Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26th - and we are still swimming in the river!

we have been having some gorgeous weather this september. and we have needed it. our spring sucked. so did our early summer - just ask jambaloney's parents who visited us in mid-june. it was gray all around.

but the last few weeks of august and this past few weeks in september - the weather has felt like balm to our souls. we are swimmers. we love water. and we have finally been able to enjoy the water for the past 2 months. here's hoping we can still enjoy the river in october. it will be cold. it HAS been cold. but we love it!

and here we are swimming on September 26th - can you believe it? that river is backed up because 6 mountain streams drain into it (jambaloney will have some posts with pics to explain all of this) and because the river itself can not drain into the ocean. normally the river is very salty due to the ocean tides coming into it as far up as we are - but because the ocean flow-out is blocked - the river is being backed up by all of the mountain streams. and mountain streams make for some cold, delicious, cold water. the sun was so bright today that it didn't matter how cold the water was. we love the water. and we love getting out into the hot bright sun to dry off. here's hoping that i will be able to post "Sept 27th - and we are still swimming in the river" and a whole pile of other posts leading into mid-October. we love our river. we hope that you love it too!

Stephen, Arsenius, MDR, Mudbug, CC, CZ, Matt, PP, Max, Tango, MM, Jennifer and Tom buddy - and a whole pile of our other internet friends - y'all should start planning for a visit up here next summer!

we'll welcome y'all with open arms!

here's a pic of me going in ....uh-oh - i think you can see my bum. we don't wear clothes. ever. unless we leave framboise manor.

here's me swimming back. that water is freezing. but sooo refreshing!

here's jambaloney.

EDIT: i think that's jambaloney's bum too! thanks to MDR for pointing it out!

he loves the water too!

and here we are laying on the blanket. that's the sky that we look at when we look up.

there are millions of jobs that need to be done at framboise manor. but on days like this - our most important job is to soak up the beautiful cape breton sun and swim in the river. cross your fingers for us that tomorrow will be like today!


  1. BRRRR! If we did any swimming in the rivers or lakes here in Colorado, every thing would be blue.
    Course, they all are always cold any way.

  2. Did I just get mooned by the both of you?

  3. I haven't seen skies like that in a long time, absolutely beautiful. I can imagine the peaceful quietness. Ha...must be nice to be able to walk around buck naked. I can't even do that in my own home now. :(

  4. Flier389 - our rivers here in cape breton are all ocean-fed but during a normal summer, get pretty warmed up by the may, june and july sun. the ocean is ALWAYS cold but on a beautiful, hot day - you can handle it. oh and when swimming in our river this summer - everything comes out blue! we just really love the water! gonna go and check out Granddad's corner now...always like to find another blogger with the same interests! thanks so much for stopping by!

    MDR - we took those pictures just for you! you ain't a proper Modern Day Redneck unless you are swimming in the freezing cold river naked!

    Tango - the peace and quiet is to die for...but you know what i mean cuz you had it when you were in your RV. you'll get back there honey! and you can be buck naked again whenever you want!

    our friend Arsenius first called us nudists. although we had been walking around for years, even in the winter, with no clothes on, we never realized we were nudists. and prior to today's post - we thought, if we were nudists, at least we were private nudists. i guess we blew that all to sh*t with this post. ok we openly admit to being nudists now. and we recommend it to everyone who is in a position to be so, too!

  5. oh and jambaloney just reminded me that since we do all of our laundry by hand (post about laundry coming soon) - being nudists is a rather practical thing - saves on laundry!

  6. Oh no, maybe 15 years ago I would have been one but not now, and I would never swim in a cold river. Stuff just don't look right when you get out.

  7. MDR - that's what conveniently placed towels are for, buddy! mind you - after the avon post - you might become something of a celebrity around here. thanks so much for sharing. ya did me right in right when i needed it! bahahahahah!

  8. kymber, I do love your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine and commenting. I just put a blue September sky picture on a few days ago, one that just overwhelmed me with its beauty. I may walk around the house with little on or occassionally nude, but all the time in the, thank you. is the BOL a secret? Okay, PP needs a vacation. I am not sure what continent you call home. The manor?...very intriguing.

  9. What a cute bum, 'nuff said. No, not you jambaloney....kymber...ah, never mind. River would shiver me timbers...too cold. I'm a Southern boy where the creeks and rivers flow at 72 degrees. Now, fishing is another story.

  10. PP - i sent you an email. remember that we rent out vandura for $10 bucks a weekend or $5 bucks a night - everyone is welcome!!!!

    Stephen - bahahahah! of course jambaloney thought you meant him! ya the river was pretty cold and has been all summer. but man is it refreshing! jambaloney's got about a dozen fishing posts coming up! you'll enjoy them!

  11. That looks fantastic. No wonder you two moved there. I like your house,and the surrounding area. The one thing I don't have here in the Blue Ridge is a beach like you have. We have some lakes, but it just isn't the same.

  12. Arsenius - we love our area too - thank you! we just went down to the actual ocean today - it was gorgeous - i'll put up some pics in a day or two. you'll love it!

  13. Does this mean we will have to shed our clothes when we visit? Will you??

  14. Sue, me darlin', that's entirely up to you! you can keep clothes on, as will we - or we can all run around naked and not give a rat's patootey!

    your call, my dear friend. your call! bahahahahah!