Sunday, September 24, 2017

jambaloney here!

trout season ends Aug 31 so on that day I go for one last trout fishing trip...

this year it was after a thunderstorm - good fishing!

heading out...

i was heading left of these clouds..

 looks a bit menacing - i am okay at reading weather- i thought it would be safe...

maybe i was wrong ;-)

keep paddling!!

looks like i gambled and won!! double rainbow!!

pretty awesome skies


and oh oh..

sun again!!!

decent skies now...

oh yeah great full catch of pre-spawn brookies for sweet sandy!!


and home before dark!!

the sun casts some great light this time of year..

bee balm in sunset!!

hope you are all having a great early fall so far - cheers!


  1. Great pictures, J. Glad the storm didn't come up and turn over your boat. Kymber and the cats need you!

  2. Well done Jam. And as always, thanks for the pictures.

  3. What beautiful skies! And those trout! Yummo!

  4. Gorgeous photos of my home waters! I love seeing these so much. I remember catching a big brookie at one of those grassy spots when I was a little kid. It was stuffed with minnows coming out of its mouth and still feeding... blew my mind at the time!

  5. Jambaloney and Kymber,

    I always love the beautiful pictures of your area up there. The water looks so relaxing, and the gorgeous skies open up with those amazing clouds, and rainbows.

    Nice catch!!! How did you cook your trout?

    Sending hugs and love you way.
    Sandy and Bulldog Man

  6. You think that it being Oct. is bad, Sammy is going to be 4 end of next month. Glad your both safe.