Saturday, September 14, 2013

fishing and misc stuff

jambaloney here!!!

stephen - this is your fishing trip, well it was on aug 25 ;-))

hope you like to get up early - here is 5:15 AM ;-)

nah, too early for trout back to bed until 7 !

it is late summer, here are some pearly everlasting on the way down...


near the water now...

and a nice pitcher plant

gorgeous morning!!!

nifty caterpillar on the canoe - gotta get him to safety!

it was a weird morning, really calm... we got to the fishing hole and you bagged a nice male with spawning colours!

it was nice upstream!

the river was backed up with salt water ansd there were jellyfish 5 km from the ocean... they were dying in the fresher water, but still..

we also saw some HUGE ripples of the water surface.. i think they were striped bass. whatever they were, no less than 5-10 lbs.... no luck getting a bite, just as well, they were probably too heavy for trout gear.

nice sky on the return...

hope you enjoyed your fishing trip stephen!

okay, back to work, this post - some odds and ends i've been working on... i cleaned up teh yard for fall projects...

these are empty window casements that i got glass out of for the greenhouse roof..

leftover windows stacked neatly.... tire sidewalls...

more windows...

old boards from our friend g and c's old shed that need cleaning up - nails and roofing shingles to be removed. the HOLE shed was covered in shingles - lots of nails, they must have been cheap  i will build a smaller shed with this was free

here are cleaned boards under a tarp...

it is good wood!

when i am in town, i go to the dumpster out back home depot...

and get free stuff!!!

this is grade b lumber used to separate lumber for sale on pallets - no matter - i can use it 1/2 is pressure treated to boot!

here is a bunch of thicker stuff on hand...

garden cart need help!!!

mis-tint rust paint!!!


all painted up lost the sides....!!!

gorgeous evening!!!

really nice!!!

lighting up the nasturtiums a golden colour!!!

cheers all!


  1. Thanks for the fishing trip, my friend. My toes are still numb from the cold water. Really nice pictures too.

    1. stephen:

      glad you enjoyed the trip, hopefully you have warmed up by now.

      sorry to get back to you so late my friend.


  2. Wasn't it New England or somewhere up there that a hideous Bull Shark or Great White came up a stream, and then it killed a bunch of cattle and some people that were swimming in the stream? Better watch out, J, who knows what lurks beneath the placid waves?
    I think that was during World War I...

    You and K should get a little sail boat. You could sail right out to the ocean up the river. If Jellyfish can get in, you could get out!

    1. harry:

      sorry to get back to you so late. you are thinking of the jersey shore shark attacks of 1916:

      the water is too cold up here for any real shark activity, no crocs or anything like that either. the entrance to the river is tiny to boot!

      we have a small motorboat which could, in theory go out when the tide is high but it would be dangerous on teh ocean. a bigger boat may do the trick - i could take it mackerel fishing.

      cheers friend, hope you are well!

  3. Jambaloney,

    I would have gone fishing with you that early in the morning. We used to get up so darn early when we lived in Virginia to go fishing. the sunrise in the picture, it's so bright red as the earth rotates into the sun.

    Free wood from those pallets is a great find. It just takes a little work to take the pieces apart.

    I have the same garden cart, they're so handy when moving things around on the property. There also fun to roll down the hill when sitting on them, lol.

    Enjoy your day, and thanks for sharing great pictures.

    Your Friend,
    P.S. Sending a hug to you and Kymber

    1. sweet sandy:

      i have pics for another trip - i will take you!

      i am so happy you get pleasure from the pictures i have some nice ones for your trip!

      the garden cart is pretty darn handy - i need to make a new box for it - probably out of pallet wood ;-)

      hope you are doing fantastic,

      your friend,

  4. I see how it is wait until I am forced off line for a bit and try and sneak some fishes past me.

    All U'r Fishes R Belongs to Me.

    1. *sigh*

      yes pioneer p - everyone knows you are waiting onshore for your trouts!!!

  5. Replies
    1. hey 1st man!

      pretty nice isn't it? we are blessed.

      hope you are doing well!

  6. loved the fishing trip.. we are headed out on one ( sort of) this weekend. up in the North Carolina Mountains. River canoeing and fishing. No computers, no cell phones...yay!

    1. JUGM:

      hope you had a great trip - did you get any fish?

      all my best!

  7. Just wondering if Kymber has been over to Mystic Mud? I havent seen her commenting there and wonder if she knew about the baby???

    1. Surely, kymber knows. Since kymber does not usually go this long without posting on this blog, there must be something wrong at the Framboise Manor.

  8. Hey, J and Kymber. J's been doing a good job of keeping up the blog but it's time for Kymber to come back and have some input too . I really miss those posts with all the good looking food , and I miss all the news. Makes me feel lonely. So come on back and write a post, Lady. Spare a few minutes for all your friends out there in the ether.