Thursday, May 22, 2014

the hummingbirds are back!

woohoo! the hummingbirds are back! that is always a sure sign that spring is here and summer is coming! i took 250 million pics of this little guy, but only this pic turned out.

we were sitting at the kitchen table playing our morning cards (ya, we're nerds!) and jam cocked his ear and said he thought he heard a hummingbird whizz by.

a bit of backstory - we went to our super brother and sister's house on sunday evening for supper. our neighbours, and other super brother and sister were also there. as was our other neighbour r. jam got to talking about the different birds that are showing up - we finally have a whole cadre of swallows which is awesome because they eat black flies - wahoooey!!! anyway, the talk eventually came around to hummingbirds. i said that we usually see them in the beginning of june. our friend r said "no way. they show up on may 20th". he's lived here for a while but to pick the actual day that they show up??? i was like, whatever. so when jam said he heard a hummingbird go by, i jumped up to check the calendar. had to ask jam what day it was....and darn tootins wasn't it may 20th?!?!?!?!? our friend r is dead on the money.

anyway, we saw that little guy a few times over the past few days and today we saw his girlfriend. the men have the ruby red on their necks but the women don't. so they are the first of the hummingbirds - woohoo!

we've been busy, as has everyone else getting our gardens ready and whatnot. we've also been eating a lot of good food. it just goes with the territory around here. yummy, creamy, mushroom and parmesan pasta for one.

if you have leftover pasta, serve it the next day with shrimp, pineapple, cucumber and coriander with my thai-chili-belt-you-in-the-head-and-knock-you-into-next-week dressing...yummeh!

and all know what season it is, right? TROUT-FISHING season baby! oh ya!!!!

ok. here's the scenario. the man needs to go out and dig trenches all along your 140ft driveway in order to create a good run-off and use the dirt from the trenches to fill in all the ruts. you think to yourself "i need to feed that man a good, filling, nutritious, protein-packed breakfast". so you cook him up some liver, 2 poached eggs, salad greens from the greenhouse and some fresh veg covered in "the-kick-you-into-next-week" dressing mentioned above. go there - bahahahaha! have some leftover liver...what's a girl to do? make beef liver pate of course. you can get the recipe here. then you smother some onion bagels in the pate, throw in 3 kinds of olives, some artichoke hearts, pepperoncinis, some toasted pita, cucumber yogurt dip, and some delicious carrots. need i say more?

now can someone please tell me how i can transplant these peppers which should not be this big, this soon and still have room in my house???

they need to go in pots at this point but it is too soon to put them outside in the greenhouse. and there is nowhere in the house to put them. and i still have to figure out what to do with these pepper plants, in pots, that we overwintered and are now producing MAY????? WHAT THE HECK???

oh i loooooove these kinds of problems. we have 12 pepper plants that we overwintered that are already producing peppers. we have peppers in the greenhouse, inside of the house that need pots. we've got a great, big, giant beautiful greenhouse to move them all into - it's just too early.

my friend Sci is usually a day late and a dollar short - bahahahahah! i am too! but not this year. this year - i'm up to my eyeballs with too much stuff all coming in at the same time and all too early!

i love this kind of stress. it's so good for the soul. i hope you all had a great week....and i hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. you eat alot. bahahaha. Have a good weekend, don't

    1. Rob, buddy - we do eat alot! we loooove food! wish you could come up sometime so i could stuff you full - bahahahah! jam's a little sunburned but i am just starting on my tan. i hope to be nice and brown by the end of the month! much love to you and yours buddy! thanks for the health update on your blog. be good, follow your doctor's orders and follow the dieticians advice. and give Sammy a big kiss from us!

  2. Sweet Kymber,

    Now that's to funny about the hummingbirds. I just today made up some sugar water for them, and will be hanging out my feeder.
    So next season, start looking for those babies around May 20th.

    How about some hanging pots from the ceiling for your pepper plants? You can put a couple in a large pot, and wire pots together or use a homemade macrame plant hanger (make from para cord).

    As usual your meals are making me want to have something to eat. So I'm going to go eat dinner, have a great evening.
    Sending hugs and love to you both.
    P.S. Nice looking Trout!!!!

    1. Sweet Sandy - i really though my friend r was crazy to pick a specific day - i could understand if he said they come back around the end of may/beginning of june kind of thing. nope. he said may 20th. and he was right!!! we were killing ourselves laughing and had to call him right away!

      Sandy - we have 12 pots that we overwintered that are heavy as can be...AND producing peppers. there's no way we can hang them from the ceiling - we don't trust our ceilings - bahahahahah! i am going to re-pot the ones that we overwintered and put them in the greenhouse tomorrow. and then i am going to pot the new peppers and put them on the shelves in our computer room and everywhere else that i can find space in the house. but first i have to move all of the tomatoes off the big shelf in the greenhouse to move the peppers in. it's an absolute nightmare but one that i am enjoying immensely. this is going to be a bumper year on peppers and tomatoes - woohoo!

      i hope you had yourself a good dinner. we're sending love and hugs back to all of you, too! jam says thanks and that he can't wait to take you trout fishing! xoxoxox

  3. Wow! All that food looks just great and nicely portioned. Now I'm hungry :-)

    1. thanks so much Mike! i am really enjoying your recipes from food storage on your blog - keep up the good work and testing!

  4. As always a spectacular display of wonderful food. The two frozen burritos I just microwaved pale in comparison! I don't know how you not only cook so well but make such appetizing presentations of the food to boot.
    No hummingbirds here in North Georgia yet but I expect to see them any day. Ragnar sends his regards.

    1. Harry - i keep tellin' ya - git yer butt up here and i'll stuff you full. but thank you for the compliment and thank you for visiting my food blog. let us know when you get your hummingbirds - i love them! we have 4 feeders all spread around the yard and right now, there aren't many flowers so the hummingbirds need the home-made nectar from our feeders. we haven't seen too many yet, but it seems that they always send out a few each year, reconnaissance you know, and then we end up with about 20 in june, then they all have babies and then we have 400 of them all flying around the yard and fighting over the feeders. i just love them!

      please give Little Ragnar my best. and an extra treat. and a special cuddle. and tell him it comes from me. much love Harry, to you and yours, always. xoxo

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  6. kymber,
    Your cooking talent is amazing. I love a pretty plate. Shoot around here suppertime is serve yourself. I don't go the distance with putting food in bowls and setting the table.Maybe if we weren't living in an RV I might. Mars would wonder what the heck got into me! lollllzzzz
    (PP I have dibs on the next trout run)

    I wish I had some great idea for your pepper plant's. Are they root bound yet? If not just let them be for now. It'll be time to transplant them soon anyway. How cold does it get in the greenhouse this time of year?
    I've got a cutworm problem already and also a beetle problem. So today I dusted every single plant in the garden with D.E. hoping it will work on the little critter that's been munching on just about all the plants. We'll see. With my luck it will rain tonight and I'll have to do it all over tomorrow.
    Anyway..... I digress.
    Much love to you both,

    1. Sci gurl - you would fit right in around here when we are busy, i throw something together and we just eat from the pot standing at the stove - bahahahahah!

      jam says the next trout run is yours buddy! he says you are just better company all around - bahahahahah! (naw, he didn't say that PP....i just needed a chance to call you a wiener again - bahahahah!)

      i am going to take the peppers that we overwintered in the house, re-plant them in bigger pots and put them in the greenhouse. during the day the greenhouse goes between 20-35C, and, we wrap the tomatoes on the big shelf in plastic just before the sun goes down to trap the heat. inside the plastic it never goes below 10C....but the greenhouse itself goes as low as 5 or 6C. so i am thinking that the tomatoes can be moved off the shelf with plastic and the overwintered peppers can go there. the new peppers are not root-bound, but i plan to pot them up and put them on our window ledges until i can bring them out to the greenhouse.

      ya - i read about your cutworm problem and everyone gave great advice in the comments. if it continues...i would get a whole pile of tin soup cans or something and put them over top of your plants. apparently the cutworms can't climb up the tins but that is just something i read somewhere.

      much love right back to both of you from both of us, always! xoxoxoox