Wednesday, May 28, 2014

clearing up some confusion as to where our river is

hey kids....i have received a few comments and several emails with people wondering whether our river is in the front yard or the back hopefully this post will help with that.

first up though....look at this majestic early evening sky:

allrighty - so here is our front yard:

we are high up on a hill and that blue you see down below is called Strachan's Brook. it feeds into our river, the Framboise River. Strachan's Brook is about 250metres (about 1/5 of mile from our house).

this is a pic of our backyard. our river, The Framboise River is about 400metres (1/4 of a mile from our house).

here i used the zoom function on the camera.

so no matter if we are in the front yard, or the backyard, we can always look at crystal clear blue water. but we love our river...and own 200ft of waterfront on it. no matter, there's hardly any people that have land that extends to the river.

here's a google image that might help you better understand.


you can see our house, the waterfront and the blue dot thing points out Strachan's Brook and shows how it empties into our beautiful river.

i hope that helps with any confustion. if not, just ask in the comments.

anyway, jambaloney found these local sausages on for real cheap several months ago and bought a bunch of them. we just can't believe how tasty they are!?!?!!? not too spicey but just spicy enough. they are deelish!

 today was supposed to be sunny all day but the clouds didn't clear out until around noon. ever since noon, it has been gorgeous and sunny and we worked our butts off. jambaloney made me some more dirt for starting more seeds, wheedwhacked all around the backyard, the boneyard (his "junk" area) and made a nifty mulcher using the wheedwhacker and a garbage can - he'll have more on that later. kids - can you say "woohoo! MULCH!". i know that you can. i topped up all of my little brassicas - like 40 of them!!! started up big pots of wasabi arugala, gala mache, watercress and edible nasturtiums. filled up another 76 styrafoam cups full of awesome, sifted dirt and come tomorrow - i'll be planting a whole nuther pile of herbs, cucumbers, zuchhinis, cucumbers, squash and melons - wahooey!

and after a long day of work, i fed the man some deeeeelicious home-made loaded cheeseburgers!

one last pic of the awesome sky from last night. try not to pay attention to all of the junk collecting around vandura - bahahahahah!

we had a great day and we hope that you did too!


  1. I love Google Earth...I see i have revisited our homes out in Ca. and Fla. Oh i love to visit Disney World all the time. Yes I need a hobby.

    1. I am going to check out Disney on Google Earth...We like going over to Europe and Asia..the kids love it

  2. It's clear now! Thanks, it helps to understand how your home is situated so when you plant your garden and stuff we have a better picture of it.
    Looking at all those dead trees, I'm wondering if you heat with wood?

  3. I've had your house marked on my Google earth program for a year or two now just in case I ever make it up your way. I check it every once in awhile to see if Google has taken a clearer satellite picture so I can see details like the tire garden but they keep it pretty blurry. I figure Kymber worked for the Canadian military version of special ops and thus the reason for the blurry pic!

  4. Google earth had a really good picture of their place two years ago but it was removed for inappropriate content whatever that means. I figured Jamby ran out of weed wacker line and well you know :)

  5. Oh ay I checked my email kymber... My newest post mentions those ugly tires too.

  6. I love Google Earth. I saw your place awhile back. I typed in my parents address, when you go to the street level view, you can see my parents sitting in their driveway...such a hoot! But I have a heck of a time trying to explain it to my mother...

  7. Even if I didn't know you two were Canadian, I'd know you didn't live in the States. Nobody here would post air photos or satellite photos of their place with information that would let someone locate you. At least, not intentionally, I've been accused of doing just that but at least they would have to work for it. ;-)

    If you cut down those pine trees you'd have a great view of the river. Just like if I cut down my poplars and maples I'd have a great view of the mountains from the porch. But it's hard to do that, I never have been able to force myself to kill the trees and they are beautiful in fall.

  8. Thanks for the info. I didn't think much about it. In Nova Scotia, there is water everywhere ! Oceans here, oceans there, rivers here, waterfalls, brooks over here, and you are not far from a true inland sea where whales, dolphins and other animals come to visit. Nova Scotia is one of the places on Earth God decided to preview Heaven !
    Love to you both,

  9. Beautiful skies. I pity folks who live day in & day out not seeing skies like yours.

  10. Now I want a homemade burger. Thanks!