Monday, September 19, 2011

fishing post #1

EDIT: this post has been edited to ensure that everyone knows that jambaloney posted this - not kymber.

stephen pointed out in a comment on kymber's vandura post that he bet we have good fishing in our river...he's right - we do:

that is a beautiful wild brook trout, the river is full of em! i usually catch them on a tiny spinner with 4 lb test but sometimes i use a super-duper or a flatfish. i also fly fish.

most of the trout are in the river year-round, but occasionally i get a sea-run, you can see the different coloring in the top fish below:

the trout are small-ish, anywhere from 6"-14", but sooooo very tasty and super healthy. the water is cold year-round and the framboise river is an estuary fed by 6 different streams. i fish from my canoe which is a great boat to get in and out of tight spots and pass through reeds etc. not to mention super-quiet! I can catch us breakfast or dinner almost any time i go out:

there are also white perch to be had - really nice firm white flesh:

atlantic salmon used to be plentiful, but apparently the run died out one year when the river mouth was closed off due to shifting tides and the seals ate all the salmon that were waiting to make it upstream to spawn. still, i have caught about 8 parr (baby salmon) so far, always throw them back - there is hope for the future (so long as the loons don't get 'em all first ;-)

i love knowing that we can get delicious high quality animal protein for free in our own back yard... and oh yeah - i LOVE fishing!!!



  1. Small trout are the best I think, especially in a cold spring fed pond or real cold river.

    In all honesty I used to make my brother clean the fish. I thought it was animal cruelty but they are tasty!

  2. I love trout. I wished we had them here in North Texas. I have to drive all the way to Arkansas to fish for them.

  3. max - you are dead right about a cold river. our river is freezing cold as often the tide from the ocean washes into it - brrrr. but so nice and salty! and honestly, i usually make jambaloney clean them as soon as they are caught - he brings them home already cleaned. we have a few loons and a juvenile eagle that follow him when he goes fishing - they pick up all of his leftovers. i don't really like cleaning them although i can!

    MDR - you got a free pass to come and fish anytime you want. if you are at all interested, you can just google map the framboise river - it's a real beaut! and if you are gonna go all the way to Arkansas you may as well come all of the way to atlantic canada no? bahahahah!

    oh max - you are welcome too. we'll make sure that jambaloney does all the cleaning.

    thanks for stopping in guys!

  4. You're lucky I have to drive a good two hours to get to a trout stream and then it is mostly only stocked fish. I love trout fishing!!! You rock!!!

  5. I like to fish when I can. Most of my fishing has always been salt water, I don't know that much about fresh water fishing. I used to spear fish a lot off-shore till I sold my boat.

  6. I went fishing one time in Florida, the gator ended up eating my bait. Richard

  7. I haven't caught a trout in thirty years...I miss it so much. You guys are lucky.

  8. We have trout, brim and bass here. I never learned to like fish but I guess I could eat it in a pinch. Catfish is ok but we don't have those here.

  9. max: small trout are super tasty and the flesh here is a nice firm pink! as soon as i get them in the boat i give then 3 hard whacks across the back of the head with a piece of a broken shovel handle i carry to kill them instantly so there is minimal suffering. my grandfather taught me how to clean fish when I was 4 so it’s pretty much second nature.

    mdr: i wish you had trout to fish for too, there is something special about catching them – Arkansas is a long haul, hat’s off to you for making the trip!

    pp: i have caught stocked trout a lot, they aren’t the same – i am so happy to be able to catch wild ones here – we ARE lucky!

    duke: we are only 4km (2.5 miles) form the ocean, salt water is next on my list – just need a bigger boat ;-)

    richard: too cold for gators here but a couple of times i’ve seen seagulls eying my lures as i cast.

    stephen: sorry to hear it’s been that long, that would kill me. i feel even luckier now.

    arsenius: one word – BUTTER! just trout, a pan and butter – you would get used to fish real fast!

    thanks for stopping by everyone - you are all invited to come fishing here anytime!

  10. Hi from someone here via Stephen's blog.

    I hope you get your shift key fixed. :-D

  11. hey north - thanks for coming by!!

    we don't use caps, a style we adopted for each other when we both worked for the federal gov't.. kinda like a personal protest to the PowerPoint culture ;-)

  12. North - i have added your blog to our blogroll - you seem pretty cool and anyone who finds us from Stephen's blog is always a welcome addition.

    as for the shift key - like jambaloney said - it is our own personal protest - there are many ways to go "Galt" - teeheeehhee!!!

  13. I'm coming to visit. I hope you have room for me!

  14. Tom - you have the address so you know where to come! and we always have room for you, our dear friend!

    make a plan to come up next spring - we'd love to have you!!!

    your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney

  15. TOM!!

    great to hear from you - check out the vandura post - that's your new home!!!

  16. I love the vandura. You couldn't have picked a better first vehicle!

  17. thanks Tom buddy - the Vandura is yours if you come to visit!