Friday, August 23, 2013

aug fishing and more greenhouse nonesense!

 jambaloney here!

 after a pile of work days - i did some fishing the other morning - it was a nice sunrise...

pioneer preppy and sandy have been here before, but this trip is for sandy's husband Bulldog Man ;-))

 and bright out - gonna be a hot day!

 but at 6:30 it isn't so bad yet ;-)

out on the water - we are headed to  the brooks that feed the river this morning. it is getting late in the summer and some trout start the trip to the spawning grounds way early. we are not allowed to keep fish after aug 31. not too many days left!

 today we go up the north framboise river a bit, it's more like a big stream, but fresh cold oxygenated water all year. brook trout need running water to spawn.

which this is!

here is a nice 11 inch trout! it is probably a sea run - the colors are purplish... they are silver initially but they seem to change.. i COULD be wrong and these are all different strains... time will tell.

we caught two - the smaller trout definitely stays in fresh water all year - it's makings are more brown and orange - pretty cool eh?

the big one is super red inside - probably from eating small shrimp. it was yummy!!! the skin splits when they go into the pan this fresh, nothing we can do - best fish ever.

 how about some work??? after a summer hiatus, i am back to working on the greenhouse and getting it ready for fall - i scraped, caulked and painted these windows last week - now they need scraping..

all ready to go at the back - they are gray because my good friend w tipped me off to buying mis-tinted paint. i got a gallon of gray primer for $10.00 and a gallon of gray paint for $10.00 ... that's 20.00 for what would cost 75! they are going at the back so no foul anyway!!!

i did a quick and dirty with plastic and strapping in early june to finish it for the summer...

off it comes and up goes the osb framing at the bottom...

and now the 1x4 framing goes up... 1x4s span a stud leaving a 1 inch lip on each side - good enough!

next i put the windows in place (notice the tape on the windows with the number and placement - saves time trying to figure out who goes where!!) i anchor each on the inside with a 3" screw to keep them in place....

before i go around and screw them in from the outside... several 1 1/2" deck srews pull the window into the frame nice and tight

and here is the finished product  - the windows look less ghetto to be sure!!!

not a deep sunset, but he clouds are magnificent!

hope you are all having a good late summer - cheers all!


  1. I miss trout, and the catching of them. Nice job on the green house, Bubba.

    1. thanks stephen!

      hey, i am always taking you along too - i know you miss fishing for trout - someday come up and join me!

      cheers pal!

  2. That is a very very nice looking fish. Interesting that they get the different coloration and all. It makes sense we get so many different cross breeds and such of panfish down here but our trout are all the same because they are almost all pen raised and released very few actually are born in the few trout streams we have.

    I use the cast off paints for my bee hives. You can save a huge bundle doing that.

    Nice work!!!

    1. pp:

      castoff apints are great - i am a noob to them, sounds like this trick you have dialed in. hives seem an awesome use for them...

      there are even more subtleties in the colours than the pics let on - and yep, hatchery trout all look the some!

      cheers buddy!

  3. I absolutely love mistints! $5 for a gallon of paint is my kind of deal. Somehow, I missed the fact that you had not finished putting windows in the greenhouse.

    1. hey linda!

      mistints are a deal - yep greenhouse not finished yet..

      take care!

  4. The greenhouse is shaping up nicely!

    1. thanks gorges - it is a work in progress!

      hope you are having a great summer!

  5. Jambaloney,

    Wooohooo, Bulldog Man will love this post about the fishing trip. I can see you two didn't get enough fish to feed everyone. Just enough for Kymber and myself I see bahahahahaha....

    When Bulldog Man comes home from work, he'll check out the post.

    You're doing a magnificent job on the greenhouse. I know Kymber will be mighty happy with the end results.

    Sending hugs to the both of you.
    Your Friend Sandy

    1. hey sandy!

      i do hope bulldog man enjoyed his trip to the river and the fishing - yes enough for you and kymber, especially after pioneer preppy took his tax ;-)

      thanks for the kudos - kymber is already happy with the results - only going to get better ;-)

      hags back to you,
      your friend,

    2. sweet Sandy - we need 5 trout each! get that bulldog man up here pronto and out catching fish for us - you and me need our omega 3-6-9 - bahahahahahahah! oh and Sandy - your greenhouse will be move-in-able by about october. your welcome hon! xox

    3. Sweet Kymber,

      Oh for sure we need 5 trout each. I really thing we need to make these guys work, let's say 10 each, lol

      Cool beans, I can't wait to see the final product and my little place to stay when I visit with Bulldog Man. Unless I hurt him for throwing me in the lake, lol
      He may have to sleep on the compost pile, bahahahaha.

  6. Those trout look soooo good. I'm really missing fish and fishing. I've not been in two forevers. *sigh*
    I just love ya'lls greenhouse. It's going to be a real blessing in all the years to come.

    1. hey scifi!

      sorry you haven't been fishing in a while, i will take you on my next virtual trip - sound good?

      the greenhouse will be a blessing - it will help us come close to the harvest you had - you are the tomato wizard from what i can tell ;-))

      cheers to you and mars!

    2. listen you, gurl - put down that canner for 5 mins and you and Mars git yer butts up here to do some fishing! i can't believe all of the tomatoes you have put up!!! and here's me with my 5 or 6 kymber-sized tomatoes a day - bahahahahah!

  7. Hey Jambaloney! How is kymber? Tell the ole girl that my Auntie showed up too...she will know what that means. Enjoy those beautiful trout. Awesome pictures, I might steal one or two..

    1. okay jugm - i have told kymber about "auntie" and all - btw she is well!

      trout were enjoyed thoroughly - steal as many pics as you want!


    2. Gurlie - i saw on your blog that your "auntie" was visiting you too. arghghghgh! i got the beginnings of a migraine but not full force yet. i can't stand when the migraine stretches out over a period of a few days...i'm like - just bring it on full-force so that i can get over it!!!! you are always welcome to steal pics and you know it!

    3. Since I have started taking Excedrin Migraine at the onset, mine have seemed to subside, at least for now.

      Yea ole Auntie showed up with her suitcase in hand...grrrrrrrr just funny that it's both of us at the same We are suppose to go camping/canoeing with Moo-Moo and my brother in law at the end of September. Gosh I hope she doesnt decide to tag along..

  8. That would be absolutely the place to live on a houseboat. Better than Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn on their raft. Those pictures are excellent.

    1. hey there harry!

      pics are awesome - unfortunately for your houseboat - the river is deceptively shallow and in spots you would never suspect!!!

      often it gets to 3 feet or less out in the middle - teh land around the shore here is quite flat and marshy so our river is really a long estuary...

      furter south is grand river, but if you have a houseboat, you would want to travel the bras d'or lake:

      you would get the best of all worlds, fresh, salty, sea and all kinds of moorings to boot!

      hey if it was good enough for Alexander Graham Bell - it would be good for you!

      cheers friend!

    2. Harry - there is a quote by AG Bell that is printed on a variety of placemats in restaurants on cape breton island - all of the touristy places at least - and where we live is NOT one of them. but anyway, the quote says something like - having traveled the entire world there is no place on the earth that captures the raw beauty of the natural world than cape breton island. he developed the telephone here and a whole pile of other stuff. he died here. he loved this island. and the people.

  9. Jam,
    The greenhouse looks spectacular and the river is as wonderful as ever. I love mistinted paint. Often it's a better color than I would have chosen myself !
    Of course Alexander Graham Bell was quite correct !

    1. thanks jane - you are sweet as always!

      mistinted paint is my new-found fave - kymber is going to re-paint the greenhouse with a collage of colours next year ;-)

      you can't argue with the inventor of the telephone!

      cheers to you !

  10. Bulldog Man here. Thanks for the trip. Next time, a small snack for the Trout should ensure a better catch. We'll throw Sandy overboard. Her sweetness should drive the trout crazy!!! Love the greenhouse! I need you to come down here and build one for me. Then we can go over into one of my favorite spots in Arizona for some Trout fishing, southern style!!!

    1. hey bulldogman!

      glad you had a good trip - sandy overboard might make a noise - we'll stick with the trout attractant - LOL!

      glad you like the greenhouse, do you have a lot of old windows? if not you can build a plastic hoop-house pretty cheap - let me know and i will point you in teh right direction...

      what kind of trout do you fish for... bulls, rainbows ?

      anyway - cheers and have a great weekend!

  11. You have done an awesome job on your greenhouse!


    1. thanks russell - high praise coming from you!

      yep - mistints are my new best friend - i'm gonna start a collection ;-)