Friday, September 27, 2013

a quick update!

hey kids - how goes it????

ya, i know it's been 2 weeks since i posted but man time flies when you are having fun! we have been having a lot of fun around here recently - we had the most awesome time at our last dance, saw all of our friends, hung out, danced 5 million songs - no really - our dj played 5 million songs!!! and that was when he and his helper weren't asleep at the console - bahahahahah! they have a tendency to do that. plus we have been playing with garlic, harvesting, getting ready to plant the fall garden...ahhh, you know, life and stuff!

on top of that our internet has been on a serious blink over the past few days - meaning sometimes it worked but most times it didn't! i find that very frustrating and so don't even bother logging on when it is doing that. part of living in the country, right?

anyway, here is a beautiful sunset from this evening. we aren't sure what that big twinkling thing is in the middle of the pic? maybe mars or venus? we have to look it up.

we love sitting outside in our rocking chairs and watch the sunset - it is so quiet and beautiful!

my friend W is alllllllllways asking for updates on Spankly Patoonch! like always! but anyway, W just won't stop. constantly asking about my little Mank, Mankly, Spankly Patoonch. so here is an update for W:

ya, that's little Mank in a bag!

jambaloney got some delicious haddock in town the other day - nothing like haddock and beans - yummeh!

and here's some "boiled dinner". it is cape breton island's national meal. growing up, everyone had boiled dinner for sunday dinner. dinner being at noon because supper is in the evening.

we are looking forward to the next 3 days - supposed to be awesome weather and there will be a river day and an ocean day at the very least! we spent all evening making salsa, hummus, a big greek salad and some pita chips - we'll be all set to pack lunches really quickly when it's time to down tools and run to the river or the beach!

now i gotta run...there's some pita chips, hummus and my baby calling! i hope you all are doing fine. give me a day or three to catch up on your blogs!


  1. I thought I was going to have to get a group of folks and head up to make sure you two are ok.

  2. Sweet Kymber,

    Sitting out by the river sounds like fun. The weather has been beautiful, hurry up and get started running Kymber...........because Jam Gump will be miles ahead of you, bahahahahahaha!!!!!

    Sitting on the porch in a rocking chair enjoying the sun set is just so relaxing and fun.

    Have a great evening.

    Your Friend,

  3. Welcome back. We missed 'ya. I haven't done much of late either.

  4. Hey, you owe me an email. Is it still warmish up there?

  5. Glad you are well, and sounds like you made that poor dj work hard! I think the maximum length gig I've ever done is 6 hours. And believe me that's tiring, by the time you've set up the gear and then been on your feet all night and then having to take down the gear in the wee small hours of the morning, when everyone else is drunk! It's pretty knackering! Ha!

  6. Hey, Kymber! You and I are having the same weather! My mom used to make boiled dinner. Sorry to say, I hated it. I used to cry whenever she served it. lol However, the salsa, hummus and pita chips sound divine. :-) Enjoy your beach day.

  7. Your boiled supper looks like what we call stew. We just had a batch of it last week. It is a good winter time food.

  8. Sure is good to see you back on line. I've missed your posts although J did some good ones. I don't like losing contact with close friends and it was like something was missing. Which it was!

  9. No invite for dinner, C'mon Kymber......