Tuesday, August 13, 2013

misty morning in aug

jambaloney here!

 a few days ago - there was an awesome mist in the morning. sometimes it is just plain fog everywhere, but this morning the mist was hanging low - this shot is out back where the sun is rising.. about 5:50 am..

and this is out front - strachan's  brook is invisible, but the sky above is blue!

6 in the morning - here comes the sun!!

still nothing to see out front!!!

now it is getting bright out  - it is summer after all!!

and this is the best part - it was very cool the night before - about 10 C (50F) and that brings a heavy dew... and of course the mist... but sometimes when the mist is low and the sun comes up strong, everything glistens like crazy..

and you see hundreds of otherwise invisible spider webs -they are amazing!!!

if you look at the large image of this pic, you will see strands of silk spanning all the grasses!!

here is a classic spider web!

and more sun - it is pretty blinding when it rises like this out back!

a shot looking back at the  manor and the monster, i mean, the greenhouse! kymber loved this shot - makes her feel at ease - can't say i disagree , we love it here!!

okay more spider webs... seriously they are everywhere, but only or mornings like this can you see them..

hey can we see anything out front yet... uh no ..

this shot is about 15 degrees clockwise from the last -  as you can see it is clear up here @ the manor but 40 feet down is mist - pretty cool eh? look carefully and you can see a grackle - they are early risers too - must be the birdseed we put out every day.. uh, yes, of course it is!!!

more sun and more spider webs!

make sure you blow these pics up to really see the silk!

i hope you find these as fascinating as i do - some spiders build a new web every day... they eat the old silk first - reuse, recycle ;-)

many different webs, many different spiders...

it is getting warmer and the webs are starting to fade a bit, they will all be invisible in an hour...

 i know you all might find this post a bit touchy-feely coming from me and want something more rough and tumble with tools and junk wood... hey lets go back to early march - behold - the atv!!!!

and a ghetto snow trailer - i found this snow scoop in someones garbage a year ago... 

we are going down to the well...

...to get a bunch of skinny dead-falls to make sticks/poles for the spring. we need to repair some fences etc.  hey pretend it's winter!!!

i only cut dead trees - it is easier to tromp around in the packed snow...

half hour later - all we need for spring!!

one ratchet strap is all that is required to lash them to the ghetto sled

worked like a charm!!!

back to the manor and we are done - this kind of job is a good winter task - easier to do and the poles were there in the spring when we needed them!

 no it is not winter - i just threw that in there - here is the sunset of spiderweb morning - awesome!

thanks all for coming by... i have been pretty busy with the cabinet, garden, trip to ottawa and all - i owe you some visits to your blogs - i have been remiss, am sorry about that ... i promise to come by very soon...

also, thanks for all of the comments on the cabinet - i really, really appreciate the support!

cheers and have an awesome day!!!


  1. great photos.....no snow yet..PLEASE..hahaha

    1. thanks rob - glad you liked them!!!

      the snow pics were to see if anyone was paying attention - clearly you were ;-))

      cheers buddy!

  2. Pretty part of the country that you live in! I'm with Rob; no snow!

    1. hey gorges!!

      it is pretty here - okay, i guess my bad with the snow pics!

      hope you are having a good summer friend!

  3. See now it would take a very looooooong time to find that many straight sticks around here and that would be by cutting young trees if you went for dead ones only, well forget about it.

    1. hey there pioneer p!

      we have a lot of quick growing evergreens here - they are packed in tight so grow upwards pretty fast.... the stragglers get choked out...

      no real hardwoods to speak of, a few birch here and there..

      hope you are doing well!

  4. J, you and Kymber take the best pictures. I like how open everything is there. Here, the trees hem you in and you can only have good views from certain spots.

    You two have done well for yourselves.

    1. hey harry!

      you are too kind, kymber takes the best shots - i do have my days though.

      we have wide views because of the clearing of the land that was done - in the woods, the trees are pretty dense.

      thank you - we did pretty good, but so did you!

  5. kymber, I have meant to ask, why did you not go with jambaloney when he went to his family event?

    Love those sunsets!

    1. hey linda!

      glad you like the sunsets, kymber stayed behind to keep care of the manor and the cats!

      hope you are having a great summer!

    2. Linda - i can't leave the cats. we have recently met a young guy and girl that we plan on asking to house sit for us next year. then i can go too. thanks for asking Linda!

  6. Jambaloney,

    Hey stranger........we've both been away, good to see you back!!!!
    Busy at work I see, that's a good thing. I love all the pictures the sun rising, dew, spider webs???? (I'm not a big fan on spiders), greenhouse, manor, and the tent? Are you guys camping outside? Great temperatures to be camping 50's......

    Give Kymber a hug from your Okie friends, and keep up the fabulous work at the manor.

    Your Friend,

    1. sandy!!!

      glad to see you back too! i have been pretty busy, but good busy, especially now that the blackfies are gone. glad you like the photos, no worries about the spiders, they are hiding early in the am ;-))

      no camping outside yet, but we plan to set up this big tent we have before the summer is over at LEAST once !

      i have given your hug to kymber, here is one for you!

      your friend,

    2. teehee Sandy - he LOOOOVES getting your hugs! and thank you for mine!

  7. Wonderful scenery as always, you never fail to impress without even trying.
    How many times did Kimber have you pull her around in the sled really, really fast?

    1. hey there max!

      i didn't`t really do anything - the scenery does all the work ;-))

      kymber isn't much for "going for a ride" she had a couple of trips on the back of the atv and that was enough!!!

      all my best to you !!

    2. Max - i'm a sled person...can't stand the atv. i make him pull me around the yard in the shovel thingy - bahahahahah! you know me too well buddy!

  8. beautiful place! Thank you for sharing!
    I have been looking into a form of building that I thought you and Kymber may really like to look into~

    check it out, it is AMAZING!I think I am going to make a small greenhouse, and maybe a small playhouse for my grandbabies!!!

    1. hey liusa - thanks and gla dyou enjoyed!!

      that link is inspiring to say the least - gonna take a LOT of bottles ;-)) harder to come by here because pretty much all bottles can be returned for deposit - none in the trash!!!

      they RE indestructible though so go for it!!


    2. thanks so much for thinking of us lisa - those houses are awesome!!!

  9. I'm viewing these photos on Bloglovin' and their stupid, I mean handy viewer which only shows a small fraction of the post and photos at a time. :-/ After this comment publishes the post will open full page??? and I will be able to see better.

    The photos are beautiful as small ones so I imagine they will be stunning as large. Now I'm going to look at them full size. Oh, would you like to know how to make them big in the body of your blog post? Click on the photo before you publish the post. A little window opens that lets you choose the size you want to use before publishing. Of course you may already know this.

    1. hey there sue!!

      glad you liek teh photos - i keep 'em small in the post body narrow. i crop them to 1200x900 before i post using corel photopaint.

      sorry the bloglovin' is a pain..

      hope you are having a great summer!!!!