Saturday, May 28, 2016

the canada150 tulip....and a cat mermaid!

kind of a crazy day with lots of clouds...then a bit of sun...then more clouds.....

did you know that next year is canada's 150th birthday? yes, yes indeed. we're babies when it comes to how old we are compared to other countries....but canada has many historical incidences that make this country special.

one of which is little known among many people from other countries - is our national tulip festival that happens every year in the spring in our nation's capital of ottawa. for the past 70 years, the kingdom of the netherlands sends several hundred thousand of tulip bulbs to canada and we celebrate the tulip festival in spring - the time of renewal and revival.

why does the kingdom of the netherlands send us several hundred thousand tulip bulbs every year? well, you may not know this - but we have a very special relationship with the netherlands. you can read more about this special relationship here but, in a nutshell....during WWII, canada took in the dutch royal family, and Princess Margriet was born in canada.

for you history buffs out there (i am talking to you W and Harry) - here is some more info about the canadian military during WWII:

"During 1945, the First Canadian Army was responsible for liberating the Netherlands, which they did through battles such as the Battle of the Scheldt and the Liberation of Arnhem. The liberation of the Randstad, one of the most densely populated areas in the world, is especially notable because the civilian population there was still suffering from the horrific effects of the Hongerwinter ('Hungerwinter'). It was cut off from food that was available in the rest of the Netherlands. German forces in the Netherlands would finally surrender in Wageningen, on 5 May 1945, but not before some 18,000 Dutch civilians died as a result of starvation and malnutrition (desperate coordinated air drops of food had already been staged by the Royal Canadian Air Force over German-occupied Dutch territory in Operation Manna. Civilians wrote "Thank You Canadians!" on their rooftops in response). Immediately following the surrender, Canadian units were able to move into the Randstad and rapidly distribute desperately needed food supplies, causing many to see the Canadians not only as liberators but as saviours." (source:

and in honour of canada's 150th birthday next year....the canada150 tulip was created. and guess who has a few??? it's us, you sillies!

here are 2 of my canada150 tulips....

they are not in full bloom yet. but they will look like this when they do bloom:

they will look like a maple leaf! how awesome is that?!?!?!?!? i cannot wait to propagate a trillion of these beauties.

well in more awesome news, while jambaloney's mom and step-dad were travelling around on a cruise - they saw this sign....and thought of me!!!

a cat-mermaid......there is really nothing more to be said - bahahahahhahah!

(if you wish to learn more about canada's tulip legacy, go here.)


  1. A mer-cat! Love it! Great pictures and those tulips are gorgeous!

  2. Does that make it a "purr-maid?" Lovely tulip.

  3. We have a town nearby founded by Dutch and they have a tulip festival every year with hundreds of thousands of bulbs. It is quite the site to see. As far as I know though, they don't have their own bulb like Canada.

  4. I like that cat mermaid. Like something out of a Greek myth.

    We don't have any tulips. I don't know if it's because of our soil, our weather, or the chickens but I am sure my wife tried to plant them at some time or other.

  5. I would like to find that bulb, what's the name of it?? Stay safe.

  6. Canada has a lot to be proud of. I am glad we are neighbors and friends.I have been to your wonderful country and all Canadians everywhere should be very proud.My best to you and Jamb.

  7. Well you drew me in with the Cat-mermaid, but I'm glad I clicked over and saw the Canada150. It's gorgeous!

  8. A Catamaid would be a very confused creature I think.

    Do you think the 1st Canadian army had any Trenchies?

  9. What a beautiful tulip! When I lived in the Netherlands, some many years ago, it was so much fun to buy flowers at the local markets. I know you and your luvbug are on top of the latest new thing - so of course you have canada150s!