Thursday, October 5, 2017

october 5th?!?!?!?!? where in the heck did september go?!?!?!?

it's been a while since we posted....and thank goodness we take tons of pictures...otherwise we wouldn't know where september went!!!! september was an awesome month - thank you septemeber!!!

we had beach days.

and beautiful sunsets.

and hazy days.

and sunny days.

we had some beautiful days!

and sunsets!

misty mornings...

mulch to amend our garden beds was made.

and beautiful sunsets.

some days were cloudy.

some days were bright.

and some days were cloudy and bright!

or a little bit of cloud but mostly bright!

we harvested....

and harvested...

and harvested...

daily harvests started looking like this:

i had to start up freezer bags for all of the tomatoes and peppers...i will make sauces out of them when we are done harvesting...

which with 2 greenhouses going full-tilt-boogy - we'll still be harvesting in novemeber - woohoo!

we dried some herbs:

we'll dry more...

we grew corn!!!!

they said it couldn't be done! have a look at these little babies - deelish!

our own potatoes and rosemary!

we've been eating really well. lettuce cups of homemade salsa:

saw the fish guy and got a ton of fish. halibut and corn and scallops - i looooooove scallops!!!

a variety of miso-based veg soups :


many stir-fries and homemade kimchi!

that kimchi is to die for! of course there was much sushi!

and jambaloney had his steak with fried veg and raw tomatoes weekly!

yuuuuum. tempura. with real kimchi and a deadly soy sauce. tempuuuuuura!!!

more stir-fries.


another daily harvest of good stuff that we grow ourselves and eat!

river days and boat trips!

river lunches!

zuchinni fritters and our own blackberries.

of course - there have been many homegrown potatoe fries and poutine!

harvesting garlic bulbils.

more miso-inspired soup with radish and carrot kimchi...i lov emaking kimchi!

more harvests.

jambaloney's never-ending jar of pickled peppers - i add to it every 2nd or 3rd day!!!

today it is a little overcast. no worries we made and canned chicken soup. i'll show you all of the stuff we have canned during september.

a little gray and cloudy means jambaloney busts out the sunshine machine and makes us a cocktail:

he's been busy working on his contract, working on the driveway, working in the yard, making mulch, getting 3 of our raised beds amended and ready for fall planting (garlic is done and onions go out tomorrow) - plus all of the other stuff around here that he does - he's a busy guy!

me? i've been petting cats, giving them their daily mcsauges, chasing the man around the yard with a glass of water, feeding cats, making food and generally just loving life.

stay tuned as the next post will contain all of the stuff we have already canned and stuff we plan to can. knowing that you have food to get you through the upcoming winter and knowing EXACTLY what is in that food - ugh. the feeling is of tremendous relief!

jambaloney will have a post coming soon about the work he has done in the driveway - it's pretty impressive!

sending love to you all.


  1. My mouth literally watered at the sight of those tomatoes! MmmMmm good I bet.

  2. I wish we were still getting tomatoes... those look delicious! Mmm, Mmm, Mmmm!!!

  3. You're living the good life, enjoy! :-)

  4. Kymber,

    Your place always looks amazing no matter what the weathers like up there. I just love all the pictures you've shared with us.

    Nice harvests!!! It sure looks like you have plenty of garlic to get you through this winter. Are you just planting your onions now? Inside the green house or outside?

    OMG.....look at all this amazing food you've made!!! You know you'll have some drooling friends making messes on their computers while they look at your pictures and read your post.

    Can't wait to read your upcoming posts.
    Sending hugs and love your way.

  5. Wow! I wish I'd had breakfast before reading this post, all those wonderful pictures are making me sooo hungry. Your harvest is inspiring me for next year :D

  6. Oh, my goodness! Your tomatoes and CORN! Your food! Your skies! I feel like Pavlov's dog as soon as I see a new post listed!

  7. wow your food looks gorgeous!

  8. Your garden bounty looks great. And your weather pictures are always so beautiful.

  9. If you were down here you could be enjoying another hurricane with us!