then there are the 200 million blackflies and deerflies that need blood! i feel like i am giving blood to the United Way everytime i step outside - bahahahah! yep, Gurl, the peppers are a gonner for this year. i am glad that we froze so many last year so i can still make jam his hot sauce but it looks like we are gonna have to buy local peppers to make salsa and sauce this year. the tomaties are all doing spectacular and i am hoping for a glut. i am sure that you will be able to get enough for your salsa and sauces! thanks for the hugs - i really appreciate them! much love to you and Mars, always! xoxoxo

  3. Hey 4 days is nothing! My partner sometimes goes for 2 weeks! And my younger daughter has just left for a week in Ireland with her friend. Make the most of time alone, and he'll be back before you know it!

    1. listen Joey - yer cool and i am not! i hate it when he leaves to go to the basement to get another bottle of water for the water cooler - bahahahahha! no, i really do! i spent my entire adult life alone waiting for the perfect one and waited a long time...and then finally found him! and i want him to go and visit his family but i hate being away from him! he is the love of my life and i want him by my side always. i know that you know what i mean. much love to you buddy and all of yours! xoxoxo

  4. It looks as if you have plenty to keep your busy until the prodigal Jam returns ! I understand your missing him. It's simply that someone we love being away is a reminder of how dependent we become on those we love and how fragile life can be. This is why we must enjoy each day, and I know that both of you, do.
    Hoping the time will pass quickly,

    1. sweet Jane - you know i have tons to keep me busy but i just don't care about all of that - i just miss him like a big, sucky, whiney baby! and i know that you feel that feeling so much stronger than me - i can't even imagine how much you miss your darling D. and i so respect your strength. thank you for acknowledging my stupid little feelings when you are missing so much more. thank you Jane. much love to you and yours...but mostly to you. xoxoxoxo

  5. We decided to go to Toronto this year not Windsor. We thought you might be catching on to our ploy so we moved the venue. Besides some of the good places in Windsor have closed down.

    Don't worry though I will keep you updated. I think we are starting at the Eager Beaver club supposedly they just got a new shipment of Asians in then perhaps the Kitty Kat club for a bit of Eastern European after that. :)

    1. ya, ya wiener - i already knew about the whole toronto thing. so whateva, ya wiener!

      but man - your post is awesome! so awesome that i am linking to it here:

      and have linked to it in my latest post.

      my goodness, you are soooo much like a younger brother that it is maddening. still, i love ya bro. ya wiener! xoxoxo

  6. Kymber, I think everybody needs some time alone, even in the most loving relationship. And, it's only for a few days. When I was in the Marines I went out for six months at a time, and before I got married I was on Okinawa for 13 months, where you couldn't take your wife! So I was lucky I didn't have to leave one behind for that long.

    I know you will be ok. I have to go back and read this really good news article now. It is about how Sasquatch sneaks up on houses in rural Canada and carries off the women while their husbands are gone to conferences...........

    1. Harry, I heard about that Sasquatch or was it some zombie that got sick from river trout and lobster?? Anyway I'm glad I live in MN. Watch out when your out in the hot tub.

    2. Harry - i agree and disagree at the same time! jam loves to go fishing in his canoe by himself and that gives him his "own time". i like to lay out and suntan and read a good book while he is off doing whatever he is doing - and that is my alone time. we both know each other so well that sometimes one of us will say to the other - do you mind if i go have some alone time? we met as adults who had lived their adult lives alone - he was 35 and i was 30. so we already knew the concept of alone time. but him off fishing in the river where i know i can go and find him if i need him - and him being 1,000 miles away - arghghghghgh! it kills me! i want him here! i miss him! i am a big, whiney baby but i have spent enough time alone! i want him with me for the rest of my life.

      oh and Harry, one of my dearest friends, thanks for scaring the living beejeezuz out of me and jam isn't home until tuesday evening. and now i am on the look-out for Sasquatches. i think i found them. they are called blackflies and deerflies up here.

      much love buddy, to you and yours always. xoxxoxo

    3. Rob, if the both of us were friends on facebook - i would de-friend you for that comment - bahahahahah!

  7. Sweet Kymber,

    First I'm sending hugs ((((KYMBER)))), and second.......I've sent you a little something to put a smile on your face and a giggle in your heart. Keep an eye on your mail, I sent it out on the 15th and don't know how long it will take.........................................
    and there also a little something in the box for Jam.
    I can see from the pictures, your place is full of miracles happening. The roses are gorgeous, and then the surprise of the heal-all. And then we can't leave out all the wonderful things happening in your garden beds. MINUS THOSE DARN APHIDS!!!!! I believe everyone wants to kill off those babies, they just won't leave anyone alone.
    The weather has turned out to be gorgeous up there right now.
    I know you will keep yourself busy with gardening and things around the homestead to make time pass. I wish I lived closer so we could find something neat to do and get into trouble:-)
    I'm a phone call away :-)
    Sending love and hugs to you.......and Jam (when he returns home)
    Your Friend,
    P.S. keep you fingers cross the weather stays nice.....were going fishing early in the morning.

  8. At least you can let go. Some people can't (or won't).

  9. You grown surprise broccoli? I grow 1 nettle, yes 1.. Ha!
    I am going to think about being happy about that;)

  10. I love the shot of the mist, what a beautiful place you guys have. I will have to post pics of my garden, it's doing great, except the peppers!
    Think of how exciting it will be to see each other again, that makes time apart fun. What is AGM?
    Just keep posting when you get bored, we all enjoy reading your posts!
    Hugs to you!!

  11. Thanks for the pictures, I like seeing how the garden is growing. I especially like the sunflower pic. It has been many years since I seen one, they are a happy looking plant and next year I will plant some. I think I have a good place for them.
    While Jam is on vacation what are you planning on cooking for us to envy over.

  12. Nice looking garden, I am starting to like container growing as it seems to cut down on weed and varmint problems.

  13. I've never heard anyone bawk so loud.