Saturday, July 20, 2013

i need a nap!

i have talked to my man several times - he had a great time with his buddies and PioneerPreppy, strippers and Windsor was not involved - bahahahahahah!

here is a pic of our last breakfast together. it's fresh-picked peas, green onion and a couple of sad looking radishes. and fresh mint. we dumped a load of my lime/chili sauce on it and it was deevine.

tonight is our friends' sons graduation party. they are B and C, our Fourchu family. they were so worried that he wouldn't graduate. but he did...and now they are having a big party for him. they are soooo proud of him! i am excited to attend, already shaved the bottoms of my legs - sorry if that is TMI! but i am still walking around in a daze with jambaloney being gone. there's that, and then the fact that i just found out that my friend, N, just died on wednesday. she was diagnosed with lung cancer just this past april. the only good thing to say is that she was fine right up to the day she died.

my friend, N, was a hoot. oh my goodness did she have a screech of a laugh. and there was absolutely nothing genteel about her...except her always perfect hair, makeup and nails. at one of the last events that i saw her at - we were out smoking together and she said that we were special friends. then she pointed her finger - AND cigarette right at me, right in the face - and she said "you just know with some people, kymber. you just know right away. i got my eyes on you gurl". then she laughed her fool head off. i said back to her without skipping a beat, and pointing my cigarette in her face, "N. it's true. you just know. and i got my eyes on you gurl!".

my goodness - all i can really remember is that she had such a laugh. it was so genuine. and she was a real person in every sense of the word. she loved life and she laughed at everything. i will never forget the sound of her laughter.

i am so worried about her husband C. i haven't gotten a hold of him yet. but tomorrow is her wake. my friend, S, is going to take me. so it is with a heavy heart that i am going to my friends' sons graduation party this evening. i wish it weren't so. i wish jambaloney was here. ugh. ya, i am a big baby!

in the interest of trying to lighten things up, here is some dried oregano the me and jambaloney cut and dried the other day. that is enough oregano for a year...but we still have 3 plants going full-tilt boogy!

he was so crazy to dehydrate some oregano. i am so glad that we did it before he left.


  1. Sorry to hear about your friend. At lest you have memories of her, and maybe some photos too??. Enjoy the party and have a good time.

  2. YA YA wait till he is asleep and whisper the name Raven in his ear :)

    Seriously though that's a good looking salad.

  3. Please accept my condolences concerning your friend. You KNOW that you should leave those cigs alone yourself; your readers would miss you.

  4. I'm sorry about your friend. I've lost both Mom and StepMom to smoking related illnesses, be safe my friend.

    Thanks for the chat off blog, you lifted my spirits on a cold rainy day home alone.

  5. Sorry about your friend. Is her death enough to make you stop smoking?

    You know, every day for the last four or five days, I decide I need a nap, so I lie down and sleep for seven hours in the middle of the day. So, I am ill, sick as a dog. I wonder if a person can die of a sinus infection. At least I did not get bit like you did. I keep telling myself I could have been in your shoes. I think I need my second nap!

    Have fun at the party and stay away from your biting fly buddies. Tomorrow will be sad, I know, but the graduates tonight deserve people who are fun/cheerful, which I know you will be.

    How is the greenhouse going?

  6. Kymber,

    Oh Sweet Kymber, I'm so deeply sorry to hear about your friend passing away. You know she's in a special place with God watching over you saying "i got my eyes on you gurl".
    (((((KYMBER)))))) sending hugs and prayers your way.

    Hang in there my friend, Jambaloney will be home before you know it.

    Naps are a girls best friend, I take them regularly, lol......

    Now that's a very healthy breakfast, I have to admit I can't eat that healthy first thing in the morning. Maybe after 10AM, but not before.

    Your Friend,

  7. kymber, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Thinking about & praying for you.