Tuesday, May 17, 2016

mid-may update!

it's been a couple of nice days.

today is a little grey so we are doing mostly inside jobs. jambaloney was at work on-site yesterday and is back again tomorrow, but thursday, friday and saturday  are supposed to be gorgeous days - woohoo! might even be able to take my mermaid tail down to the river! did i already say woohoo? well woohoo again!

do any of you grow chickpeas? we love chickpeas and they are something i have never tried to grow.

i love making various chickpea salads - this one is chickpeas, red pepper, avocado, EVOO, lemon, garlic and some baby frisee. yummeh!

yesterday i planted some fun things in the greenhouse - i planted myrrh, stevia and anise. i had anise growing in the front yard last year but it doesn't look like it's coming back. anise has a wonderful licorice flavour, makes a beautiful tea using the leaves and fresh flowers, and can also be dried for use during the winter. myrrh has many medicinal uses that you can read about here. stevia can be used as a natural replacement for sugar...so if i can get it and the sugarbeets growing - we'll always have a source of sugar.

here's some sugary/whiskey chicken that i made the other night - it was sooooome good!

and because my friend W is always asking for pictures of the cats - here's Mobie-Moe sleeping on a chair that he's about to fall off of!

Frankie Blue Eyes in his basket on the dishwasher.

the only smart one is noodie-noo all sprawled out in a chair.

i grow a ton of catnip and give them some fresh every day - one leaf each. then when it starts getting cold, i start drying the fresh nip for them to have over the winter. these cats are spoiled!

i'll be reading my new books tomorrow while jam is at work - i can't wait! and then we'll be out planting for real for the following 3 days - soooo much fun and rewarding when everything is in the ground!


  1. Your food always looks so good, the dishes and presentation make it look like something in a restaurant.

  2. Love the cat shots, they'd sleep anywhere. Enjoy the good weather!

  3. I have chickpeas growing this year, they are fairly easy no diffrent to growing peas, enjoy your sunshine and your planting sessions, i love it when its all planted out :-)

  4. Darn you! You always make me hungry! lol

  5. Chickpeas, cowpeas, blackeyed peas are all about the same. I grew them the last few years but not this year of course because of the fence stuff but they always grew well and left many volunteers for the next year too.

  6. Blackeye peas are the one surprising thing I have found growing here. They are more than reliable year after year.

    I am intrigued - what do you use myrrh for? How does it grow?

    Much love, TB

  7. Good Lordy Gurlie...Mobie Moe is one big kitty..lol
    you are such a good cat mommy.
    sugary/whiskey chicken looks darn good. Because it was once a major crop in these parts, I have often thought of growing Indigo...I think it would be kind of cool.....

    Much love to you and Jam

  8. We've grown other peas/beans in the past, but I've never even thought about growing chickpeas. I love them and will be making chickpea "chicken salad" later today - one of my faves! They've become a staple for me since I've gone totally plant-based.

    Kitty photos are always welcome.