Thursday, September 14, 2017

super river day!

it was a super river day! and remember that great harvest i got the other day? well, i made a salsa with all of our fresh was deelish!

we had it for breakfast before doing our daily checks of cats to make sure they are still alive.

you have to check them several times a day!

can anyone say that they have built a cooler "river shed" than this one?

i didn't think so. the man is a genious when it comes to taking scraps of junk and other people's garbage and somehow turning it into a thing of beauty. take for example this gorgeous boardwalk.

junk and scrap wood he just finds???? whatever. i love my boardwalk!




here we are headed to our secret islands. where we guerrilla garden.

there are so many islands in our river...i'm not even showing you a third of them!

chuck a couple of potatoes, some garlic bulbils, some herb seed....who knows what will and will not grow???

more islands than you can possibly explore...but we intend to explore every one. we've probably explored a thousand by now. all good for guerrilla gardening.

oh no - i'm not done yet - there's tons more islands!

little pretty ones like this guy who may or may not have had garlic bulbils thrown on him - who knows these things?

and another one? geesh - these things are everywhere. hiding in plain sight except nobody knows about them or goes to them?

now we're heading back home. so beautiful our river.

and we are proud to say that we own most of that swampland! hey, anybody want to buy some waterfront? we got a ton of it!

and there's our little bay.

i know that not everyone can afford the expensive accoutrements that we have. like below.

an old blanket that the movers left us 7 years ago...our 5 yr old lounger covers...we've been using that plastic bag for at least 3 yrs - it goes in the kitty litter bucket to store my camera when we are out on the water.

of course - we always eat like kings when we are at the river. beet green salad with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, hemp hearts, chia seeds, hemp oil and black currant vinegar.

with some nasturtium flowers and some pepperettes. 

we know that we have chosen the hard path in life and if anyone wants to send us any money - we'd be more than happy to take it - bahahahahahah! just kidding kids! sometimes i just get too funny even for myself!

we had another excellent harvest today which i will show you tomorrow - we even went to the beach today and now we are sorely wore out. nothing that a nap can't fix! i'll be off to your blogs in a bit! until then - sending love!


  1. You are very fortunate. And you know what? The life we choose is our best life, it might be a hard path but my gosh, look at that river and those can that be labeled as "hard"? It's WORTH every ounce of work we put into getting it! I'm envious! Your salsa looks awesome, it's Mexican night here in the Laurentians! :)) Nice little heat wave this week!

    1. Rain - you are dead right about us being fortunate enough to live this life. but, like you and alex, we made some decisions and then made it happen. it takes time but eventually you get there. and yes, spending the day exploring islands in a giant, beautiful river with not another soul to be seen for miles - it's hard!

      Yum. mexican night. gotta check out your blog...hopefully there are pics.

      sending love to you both and all of your little furbabies! xoxox

  2. I feel like when you say SUPER RIVER DAY there should be a power up involved...

    1. wha? wha? there was a ton of power up involved - we were flying through the river! and i only ever show the side of the river that is on google maps. we got a whole nuther river on the other side of us that google maps doesn't show - woohoo! we love that! xoxo

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful river. I love all those islands to discover - it could take a lifetime. How cool is that?!?

    1. Susan - it is a beautiful river and like i said to TB above, i only show the side of the river that is on google maps - there's a whole nuther river to the left of us that is full of islands and 6 different mountain estuaries. a person would need 5 lives to explore all of our river...but we got stamina and we will try! xoxoxo

  4. Always love looking at that river... hope all is good with you guys!