Tuesday, April 19, 2016

a bit of this and that.....

yesterday was cloudy all morning and early afternoon...but then the blue patch came and we had a lovely rest of the day!

kids - the gums are healing up really well! the denturist wanted me to not do any chewing with the gums for at least a month - he told me it would be hard and let me tell you - eating mush every day for the past month has not been easy. but i persevered. the denturist said wait one month to let the gums heal (they are almost all closed up) and then start chewing easy things to chew.

so in my not proudest cooking moment - last night i made macaroni, with chicken and mushroom and soya milk. the macaroni was cooked to sheer mushiness, as was the chicken and mushroom. jambaloney claimed it tasted deevine! he was lying just to cheer me up because i used my gums to gum my macaroni, chicken and mushrooms - woohoo. i had to blitzkreig my veg, tho.

and then there is chilled avocado soup - something that is supposed to blitzkreiged! we've had this a lot over the past month...don't know why i didn't put up a post about it???

i use 2 avocados, the juice of a whole lime, half a cup of coconut milk, a big dump of cumin, a pinch of cayenne, a pinch of turmeric and cayenne, and a ton of salt and pepper. you blitzkreig this until it is a smooth puree, add some orange peel shavings and then stick it in the freezer for a few hours. it is deelish - with or without teeth.

today has been a bit of a grey day in more ways than one.

first off - it's a pretty grey and cloudy day. second off - jambaloney is at work on-site today. i never sleep well when i know he has to go to work the next day. actually neither of us slept very well last night. he was awake at 3 and just stayed in bed with me. but i had been tossing and turning all night and at 3:30am - got up and hoped i wouldn't wake him. but he was already awake and came out to feed the cats with me, feed the birds, do the berkey filters, play cards, have his shower and get ready.

it's strange....but we honestly hate leaving the property and can go over a month of only seeing each other and spending time with each other. people think i am silly when i say that i miss him when he is gone to work for the day - i don't think it's silly at all. we have both come to the conclusion that if neither of us ever had to leave our property and never see another living being except each other and our cats - we'd be perfectly happy!

even when i am out planting things and he is out building or fixing things - i always go and find him after about 40 mins and bring him his water and say "babe. drink some water. i love you". he calls me "the water nazi". but i have to be one and always on the ball with the water...otherwise he would work 14 straight hours in the sun and not even think to take a sip of water. we really are the best half of each other and make a really good whole.

i'm sappy cuz i miss my baby and know that he has to go in again tomorrow. i'll probably die. i don't think he's ever had to go in 2 days in a row...but today he has to download some stuff on the server and tomorrow he has to teach the new girl. he's hoping that based on her skills, he'll be able to pass off some of the small stuff he does - which is really important - but is a time killer for him at home. he wants to move past the small stuff (which isn't small - trust me!) and bust out his real ninja skills!

anyway - on to more uplifting news....almost all of the tomatoes have come up - woohoo!

in only 3 days!

they are a little scraggly looking but they will thicken out with the fluorescent lights on the side of them and the natural light coming through the front door which is all window.

my friends, actually my 2 Sweet Angels (inside joke between the 3 of us) have stuff already in the ground and growing!!!! i'll get stuff in the ground soon...we usually have to wait until end April/beginning of May to put stuff in the ground. but we have an extended growing season which really helps. soon i'll be complaining about my constantly black fingernails.

yikes! i just had an email pop up from jambaloney....gotta run!


  1. Hey Angel... thank you for the sweet comment over at my place.

    I know the feeling...I hate it when Senior and the boys are gone, or when I am away from them. And I also hate leaving the estate..

    I know you cant wait to be off this mushy/liquid diet. I was gonna ask you if you have a mini chopper, but it sounds like you do.
    Glad to see your stuff starting to sprout, we have all kinds of stuff coming up down here, Senior just gotta put our soap around the garden to keep the deer out or they will start tearing up the corn.

    Much love to you and Jam...xoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. "And I also hate leaving the estate.."

      We should start a hermit club for those of us who hate to leave the home place. We'll vote Harry to be the club president.

    2. Matt,

      Sounds like a plan!!! We all love just staying on the homestead/estate away from all the craziness.

  2. Must have felt good to chew (sort-off) something because living out of a blender for more than a day is enough to drive anyone insane.
    We're all looking forward to a picture of the new you with a big bright smile. Hand in there girl it's almost over! :-)

  3. I admire your perseverance. Not chewing for a month would drive me crazy.

    I also get the stay close to home philosophy. Honestly, most weekends that I do not have to go out I do not. I am perfectly happy at the homestead, either doing things that need doing or communicating with people (mostly electronically) at my leisure, not at the forced convenience of others.

    Much love! - TB

  4. I think it is totally dang wonderful that you two halves make a whole and let us bask in the glow of your love. I would happily join the hermit club - give me my dogs and days on end of being home and I am completely happy. I hold that thought up as the light at the end of this working tunnel. xoxo

  5. Sweet Angel Kymber,

    I so know how you feel about having your man away at work, and missing him. You two are very close, best friends, and soul mates. I'm sure you and Jam complete each other sentences when chatting. It's as if you're one. Keeping yourself busy around the homestead will make the day go by fast.....then before you know it, your man will be home back in your arms.
    You have plenty of friends who would love to join that hermit club. Stay home, and away from all the busyness of the world today.

    I'm so happy to hear your gums are healing nicely, and your taking solid foods gently.

    Hang in there dear friend, if you want to chat call any time.

    Hugs, and love to you both.

  6. I think I would try and make you the extra thick Sammich nazi to go with that water though :)

  7. It's tough when one of you has to be gone a lot. M and I lived for seven years with her working so far away she could only come home on Friday evening and had to leave Sunday Afternoon. It was hard but it enabled us to have a good retired life, and to do a lot for our kids we couldn't have done otherwise.

    I know you and J miss each other, but I think down the road the additional income will make your life even better than it is now, and you two have a great life now!