Tuesday, May 10, 2016

tomatoes have been transplanted, potatoes are suntanning, many herbs have been planted and a few busy days!

busy few days...but at least all of that fog and mist moved out. i love fog - i think it is a magical time and faeries come out to play because they know that we will have a very hard time seeing them. but having some blue and some sun.....that's my fave.

these 13 pepper plants might look a little scraggly and sad but we overwintered them in the house - and somehow they survived! they even produced 5 peppers over the winter! now that they are in the hot greenhouse they will bush out and start producing peppers much earlier than i ones i planted from seed last week!

probably a good enough time to throw in some dinner (please don't ever call it lunch to my face - it's DINNER!). i normally make a beautiful from-scratch salsa but - being without teeth - i need to gum everything. so i had to blitzkreig the salsa and guacamole. i have no problem chewing through the chicken and the refried beans. but i have to eat my wrap with a knife and fork.

check out these 200 potatoe seeds that we saved from our own plants last year! we have 60 irish cobblers, 60 yukon gold, 40 russets and 40 red chieftains. we have found through trial and error that those numbers can keep us in potatoes until around mid-march. all while providing us with seed potatoes for the following year.

that's 7 years and counting of never buying potatoe seed and knowing that our potatoes have never been exposed to pesticides or any other kind of "icides". we grow our potatoes in tire towers....it makes my buddy Pioneer Preppy stark raving mad!!!!

kids - i keep talking about teeth and what i can eat/gum without having any teeth. if i am boring you to death, i am sorry. but i just know that i was talked into fillings, keeping teeth, getting crowns and bridges, then partials....all to no avail. i have ground my teeth since i was a baby and nothing made me stop grinding them - especially in bed all night long! when i think of the thousands of dollars that i spent trying to keep my teeth and constantly needing re-adjustments for this or that....i wish i had of had them removed 10 yrs ago. since having them removed - NOT a single headache or migraine. NOT ONE! here's hoping that the migraines and headaches were due to grinding. and if someone would have shared all of this info with me years ago - i never would have put myself through all the various manifestations of dentistry. so, if you are having constant problems with your teeth, i am giving you my advice from my experience - do with it what you will.

if any of you would like to talk about any of this, my email address is kymberzmail@gmail.com

here's a great sushi salad - all of which i can eat woohoo!

there's rice, dipping sauce, lobster, tuna, avocado, hot peppers (jambaloney was crying eating them - i won't touch the things - i have used them to make fire before. no - it's really true - they're deadly!) and some hearts of palm and pickled onions. deelish!

my tomatoe seedlings in the greenhouse in the house were all 5-8 inches long - they HAD to be transplanted! we buried them up to their little heads and put them in these 5 gallon pots. we'll bring them outside at the beginning of june and jambaloney will make a windbreak thing for them.

lots and lots of tomatoes plus a whole pile of other stuff - some overwintered, some started in little pots to be planted outside in the beds in a few weeks.

lots of herbs were planted! we are herb crazy - we eat the herbs raw in a variety of food and then dry some for the winter months.

more herbs and various pots of things.

here's 5 more trout jambaloney caught the other day.

the 2 biggest are for Pioneer Preppy and the 3 small ones are for Sweet Sandy. it's actually kind of amazing that both of us love any kind of fish or seafood (except for swordfish - i didn't care for that at all!)...but we have access to some of the freshest fish, seafood and shellfish - it's awesome!

which brings me to another plate of sushi - we can't get enough of it and eat it just about 3 times a week!

that's lobster, tuna and avocado sushi. the dipping sauce is the kicker - raw ginger, raw garlic, soya, sesame oil and rice wine vinegar. normally there would be chives and green onions but the chives are just coming up and i am not holding out hope on green onions this year. i think i am going to cheat and plant organic onions in order to get the green shoots.

so we have had a couple of busy days, jambaloney is working on his contract and then we are off to do this:

well not jambaloney. he would try to kill himself with a rubber mallet if i ever even suggested that he get a merman tail. he's actually as in love with our river and ocean as much as i am. it's just that he's a trout - not a merman!

hoping you all have had a fine couple of days. 


  1. MMMM Trout!!! And ya know those three are big enough this time I won't even steal Sandy's trout because I am generous like that and have enough already. UNless she waits too long and I snatch hers anyway :)

    I love all forms of seafood except oysters but my fav is really bluefin tuna steaks.

  2. I have been meaning to ask about the tires. I see you use them for potatoes and thought I saw another post where you grew something else in them. Is there no food safety concern about using tires or is that an old wives tale?

  3. I always thought that swordfish tastes like veal.

  4. I want to try and keep peppers going through to the next year but wont until we have done an extension to the house and have some south facing windows, we are now growing from our own seed potatoes hope its something we can continue to do.
    I have just read back on your blog about your dental problems, I now have a partial fitted, I had six implants fitted after a parting gift from my ex, after 20 years the implants started to become loose and I decided to go with a partial than go through all that again and the cost.

  5. Your LUNCH looks delicious as always! ;)

  6. That sushi! Wow is all I can say. Glad you are feeling better. Love the mermaid tail, you look so relaxed.

  7. I'm sure sorry the dental thing has been such a trial for you. I know it hurts.

    Now that we are gardening I can better appreciate your efforts there. We are not anywhere near on your scale, but we are trying to get a good grip on gardening. I find I enjoy some of it, though not the hard work.

    "Who will help me eat the tomatoes?" said the Little Red Hen.

    " I will," said Harry, "but I'll be utterly damned if I'm going to spread in the pig poop!"

  8. We accidental overwintered some peppers this year due to a temperate winter. Sure enough, they are moving back on and producing for us.

    The food, as always, looks delicious.

    Much love! - TB

  9. There is so much going on up there! You are rich beyond imagining!

  10. I think I'll quit lurking and just make myself at home here. For the record, I'm jealous of your obvious green thumb. I try, but often fail. At least I keep trying. (and so far, my herbs are doing great this year!)

  11. Sweet Kymber,
    aka: Mermaid :PPP

    You've been very busy in your greenhouse girlie :-) Before you know it you'll have all kinds of stuff to tend too. I see you and Jam have been out fishing and cooking some delicious trout....YUM....I'm so jealous, no fishing here lately :-(

    Homemade sushi!!! OMG....LOOKS AMAZING!!!
    Wish I live close to you both.
    Sending hugs and love your way.

  12. Only you, only you could wear a Mermaid tail and not get arrested for doing it. :D