Sunday, September 10, 2017

brief update

although it is going to look like jambaloney is isn't's me....kymber.

my computer died the day before yesterday, so me man is gone into town to get me a new one...nothing fancy and on sale too - woohoo!

once he gets home, he'll be downloading my old hard-drive so that i won't lose anything (even though he backs up our computers every week) and then he'll set me up with a new computer that i will probably hate!

i can still respond to comments using his computer but it will come up as jambaloney and not kymber. no biggee. i've got a great post of daily harvests coming and we are cooking our first tiny corn today - woohoo!

sending our love and prayers to houston, florida and any remnant states. please be safe friends.


  1. Oh fun, a new computer....I hate that too lol...I'm just NOT good at change...I've mentioned before on my blog that before I met Alex in 2013, I was still using Windows 98....

  2. Thank you for the thoughts!!! Look at you all fancy with a new computer, ha.

  3. What a pain. But good on Jam for backing up weekly (he says to himself, knowing he should do this too).

  4. Tiny corn! I am usually pretty flexible except when it comes to new computers and new operating systems. HATE them! Looking forward to another chapter in Paradise... xoxoxo