Wednesday, July 17, 2013

belated fishing post!

jambaloney here!

it has beeen waaaay too long since i posted, but it seems like only yesterday.. we have been crazy sick/on our butts with black fly bites - the worst year yet!!  we can't wear the bug nets when it is too hot and when we step outside for "a couple of minutes" they are on us... deet works but it wears off....

anyway - first off - here is a nice sky pic! on the river when the fishing happens ;-) this is an all-fishing post covering a few weeks...

so pp and sandy can fight over the trout, but leave a few for the rest woodja??

first day of fishing - april 16 - i hadn't been down in a while and the canoe got flipped in a windstorm - lotsa water!!

dump and get it in the water - pretty late spring this year - all brown grass from last year..

beautiful day on the river..

but still a little cool - snow left over from the march 30 snowstorm..

i got skunked first day  - but the canada geese didn't care  - lol!

april 23 - one single trout - it was delish!!

then the greenhouse got in the way and took over our lives!!! next fishing was may 30 - and the water has warmed up a bit  - limit of 5 per day - here they are!

there is the greenhouse coming back up the road - almost as big as the house!!!

back down for another trip june 07...

wild strawberry blossoms...

and nice late spring green!!!

beautiful calm waters..

a big trout...

and 4 more - no drooling sandy/pp!!!

june 17 - misty and mellow!

soooo inviting!!!
another big trout!

parked for a pic...still hazy...

but the sun is peeking out...

a couple of smaller trout to add to breakfast!!

june 25 - wild purple irises are out!!!

warming up in a hurry - these are hot days!!!

now it is allllll sun - off with the coat!

calm and serene - but the water is still cool...

enough for these babies - another 5pack!!!

june 28 - days are still very long - there is light on the horizon @ 3:45 and still there @ 20:00 hours - the water is getting warmer...

and the trout harder to find - one nice one though.. next time, i have to try a couple of deep pools...

until then..... cat in a box - w, this one is for you!

cheers all!


  1. The more I see of your place, the better I like it. Sure is beautiful up there. Isn't there some kind of bug spray you could put on to get rid of those flies. I don't know exactly what they are but they sound like some kind of horse fly on steroids. I'm glad you are feeling better.

    1. hey harry!

      i am glad you like the place - it really is beautiful here!

      we keep trying to find the perfect spray - deet works, but it is awful, chemically and wears off pretty quick

      black flies are tiny - they get under everything and the anti-coagulant drives the immune system into overdrive.

      hope you are well!

  2. We don't have black flies, but we have deer flies. Them and the horse flies and face flies are torturing the poor deer to death.

    1. we get deer flies here too - they are pretty bad at times, but the blackfiles are worse.

      i know that in some areas, the deer flies are overwhelming - sounds like you live in one of those areas.

  3. P.S. Congrats on the trout, and the country looks beautiful.

    1. thanks gorges - i hope you are having a good summer!

  4. Sorry you two have been sick. The fishing looks top notch. My son caught 3 small mouth bass in ten min, but put them back as he didn't have a stringer yet. Life in the country is the best.

    1. hey rob!

      i LOVE smallmouth fishing they are good eats - tell your son to bring a cooler if he can - bass are good eating too!

      life in the country is the best - i hope Minnesota is treating you well!

  5. Ah, trout. My favorite especially when it is caught by Country Bloke. No store bought for me, thank you! Greenhouse looks gorgeous. I read mint works as a good repellent for black flies as well as vinegar and garlic. I'm always battling mossies (Australian word for mosquito) where I live. You have a lovely home in the country!

    1. welcome!

      trout are awesome - does he fish often?

      glad you like the greenhouse. we have tried all kinds of natural remedies - so far - nothing works... mossies are easier to repel - we don't have many of them at all - but i would trade them for blackfiles any day!

      we do have a lovely home, sounds like you do too - cheers and best wishes!

  6. HAHA I beat Sandy...

    All The Troutses are Belongs to me!!!!

    Those are some truly gorgeous looking fish too. Do you ever get any other species? It looks like you got two different ones at least but it could just be the lighting.

    The greenhouse is awesome as well.

    1. PP......there MINE!!!!!

      I must say they tasted very good :P

    2. hey there pp !

      are your base are belong to us????

      they are good looking fish and tasty. there used to be atlantic salmon in the river, but those have taken a hit over the years... there are also the occasional white perch..

      but really just the trout - i will get out on the ocean for mackerel one day and tray this fall for striped bass in the next river...

      enjoy your fish!!

  7. Jambaloney,

    I love all the pictures of your trips fishing. So sorry to hear you got skunked, now that's pretty stinky................

    Will you be fishing for other types fish in the next several months?

    Thank you for getting my room done (aka: greenhouse). I be there soon with my fishing rod, lures, and bait. Make sure Pioneer Preppy doesn't drop his line in my prime fishing locations.

    Sending hugs to you and Kymber.

    Your Friend,

    1. hey sweet sandy!!

      i am glad you like the pics - when you move into your new room - i will take you fishing every day!! i will keep pp at bay best i can!

      the trout will pick up for teh last week of august... i have a hunch where they might be in this hot weather though and will try there.

      there are a few white perch in our river, this fall i will try for striped bass in the next river.

      hugs back to you from the two of us!

  8. I love the greenhouse. It makes me dream of one of my own.

    When you catch five fish, how many days of eating is that? I was wondering if you can start freezing them early to have them last through the winter. When you get hens, you will have your protein covered. Then with the greenhouse and the fruit trees, you will be set.

    Mystic Mud said that Avon's Skin So Soft (SSS) works for mosquitoes. I wonder if it would work for your flies? I read that white vinegar and basil worked, but I have not tried it yes.

    I crave more greenhouse pictures!

    1. i hope you get your own one day linda - i really do!!!

      the rule here is catch and possession - you aren't allowed to freeze extra trout and stockpile them.

      the trout are small so 5 make one or two meals - no matter.

      as for stocked protein, i hope to get hunting this fall - deer and partridge - yum!

      we will try sss !

      you take care!!!

  9. Toughen up, Buttercup! lol. The mighty black fly can't take out the pair of you! It's been pretty hot hear this year, so we've been lucky on that front. The black flies must have all packed up and headed east. Probably better eats- crazy naked people in the woods, I hear.

    I spray my bug hat 5-6 times per day during the worst of it. Keeps the deet off the skin, but still keeps the nasty vermin away from your face. Rumour has it if you pump yourself full of B vitamins they won't like the taste of you so much. SSS works ok for mosquitos, black flies not so much. Best you can do is keep covered up, no matter how hot it gets.

    The fish looks delicious! We're hoping to get the boat back in the water this weekend ourselves. Husband wants to try another lake that's rumoured to be good for pickerel.

    Hope you guys are feeling better soon!