Saturday, May 31, 2014

title would be too long... buncho stuff ??

jambaloney here!

okay - been a while since i posted - yes i do rely on kymber to hold down the fort ;-)

so lots of mishmash in this post.... but lotsa junque too!

like this old trailer our friend d gave us. i took the rotten plywood off in march (these pics) - it needs work!

especially where the braces at back part of the springs are located - they are rotting...


the front parts are fine - now i am NOT going to go nuts fixing this but the tires hold air so i want it for the atv - project  asap..  i thought about replacing the braces ..

but i have these pieces of HARD wood from trimming the kitchen chairs years ago

so why not just prevent a collapse? measure...


and insert!!!

this pic should show you  better - the other side is okay, but all that rotten iron is now buffeted against collapse - replacing the brace would have taken hours and grinding and new nuts and and and... screw it - this will work - took 15 mins!

 whoops - need a bed - how about junque plywood??

and  a couple of extra boards - well that was march, then it snowed and that project was put on hold ;_))))

the other day -  what is THIS for...... ?

 to fix the old garden cart i painted to save - the inner tubes were shot - yes a new cart is not that expensive, but sometimes the principal is the thing..

especially because for some odd reason, somebody threw  out a fake ammo box that replaces the sides!!!


and all i have to do is lift it off and there is a flatbed - woot! friend p gave me these flange gloves...

so i could go into the brush on the driveway...

and gather up last year's weed leftovers (including some comfry)

i read this on the interwebs - poor man's mulcher - put it in a garbage can/bucket ..

and stuff in your weedwacker and then grind 'e down

and voila - mulch!! not the best instructions, but the procedure should be straightforward... i got a new corded b and d weedwacker @ 1/2 price the other day - it was worth it!!!

so next morning - i am going fishing!!! k is still asleep - for some odd reason she is impervious to cats screaming "feed me!!! feed me!!" at the bottom of the bed in the AM!!! it is definitely late may  - this is the sun @ 6: 45 AM!!!

however - "where the sun don't shine" there is frost  - may 29... ya gotta be aware...

river is bright!!!

and you cans see mist off the shade spots...

sad/frustrating story - i bought this old DAM microlite reel off ebay and restored it to near-mint. i had read about people using older reels due to certain limitation in the construction of newer reels.. this reel has a brass worm drive and lotsa great sounding stuff - BUT... the line roller is sticky..

my trusty standby is a shimano sahar 100 i bought 15 years ago ... after  few casts - no contest - the shimano was 10 times better!!!  i remember using mitchell 300s when i was a kid - they were good then- the DAMs were better- but now??

so - spend 50 bux on a modern reel ...

on the other hand, graphite rods on the other will last forever if you keep them dry - most of mine are 15-20 years old - my berkley lightning rod i bought in 1988 - it is as good as the day i bought it!

 anyway - nice day!

no wind..

1st trout....

outta 4!

later yesterday - i finished the trailer... with all scrap wood..

here it is all finished.

so.... what do you do with a finished trailer?? what else, put a girl/your wife in it!!!!

20 mins after the above  pic was taken, we got called to a brush fire, our fire boots got christened...

k's heels took a real beating - she slammed the boots on w/o socks.. they are in really bad shape and she will not be able to wear anything but flipflops for weeks! we took pics but her heels look so bad that i decided not include the pics.

so sorry about the last but hey - we prevented a forest fire with our community - they rock!!

okay - here are some flowers!!



  1. Daffodils are my very favourite flower :)

    Good work on refitting the rusted / garden cart / sideless trailer. and for the weed wacking mulcher idea :)

    Man, the heels on those boots could do some serious harm.... bwahahahaha

    1. do you have daffodils where you are at?

      thank dani - i try to "get 'er done" so to speak ;-)

      hope you are well!!!

  2. kymber - are your blisters broken? If so, cover with a dab of antibiotic cream (feet easily pick up infections) and put a plaster on top. If not, try aloe vera to sooth the blister. Or ice.

    Or just let jambaloney run round after you until you feel better LOL

  3. Replies
    1. hey gorges!!

      i guess you need glasses ;-))

      thanks my friend and cheers!

  4. I think that trailer got torn up when she got on it with those boots the other day!

    1. never though of that!

      i am going to have to get a critter cam set up to keep an eye on her!


  5. You should start a recurring post called Trailer Girls since kymber is so jealous of the Tractor Girls.

    Oh ya and before Sandy gets here...

    All U's Troutses R Belongs 2 Me.

    1. buddy - that's YOUR job - LOL!

      you can have 1/2 the trout, sandy gets the other half!!!

  6. Are you sure Red Green isn't in your family tree?

    1. my grandfather was the red green prototype and my step-dad ted v2!! trust me - i have taught how to make stuff outta junk my whole life,,, it is learning how to make stuff outta new material that is hard ;-))


      cheers ed!

  7. Jambaloney,

    You're so talented making all these wonderful things for your Sweet Kymber.

    FISH!!!!! Trout, great catch my friend. We pulled in 4 bass today, had to return 2.....they were to small.

    PP.......leave them trout alone, they belong to Kymber and Jambaloney. And don't even think about taking my bass.

    Don't work to hard on the homestead, take care.
    Sending hugs and love to you and Kymber.

    1. Are you saying I can't covet your Bass Sandy?

    2. Sweet sandy!

      you are too kind, i wouldn't exactly think of these as "wonderful things" for kymber ;-))

      glad you got some nice, i keep the small trout - they are all pretty small here! the pic has 8-10 inch fish - but they are delish and you and pp get half each as always!

      we will try no to work to hard - you too!

      love and hugs back to you!!!

  8. Great job Jam. Please be careful with your blisters on the feet. I ended up in the ER and was admitted two weeks ago due to a bad infection. plus 3 days without any internet. My blister popped I thought it healed, but it didn't.

    1. Thanks rob - hope you are feeling better now! kkymber's heels are doing better!


  9. Great Job ! Please take extra good care of those blisters !
    Love to you both,

    1. Thanks jane - don't you work too hard!

      love to you from both of us!

  10. I liked that ammo box. The trailer will be really useful and you refurbished it at little cost. I wish I had your "fix it" skills.

    If I lived there, I'd be down at the beach at sunrise every morning. There's something very tranquil and soothing about water, and a cup of coffee, a beach and sunrise are the perfect combination.

    I'm sorry Kymbers feet got messed up. She's got you to take care of her though, so she'll get well soon. Tell her I said Hi.

    1. hey harry!

      it isn't a real ammo box, but it looks the part ;-)) my fix-it skills are not that hard - just ease up on the "looks department" !!!

      the only hassle with teh river is it is a 1/4 mile walk - you would have to put your coffee in a mug..

      and the blackfiles are in full force now which makes it uncomfortable - on the water they disappear so i will take you for a canoe ride next post!

      kymber's feet are doing better - she sez hi back.


  11. I'll trade you some bunny's for some of your trout. We are over run with bunny's, and they are sneaking into our garden. Love your trailer. Are you going to paint it? Or leave it as is?
    Also, maybe a bike of some kind to get to and from the river. I can't wait to get out and do some fishing. But need to wait for the spring run off to go down just a bit. Got a few good looking places to drown a worm or two. Take care, and tell kymber to take care of them blisters.

  12. hey flier!

    missed you r comment - do you eat your bunnies? a friend here snares them - and they are pretty tasty!!!

    not gonna paint the trailer - it WILL rot out eventually - but i will use it until then and after that - make/buy something newer!

    what kind of trout do you fish for?

  13. An alternative to the poor mans mulcher is to run it over with a push power mower. Combined with the bag-catch, it works particularly well on leaves. The key is to angle the blade up to get over the top of the pile.

    1. Russel:

      i would do so if i had a lawnmower, but the ground here is so uneven that we didn't bother buying one - it would just get wrecked... some people have made homemade chippers by mounting an old lawnmower on a barrel and cutting a feed hole in both as a chute - i will try that if i can get an old mower..

      cheers buddy!