Sunday, May 8, 2016

another foggy, misty day...but that's ok...Pioneer Preppy accepted my Leibster nomination - woohoo!

it's been foggy, misty, rainy and grey for over a week now. you can't see our mountain range or Strachan's Brook out front.

you also can't see the river out back.

it is a very surreal feeling when it's this misty/foggy. but beautiful raindrops on tulip leaves always make me think of diamonds.

as for the lotus experiment....scarify the seeds, kids. i started 2 lotus seeds last monday with no scarification and nothing has happened yet. i scarified 2 lotus seeds on wednesday and they are sending up their first shoots!

when jambaloney is next in town, he will get me a pretty punch-bowl-thingy to plant my lotuses in. then i will take them outside and put them on the table next to the hottub. it will be so pretty to look at.

we moved our well-established herbs out of the greenhouse to make room for the tomatoes to go in tomorrow.

my tomatoe seedlings are huge and we are planting them all in 5 gallon pots. they will live in the greenhouse for a while and then they will be moved outside.

we also moved our lettuce/beet trays outside. jambaloney threw a little table thing together in 5 minutes out of junk wood. he'll build us a proper salad tray in the next few days.

here are some comfrey roots that i am rooting for my new friend P and our most special friend W. i want them to establish strong roots before mailing them out to our friends.

this garlic bed is going gangbusters. we planted 100 of them in the fall and will harvest them in september. we planted another hundred in a different bed this spring and will let them go until we have to take them out of the ground...probably about novemberish.

we were up at the crack of dawn this morn, played our cards, did our walk around, hit the hottub, jambaloney worked on his contract for a few hours, we filled 30-some odd tomatoe pots to get ready for transplanting tomorrow....and the man has gone on his first "fishing in the canoe" trip now. normally he is out right when trout season starts (mid-april) - but he's been so busy with work at home, going in to work, doing homestead stuff - he hasn't been out in his canoe yet this year. he is going to have a wonderful time and i think i will send him back out this evening. he needs some relaxation - he's been working pretty much every day since january.

and - get ready for it kids - Pioneer Preppy accepted my Leibster nomination and answered my questions - woohoo! it shows just how much he really cares for me although he'd never admit it. you can read his answers to my questions here.

thanks PP - yer a swell pal!


  1. My wife hates cloudy and foggy weather. I always enjoyed a reasonable amount of it.

  2. You can keep the Fog and the rain up there. I need to get in my garden.....

  3. Hey Gurlie Gurl.... I swear I am blog lifting some of these You live in a such a beautiful place. Sorry I have not yet accepted the nomination, been busy and off the ole PC. Got lots going on which I will email you about later.

    Much love to you and Jam xoxoxoxox your friend always

  4. Cant wait to see the tomatoes. I dont know what I have done to mine they are growing like crazy. Ive sent you and Jam and email. Your going to go OMG! lmao love it.

    Have a lovely sunday evening, the temp has pushed 29 oC here today. Everything is wilting including me!!!

  5. Dont know why I have never pop over to your blog before, glad I did now love it :-)

  6. Been foggy here as well, I watched it roll in last night in about five minutes whilst I was feeding the sheep.
    Your garlic stays in the ground a long time if you dont harvest until September. mines out well before tehn, I wonder why yours stays in so much longer? It would go rotten if I tried that as once it's ripe it then starts to grow if it gets damp.

  7. I am just lulling you into a false sense of trust so I can toss a net over you and filet that mermaid tail :)

  8. I love the fog. It always makes the world seems so silent.

  9. ooooo do you now what strain of comfrey you have by any chance?

  10. See! Jambaloney can throw some junk wood together in five minutes. It takes me days to get something together!

  11. I love a misty fog, myself. It makes things so quiet and lovely. That being said, I only like a small amount of misty fog. Looks like you two love bugs are going gangbusters!

  12. I love fog. It's so mysterious and yet beckoning to come see it. It's like it is protecting a big secret.

    Lovely pics!