Thursday, May 8, 2014

mashup - winter misc, skunked on day one fishing, good garbage!

jambaloney here!

sorry i have been off so long - i have been doing some part time I.T. work,  and although part-time, with the events of this spring AND what-not - i , um, well it is NOW may !!

so here ARE some pics from this winter that i never got a a chance to share - our neighbor's boys helped me de-nail/clean some of this wood, the rest i scavenged:

 i have used some of this already - post to follow..

by now you know i am a scavenger - save a tree, use old wood!!

home depot threw out this slightly-stained osb - again, free

a garage nearby got torn down - i got this rubber/steel stuff (??) for free!

and cut in two to put under tires in case i got stuck - worked a couple of times - we had a crap winter!!

i "upgraded" the generator shed by removing the degraded tarp and using old doors... center door is fixed, the other two open - i used the crappiest hinges i had on hand - all free from garbage - including the doors!

snowed in!!

7500w - it has worked when we needed it most!

opening day for trout was april 15 - the river was half frozen still - i went out for the first time april 27 and i was pretty sure i would get skunked - i did - just too cold for normal fishing... still pretty..

and thar she is - my beloved canoe!!she is called canoe-adura;-))))))))(those of you in on the secret that we name everything "adura" because of our chevy vandura will understand!)

i have some fishing prep posts coming  but i gathered all my stuff and sorted it out - yet to finish so i made this 1st crack lure selection...

 off to the narrows...

NO green was showing!!

up the creek - no fish...

oh yeah - waited forever for this to go on sale @ crappy tire - good compressor !!

like i said - mashup -  someone cleaned out their garage - i will use these to store parts...

cause i got LOTS!

same haul!!!

free galvanized nails

winch and assorted "stuff"

some dynamite small tool - post to come that is related....

yes, not sorted, but look at all this

no really, coupla hundred bucks in hardware..

and some more free tools - the wrenches are thin profile which i don't have - SCORE!!!

i love free stuff - i gots more but cheers for now!

**** update ***

this didn't get posted the day i made it - here are a few extra garbage  goodies!!!!

this garden cart is only missing a back - the wheel you see goes soft - but that takes days - it is even a dump cart!!!

3 double paned windows - 3 feet x 5 feet. only one is cracked! i had to go back and get these a day later to bring enough tire inserts to stack them and get them home!

and of course - more free wood - rough and tumble - but good for junk projects!!!

i was doing some contract reporting work from home today - it was nice out - i snuck out and took a pic - seems like spring at last!

cheers everybody!


  1. You've got a LOT of sorting to do my friend. That will give you something to do on rainy/snowy days, I guess. I save the plastic jars that peanut butter and other things come in for small parts. I guess canning jars and lids that don't seal would be as good, except for being breakable.

  2. Jambaloney,

    Dear friend, to cold to fish?? BDM and I were fishing at 38 degrees!!!! Good to see you get organized with your fishing gear and out in your canoe - adura. Sorry to hear you didn't catch anything but that's okay, plenty of time to go out and fish again :-)

    You did score pretty good with your tool boxes and hardware. It amazes me what people get rid of. All of the stuff that is found could make all kinds of things on the homestead. By the way great find on the double paned windows and cart. It just takes a few minutes to make something usable. People just don't have the patience or talent like we homesteaders do.
    I'm curious, are your plans for the double pane windows?
    Sending hugs and love to you and Kymber.

  3. Nice finds!!! Free stuff is the best stuff. It seems these days people don't throw stuff out like they used to or maybe I am just so unaware I never notice it. I did get a good frame table type thing recently that a concrete place was tossing that made a nice potting table for the raised bed area.

  4. You got some quality things there. Waste not, want not.

    Years ago, when people threw away useful things at our dump, they set them aside in a little shed there. You could go pick through it and see if there was anything you needed. Then the state took over and they just threw everything away, the useful with the useless. Government at it's best.

    You and Kymber need to fire up that canoe and enjoy that beautiful water. I'd get myself a little sunfish sailboat and be out there all the time if I lived where you do!

  5. I got a fiberglass double sink and a couple of pallets from the beer lady for my Brew in A Bag demo. I'm going to use the pallets for a new compost bin and the sink is for the outdoor kitchen. It get's a bit warm here in the summer so canning and brewing beer outside will help keep the house cool. Plus it is just nice to sit on the patio and still get something done.

  6. Lots of goodies there, jambaloney. Well done. Look forward to see what you;re going to do with them :)