Friday, April 22, 2016

2 beautiful days in a row!

yesterday morning, jambaloney got this beautiful picture of the moon.

the moon wreaks havoc on us being that we are both scorpios. our sleep patterns are very heavily-affected by the moon...and now that we are so close to the ocean, and everyone knows that the moon affects the i say...the moon wreaks havoc on us. but the moon also takes care of us in different ways. i won't go into more astrology than that as i do not wish to offend any readers.

what a gorgeous day yesterday was.

gorgeous and WINDY! even jambaloney was having trouble not getting blown away!!!

here's some beets we planted - we'll be eating beet greens soon! we loooooove beet greens!

here's some red-veined sorrel, parsley and mint that we overwintered in the greenhouse.

and some oregano, cone flowers and lemon balm that we also overwintered. that greenhouse is a joy to have!

here is a sage plant that is becoming a tree.

we overwintered it and i plan to cut it down to it's main branches in order for it to bush out. i will use the cut stalks to "smudge" us whenever we come home from an event or when jambaloney goes to work. we feel that since we do not go to other people's houses, or community events, or jam going to work very often - we feel that we bring bad bacteria and negativity with us. by having a a sage "smudge" will help to keep us healthy. i will also be cutting back our rosemary, thyme and lemon balm to add to the "smudge" stick. again, i won't go into any of this any deeper - we have our beliefs and you have yours and we respect that.

kids - how about an entire plate of food that i can eat??? yes, i even gummed some of it!

jambaloney was in to work on monday and tuesday and you all know what tuesday means, right? THE FISH GUY! jam bought all of his tuna - but he gave jam 2 for free because jam is such a good customer. jam also got the first of the season's scallops - wahooooey for me! i looooooooove scallops! so that plate above is raw tuna on rice (which i can eat/gum), avocado on rice (which i can eat/gum), scallops in all of their glory cooked only in butter ( which i can eat/gum when cut into tiny pieces) and a beautiful strawberry, when once mashed with a fork, i can eat/gum. oh goodness that was an awesome meal!

yesterday afternoon in the hottub it was blue and cloudy and WINDY as oh heck. but beautiful!

i love the clouds here...even though they cover the sun - they are still beautiful to look at!

here's last evening's beautiful!

want some more beautiful? how about these gorgeous organically-grown strawberries?

although we try very hard to eat locally and seasonally - jambaloney knew that i would love to make a chilled strawberry soup with these - so he bought them. they are organic and from california and i checked their website and they seem like real nice people...but hey, let's admit they must be adding something to get strawberries so big! i didn't care! i made strawberry and mint soup with almond milk out of them. it's in the freezer now chilling.

and because i am finally allowed to chew/gum food - i had to have more scallops. fresh caught the day before yesterday.

they taste like the ocean. and everytime we go swimming in the ocean i take a big gulp of ocean water and drink it. i do the same at the river. yes, i love putting my hands in dirt and planting seeds, yes i love to take jambaloney out in the rain naked and drink some of the rain and run around with muddy feet and laugh our heads off, yes i am proud that he has come into a job that he loves - he's working on it right now - but i also love to drink the ocean and river water.

i am a water sign. nothing brings me more joy than water. and putting my hands, feet, head or whole body in water. except for jambaloney and my 3 lazy cats. jambaloney is the same as he is a water sign too! he loves the ocean as he did not grow up swimming everyday in the summer in the ocean.

jam is almost finished getting a crucial part of his work finished. then we are going outside for our first Official Day of Framboise Manor Suntanning afternoon. if not today - then it will be tomorrow. stay tuned. i'll keep y'all informed.

sending love!


  1. As a fellow scorpio I totally get it. And those strawberries look delicious. Happy I stumbled onto your blog. :)

  2. Yes the cloud and moon shots are awesome, but my fave is those fat ole strawberries! yumm

  3. So glad you are able to eat(gum) real food again. I bet that strawberry soup will be delicious, my favorite chilled soup.

  4. Angel,

    I love me some scallops, but these people down here like to trick us and use shark meat instead. yack!

    Strawberries look yummy, I can see them bad boys covered in chocolate.
    okay, I love ya...but is it smart to be drinking the ocean water? I guess a sip or two is fine, but wouldn't want you to turn in to a mad loon.
    Our weather here has been glorious as well, just need more rain than what we have been getting...but the temps have been great so I can't complain right now. Its so nice being in the new house and keeping all the windows the country life...

    Much love to you and Jam. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  5. I have sent you an email you will probably want to read.Miss you guys! the rat

  6. Dang I am now really hungry.....You make food a delight

  7. I love the rain, and the wind. That's one thing I miss about Seattle. The rivers,ocean, the rain, and the green.