Saturday, September 17, 2011

for jambaloney's mom: for Mary Elizabeth

i want her to know that all of the books that she shared with us have been read. and dripped on.

we have read all of the Harrowsmith magazines that Liz and jambaloney's step-Dad Ted gave us before we even left on this journey, and those magazines helped us keep our sanity over the winter, while we nearly froze to death in this un-insulated little cottage. we read and re-read all of those magazines.

but Liz shared some very special books with us. books that she read and used when she was raising rare-breed sheep and a beautiful veggie garden of her own. she shared books with us that she found helpful - and we find them incredibly helpful right now.

however, she also shared a few extra special books. books that were her mother's or were given to her by her mother. that means the world to us. and to me. so i made certain to bring those books every time we went to the river for a dip and a suntan. those books mean the world to me. and Liz knows how much i love books. so i made sure to drip on every one of them.

there are alchemists and magicians and shamans and priests out there who say - a book becomes better if dripped on with river water. i believe them. i have dripped on all of my bibles too!

thank you Liz. for all of your thoughtfulness. and sharing those books. here's a few pics:

(please don't anyone notice my unshaven legs in these photos!)

oh and i really enjoyed this book for the story, the history and the recipes! thank you Liz!

we have a bunch of other books that Liz and Ted have sent us or given to us over the past few years - i just wanted to share a few with you all.

again Liz - we love your old books and your mother's old books!

and i promise to drip on (or dump flour on) all of them!


  1. Kymber the photos (an sentiments) are wonderful - thanks for this treat. When my Mum was a member of the Rhodale book club, she noted the accession information on every single book. A teacher all her life, she loved the idea of making a gardening library. She meant for her books to be used by friends and family.

    She would be so pleased that they are helpful to you and Jamie. xx Mum

  2. Liz - you are so welcome. i wanted you to see that we really have read, and are re-reading every single book. we are learning so much. and what better place to read than down by the river. even though the weather has been crappy this whole summer, we have had some "river days" this past few weeks - it has been lovely!

    thank you for saying that your mother would be pleased. i look at that photo album that you made for jamie and it is so sweet. all the pics of him in the garden with your mom and out fishing with your dad. it's in his blood to be here living this kind of life.

    a big thanks to you and Ted for all of your support while we made this transition. those books will eventually be passed on someday...hopefully to our children. fingers crossed.

    lots of love back to you and Ted. xx

  3. Thanks for stopping by the MDR blog. I like what you got going on here so I hit the follow button and now am a part of yours.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. MDR - i am loving your blog and advise everyone to check you out! thanks so much for following and i promise that the next few posts will be a little more "redneck"!

  5. Kymber, telling everyone NOT to look at your unshaven legs is like an open invitation. Just sayin'.

  6. mom:

    we have read sooo many of grandma's books and they have been a source of hours of discussion, planning and changes to our garden!

    i am sure she is as pleased as we are thankful!

    as well, thanks again for all the books we have from you and ted!


  7. Sue - thanks for catching me on that. i will not point it out anymore. teehee - i also will not point out that my toenails need to be cut and i could sure use a pumice stone!

  8. I have that same Root Cellaring book - have you made a root cellar yet?

  9. MM - we haven't made one yet but plan to in the next few years!