Sunday, July 21, 2013

i don't even have a picture for this post!

nope. no pic. just too dang tired to bother putting one up.

i went to our friends' son's graduation party. i represented. i probably drank too much. my friend B made up some lobster. he gave me a piece. it was the best darn lobster i have ever eaten. he offered me some more. i just couldn't eat. i told him i'd get some later. EPIC FAIL! all of the boys at the party cleared that lobster out in minutes. oh i could just kick myself in my own head!!!!

i came home and crashed. got up this morning to 10million dirty cat plates and just left them. i had to get ready for the wake/funeral.

my friend S came and picked me up. it was a long drive on a very hot day and we were both dressed in full-length, head-to-toe black. i am sooo glad that we went. we got to spend time together and talk, like really talk.

we got to the funeral home. i think that we broke protocol or something. when we got to the funeral home, there were all kinds of people standing outside. we didn't know any of them, they all kind of looked at us funny, but we were on a mission to show respect for our friend.

so we walked in to the funeral home and started wandering around a bit. then one of the director's asked us who we were visiting. we told him and he seemed kinda strange, wringing his hands and stuff. he showed us where to go. we go into the room and no one is there?!?!??

our friend was laid out beautifully...there were flowers everywhere but she also had individual roses in her casket, lining the side of it. there were 2 displays of pictures of her, her family and her husband, C.

we couldn't understand why no one was inside???

so we left to head back to the parking lot, with all of the people standing outside staring at us some more. when we got to the parking lot, C, and his family had just arrived. he gave me the biggest hug. he and i were both crying and smiling and crying. so was S. he had me and S hold his hands and we walked him to the big group of people standing outside. he told everyone that we were his Framboise friends, that N's Framboise friends had come to show their respect. i was really glad that we went.

once he met up with each of the people standing outside - then he went in to the funeral home. and then the people followed. woops. i guess you are supposed to wait for the family to arrive first???

anyway, we went back in and mingled a little. but we could tell that it really was all his family and N's family. so we left and decided not to go to the funeral service. we felt a little out of place.

but we showed our respect to our friend, N, please rest in peace, and please never lose that screeching laugh. heaven will love it!

and we were there to show our support to C. his Framboise friends.

highlight of the day: our friends J and his wife I also went to the wake but not the service. the service was held in a town called New Waterford. that's where J grew up and people there are still telling stories about his antics! anyway, we hugged and he called me "buddy" at the wake, but when the four of us were leaving, he said "whattaya think buddy? this is my old stomping grounds!". then he laughed in a way that only a 6'5, huge gorgeous blonde man can laugh. i swear he's from texas!!!

anyway, i got home, dead-tired, so hungry i could cry. and finally - the phone rang and it was my baby!!! he was all full of p*ss-and-vinegar because he had met up with his dad, had gotten to the camp and had been out fishing. they lost the power there for 2 days from a freak storm. they didn't think the power would be back for a week. and his mom and stepdad were hosting the party after the agm today.

but he and his stepdad were out fishing last evening, in the dark, and the power came back on. the agm meeting went really well and people were very happy with his fishing report. i could say more but i don't want to be braggy. he did really good and i am super proud of him. for the party they made a million pizzas in his stepdads cobb oven. needless to say, that went over really well. the party had just finished when he called.

he's getting ready to head out on the lake again. he loves fishing and he loves that lake. him and his stepdad caught 3 bass which they had for supper last night.

i am just glad to hear his voice, know that he is having a super time and enjoying his vacation! i gotta go wash cat plates now - ugh.


  1. Sounds like you mayb sleep well tonight!

  2. Sweet Kymber,

    I'm happy you went to your friends viewing and paid your respects to her and family. You did the right thing, I know its very awkward going to these and not knowing anyone outside waiting around when you first get there.

    Your sweet baby will be home soon, are you counting down the days?
    Tell him I am totally jealous he gets to go fishing!!!!

    Sending love and hugs your way.
    Your Friend,

  3. Well, I did not know a person could not go in until the family arrived! For the viewing I never get there early enough to know. Here, the viewing is the time that family receives people who come to view the corpse. When the time for the funeral comes, everyone is seated before the family comes in and takes their place in the front pews that are roped off on the right of the church or funeral home chapel.

    I rushed in late to a funeral, just burst in, and a wedding was taking place. I stammered and fell all over myself in all my black attire while the guys at the door just looked perplexed. That was embarrassing!

    Just be braggy all you want about j.