Wednesday, September 28, 2011


one thing that we really like around here is food. and we have some good eats. a few years ago we made the jump to eating as organically and seasonally as possible. now that we are here in framboise it is even easier as we are surrounded by small farms, the majority of which are organic. oh and the dairy here is to die for!

anyway - one thing that we really love to eat is PEEEEZA!!! have a look below at some of the gorgeous specimens of peeeeeza that we have created. oh yes, i forgot to mention that we live an hour and a half from the nearest pizza shop...and no, they do not guarantee delivery in under 30 mins!!! so all of our pizza is hand-made....i have the best pizza dough recipe known to man. and i will share it. below. first a few pics to make your mouth water!

this one is mine. it's what i call a mediterranean. i use olive oil and garlic as the sauce and it has fresh sliced tomatoes, artichoke hearts, black olives, mozzarella and goat's cheese - divine!

this is one of jambaloney's. he likes to make half and half pizza - one half has some stuff and the other half has other stuff. this one is half made with tomatoe, homemade sauce, pepperoni and hot banana peppers. the other side is homemade sauce, chorizo sausage and hot banana peppers. the whole thing is smothered with mozzarella and as you can tell we like our mozzarella! but did i mention that we have awesome dairy here?

anyway, here's a little tutorial. i don't have any pics of making the dough but i promise to take some soon - it's been almost four days since we had a pizza so i am sure that we will be making some soon.

we make our own sauce while letting the dough rest. we use pureed tomatoes and add a ton of garlic, a small shot of vinegar with the mother in it, a small shot of honey and a ton of oregano. (garlic, vinegar with the mother and honey are all natural antibiotics and all 3 help to boost the immune system. i add garlic, honey and vinegar to just about everything!)

so here is the sauce spread on the dough:

when we make combination pizzas (pepperoni, green pepper and mushrooms), i always put a little mozzarella on the sauce - it gives it a nice little bit of cheesiness!

next is the pepperoni - yum!

and of course your green peppers and mushroom!

pile on the mozzarella and:

voila! that's some good eats right there and tastes a thousand times better than pizza from a restaraunt!

yep - that's my plate right there with 2 big slices! the really awesome thing about this pizza dough is that it keeps really well - we always have some left over for the next day and we just re-heat it in the oven. it's delish!

here's another way that we make peeeeeza if we are being pigs. instead of sharing one pizza, we make two on a bigger tray! both of these started with our own sauce, jambaloney's on the left has chorizo, mine has tomatoe.

next are jambaloney's hot banana peppers and mine gets green pepper.

jambaloney adds the mozzarella and i add the mushrooms - oh i love mushrooms on pizza!

jambaloney likes his tomatoes on top, i like mine underneath the cheese.

and there you go - 2 deeelishous peeezas!

that's mine cut into strips.

and that's jambaloney's - you can see how much cheese he puts on his pizza!

ok so now - off to the recipe for the pizza dough. i have no idea where i found the original recipe, but like with all recipes, i tweak them to suit our own needs.

Pizza Dough Recipe


2 and 1/4 teaspoons of traditional rise yeast (we use fleischman's)
1 teaspoon of sugar (we use organic)
1 cup of warm water (110 degrees - use a thermometer - it really matters!)
2 and 1/2 cups of flour
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 teaspoon of salt

1. preheat the oven to 450 degrees. in your bread bowl, dissolve yeast and sugar in the warm water. let it stand, out of any drafts, until creamy - roughly about 10 minutes.
2. stir in the salt, oil and flour. add the flour a bit at a time. stir the dough until smooth and elastic-y. let it rest for 5 minutes.
3. turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface (we use the kitchen table - it's our only counterspace!) and pat and roll out with your hands and then use a rolling pin. once desired thickness is achieved, place dough on to a pizza pan and top with whatever toppings you like. bake in the preheated oven for 15-20 minutes (keep your eye on it at about 12 mins) and remove when pizza is golden brown. let the pizza sit for 5 minutes before cutting into it (this is the Hardest step!)

so there you have it. the best pizza dough recipe in the world - i kid you not! this dough is delicious rolled out super thin, it is just as delicious when it is not rolled out so thin and left a little cakey and thick.

if you love pizza give this dough a try. we love it!


  1. That makes me soooo hungry.I love cheese and mushrooms. I cannot eat pepperoni. This is silly, but if the green pepper and mushroom are mushy, I like those too. So, they have to be cooked. So, I never order them. PP

  2. Oh yummy. Pizza for breakfast would be awesome right about now.

  3. I just printed your dough recipe. Guess I'll try it this if I need another recipe. Those pictures are killer...thanks.

  4. That looks really good. I like pizza a lot, and I love garlic and cheese. My problem is that I don't like to take much time to cook something. This week, I have just been cooking some rice or instant potatoes, and then adding chicken or mushroom soup, something like that. Your meals look much more appetizing.

  5. PP - i love cheese and mushrooms too! last week i made some scalloped potatoes with potatoes that we grew and then made up an awesome creamy, cheesy, mushroom and bacon sauce and layered that between the potatoe layers - oh it was to die for. and we ate so much of it had to go and lay on the couch for the rest of the evening. the only thing that could get us up was going back to the casserole dish for another mouthfull - bhahahah!

    Tango - you got it! we will often save a few pizzas for the next morning for that very reason - it's awesome! and the pizza reheats in the oven really nicely!

    Stephen - it's a great dough. let me know how it turns out for you. oh and take some pics!

    Arsenius i love garlic and cheese too! you need to start making yourself some better meals, i know that you know how to make some great stuff! i also understand how someone loses the motivation to prepare stuff when they are just cooking for themselves! oh and i love mushroom soup and rice - i lived on it in college!

  6. Yippie, a recipe! You lost me at the picture with mushrooms but everything else looks good. I just can't take the texture of cooked mushrooms.

    I'll try to make a pizza when I get back in town and see how it turns out with your instructions.

  7. Wow, looks great. We love homemade pizza around here, too. It's had the unfortunate side-effect that we can no longer enjoy pizza at restaurants - they don't compare.

    BTW, love your van, that thing looks to be in mint condition.

  8. Hi there Jamb and Bunny Ears,

    As an ex-pat Canadian got to admit I enjoy your blog. And here is another of Cape Breton's pleasures for you to enjoy:

    Have to say I loved Nova Scotia when I was there years ago. C'mon now, keep me laughing!


  9. Ron buddy - get that ped back together so i can see the new paint job! i sure am glad that you have been working so diligently on it. thanks for stopping by as i have learned so much from your blog and have enjoyed it for several years now.
    as always - live to ride brother!

  10. Winston - oh my goodness! the rankin family - and when they were super young!!! i copied your link and put it on - tears immediately sprang to my eyes - yelled to jam to get out of the attic and come and watch - and we laughed and i cried and we laughed and i cried!

    i still cannot believe that i am back home. i cannot believe that the Celtic Colours concerts are staged here in my county - Richmond! i am sooo proud of my island and the talent here. and honest to goodness i am a better "jigger" than the rankin sisters - teehee!

    thanks so much for stopping by! but when you leave your next comment - try not to make me cry eh?

    i am glad that you loved Nova Scotia - i sooo love my island and after being away for 25 years - ugh. balm to my soul.

    we'll try and keep you laughing. we get into a lot of shenanigans around here.

    now for a question - where are you currently? do you plan to come back to canada? where are you from?

    if you are uncomfortable posting that here - drop me an email at

    for everyone else who might read this - the rankin family are one of cape breton's treasures!

  11. mmasse - you are very welcome! if you try it out - let us know how it worked for you - we love that recipe!

    thanks for stopping by!

  12. hey y'all !

    i can verify that the dough is real easy to make and the pizza is to die for!!

    soooo good!!!

    thanks for stopping by, give it a try ;-)

  13. The bad news? This means we have to have pizza tonight.

    The good news? This means we have to have pizza tonight!

  14. Kathi - make sure to let us know how it works out! am going to check out your blog right now!

    thanks for stopping in!

  15. I want take out now... OMG can you mail me one of those?

    They look fab.

  16. My wife, Kathi N. is right. Pizza tonight. Only we will not be able to use your dough recipe to night. We will be trying it very soon. We will be having sour dough crust on our pizza tonight.

    And, I now have to dry off the key board, because of all the drool, from looking at those yummy pizza's of yours. We will add your recipe with our others. Thanks.

    Also, I have a Rankin in my family. They live in Arkansas. He is of Scottish descent.

  17. one more time for Kathi - just met a brand new friend! thanks for the email and please let me know how the pizza turns out!

    PPreppy - all i need is an address and i will send one to you - with whatever toppings you like. it might be a little soggy when it gets there tho! thanks for stopping in, dear friend!

    Flier389 - i didn't know that Kathi was your wife but what a doll! anyway - i am compiling some "prepper" information for her and will email it to her this eve or tomorrow evening. and if you have a great sour dough recipe YOU MUST SHARE!!!

    and thank you Sir for the nice words about the pizzas - we really love 'em!

    as for having a Rankin in the family - you are one blessed man for sure. and got some good DNA in you. of course he is of Scottish descent - i bet the original family came from Cape Breton - or Scotland - but i am leaning more towards Cape Breton!

    thank you for stopping by again and i look forward to many more posts from you!

    your friend,

  18. Max - don't know i missed your comment above. sorry to hear that you don't like mushrooms in pizza - i looove my mushrooms. ya, please give it a try and let me know how it turns out! thanks for stopping by!

    your friend,

  19. Thanks for the photo's. Now I'm hungry. I've been makin my own pizza for a long time. People who have never tried to make their own are really missing out on good food that is easy to make. Again thanks for sharing!


  20. Yukon Mike - thanks for stopping by and thanks for the email - it is always nice to make new internet friends! and you are dead right - once you get used to home-made pizza - you will never eat one out again!

    thank you so much for stopping by!